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PSY 275: Assignment Questions

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PSY 275: Assignment Questions

Which of the following is not a known cause of childhood anxiety?

Overprotective parents
Parents avoid or reject the child
Parental anxiety
Too many friends


Which of the following is the most common treatment for childhood anxiety disorders? PSY 275: Assignment Questions

Gestalt Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Existential Therapy
Family Systems Therapy


Which of the following is not a documented potential cause of conduct disorder?

Inadequate parenting
Depressed mood


It has been proposed that ADHD is caused by _________.

Dopamine abnormalities in the brain
Maternal substance abuse
Anxiety. PSY 275: Assignment Questions


Which of the following is a concern with the medications that are currently used to treat ADHD?

They are not effective.
The findings of drug effectiveness studies may not be applicable to some minority groups.
Not enough children are being medicated.
They lead to a stigma for the child.


Which of the following is a symptom for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Deficits in social communication and interaction.
Easily develop and maintain relationships.
Poor attention to tasks.


When treating Autism Spectrum Disorder, clinicians may choose to combine _____________ with behavioral therapies and different methods of training.

A specific diet plan
An exercise regimen
Play therapy
Psychotropic medications and specific vitamins. PSY 275: Assignment Questions

Week Four Quiz- PSY 275 WEEK 4

Which of the following is not considered to be a behavioral symptom of oppositional defiant disorder?



Oppositional defiant disorder is ________common in boys than girls before puberty.

Just as
Twice as


Previous research has stated that there was a relationship between vaccines and the development of autism spectrum disorder. Recent research has now found that ________________.

The original study was correct and the MMR vaccine causes autism.
The original study was methodologically flawed and failed to demonstrate any relationship between the two.
The original study was referring to multiple vaccines.
The original study has been supported by later research.PSY 275: Assignment Questions


Which of the following is an example of a symptom a child with childhood anxiety may exhibit?

Sleep difficulties
Trouble focusing on tasks
Difficulty maintaining friendships


Fear of separation from those a child is attached to that is excessive and not part of typical age development is a symptom of ________________.

Oppositional defiant disorder
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Childhood depression
Separation anxiety disorder


According to the DSM-5, _____________ symptoms include recurrent temper outbursts that are inappropriate for the situation

Disruptive mood dysregulation
Oppositional defiant


Childhood major depressive disorders affect boys ________ often than/as girls. PSY 275: Assignment Questions

Just as
Twice as

Week Four Quiz- PSY 275 WEEK 4

The DSM-5 states that ____________ is a pattern of behavior that violates societal norms and rules or the rights of others.

Childhood anxiety disorder
Oppositional defiant disorder
Conduct disorder
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder


It has been proposed that society often views the symptoms of ADHD as medical problems when exhibited by white American children, but as indicators of ___________ when exhibited by African American and Hispanic American children..

Biological abnormalities
Lower IQ
Social inhibition


Autism Spectrum Disorder has been noted as having a variety of possible causes including _______________.

Biological abnormalities
The MMR vaccine
Foods with high sugar content

Week Four Quiz- PSY 275 WEEK 4

What percentage of all cases of autism spectrum disorder occur in girls? PSY 275: Assignment Questions



Children with ADHD are often viewed __________ by their peers and parents and end up feeling _________ about themselves.

Positively; negatively
Negative: positively
Negatively; negatively
Positively; positively


Children with conduct disorder are often treated using a _____________.

Antipsychotic medications
Sociocultural and child-focused treatments
Antidepressant medications
Dietary restrictions. PSY 275: Assignment Questions

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