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PROJ 6012 : Managing Information Systems Technology Projects

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PROJ 6012 : Managing Information Systems Technology Projects

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PROJ 6012 : Managing Information Systems Technology Projects

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Course Code: PROJ6012
University: Laureate International Universities is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United States


1. Examine the current state of organization and the context in which the IS/IT project is executed.
2. Consider the issues related to the quality of the project and evaluate the tools used to address those issues.
3. Investigate the leadership style used by the project manager to motivate the team members. Analyse the methods used for conflict management.
4. Examine the approaches used for stakeholder identification and evaluate the methods used for effective communication amongst the stakeholders.
5. Analyse the tools and methods used for planning and conducting procurement.
6. Examine the risks which would have a negative impact on the project and evaluate the tools used to analyse those risks.
7. Include how being a part of this subject has impacted your personal and professional journey into the global project management field.


Most of the business organization work with the very large amount of data and the same can be used in maintaining records of the transaction (Anderson and Sun 2017). Data are nothing but a certain number of values which can be used for organizing some of the important aspects. Both software and system are used by business for proper management and utilization of important data. The ultimate goal of any information system is to transform the given raw data into some useful information. It mainly checks that the given information will provide a large number of benefits which can be used for overcoming a certain number of issues. Both data management system and electronic spreadsheet can be used to be a part of an information system which can be used by the different organization for analyzing and management of data (Carmody-Bubb, Duncan and Ree 2015). These tools help in proper monitoring and analyzing data in a refined way which will ultimately increase the overall productivity and performance of any organization.
The upcoming pages of the report mainly deal with the current state of Bitdefender, an antivirus organization. The context of IS/IT project that is “Antivirus Software Development” which needs to be implemented has been discussed in details. Different problems in relation to the quality of the project and its tool for evaluation has been discussed in brief. A convenient leadership style used by project managers of this IS/IT project has been discussed in details. After that proper approach for stakeholder identification and proper way for effective communication has been discussed in details. Various tools and methods for proper planning and procurement with respect to the project has been discussed in details. An analysis has been done with respect to various kind of risk and tools which are involved in the project has been described in brief.
Current State of the organization and Context of IS/IT project 
“Antivirus Software Development” is being issued by a firm named Bitdefender which is an anti-virus software organization. The current project is all developing an antivirus program for some of the organization (Marcusson and Lundqvist 2015). This particular software is known to be a software program which is used for designing threats and malware along with removing it. Bitdefender is considered to be one of the biggest and largest security delivery organization. The main kind of issues which has been encountered by various business is all about the threat of both malware and virus. Along with this, it mainly checks the problem which is being encountered by online networking for both malware and virus. So, a proper anti-virus has been developed for tackling with these issues (Kang, Solomon and Choi 2015). The ultimate goal of this IS/IT project is to understand the current scenario of the projects and related threats. It ultimately checks to overcome a certain number of issues which are involved in the project.
With the passage of time, information technology has become a vital aspect. Bitdefender is known to be an IT security firm which mainly checks the latest kind of technology which can be used for development of project and completion of the task. Currently, this antivirus organization makes use of best kind of available technology which helps in providing software products and aims in providing security to various customers (Maak, Pless and Voegtlin 2016). It aims at getting rid of hackers which can be used for protecting valuable information and important data for the organization. The ultimate goal of this organization is to look for any kind of intrusion in the near future. It mainly acts like a wall between customer and people who is trying to steal the vital information. With the development of technology, the organization has succeeded in providing network security against different actors like hackers. Apart from this, it aims in providing security to the network so that they keep their customers updated and can also harm them with developing security to harms and obstacles. The organization is planning to develop a multi-faced data breach technology which will help in providing more security to the system.
Issues related to the quality of the project and tools for evaluating 
Quality planning is considered to be a vital part for any project like development antivirus software. It mainly checks how successfully the requirement of the project will be meet and how the standards will be achieved and properly confirmed (Jokinen et al. 2015). Managers of this software development project are in rest with project planning as it can influence the cost, scheduling and other kinds of factors.  Without any kind of strong quality, a project can result in various kinds of risk in which the client would not be satisfied with the output of the result.
Various kinds of tools can be used for dealing with the quality of the project like setting up of standard, smart benchmark, a delegation of responsibility and lastly controlling of cost.
Setting up of Standards: Planning of quality mainly checks the scope which needs to be checked. Metrics which will help in analyzing whether the given project will be successful or not (Nanjundeswaraswamy and Swamy 2014). The scope mainly checks the specific deliverables and process involved for a project manager. Quality mainly checks that which system will be defined and implemented with respect to product testing, reviewing of peer or another kind of involved measures.
Smart Benchmarks: Except for some of the projects like antivirus development program, the proper quality plan should be there for benchmarking. The following report mainly checks the identification of process of given project which has been generated from previous projects and standards of the industry.
Delegates responsibility: A proper quality plan helps in analyzing details of the given benchmark, but should be responsible for meeting the above standards. The stakeholders of the projects aim in providing authority to set out some standards (Helms and Oliver 2015). The accountability helps in overcoming various kinds of risk involved in a project. It will help in to overcome any future risk which is involved in a project.
Control Cost: The ultimate reason behind quality planning is its effect on cost. A cost-benefit analysis will help in to understand the fact that how the quality of the given project will be effected(Quintana, Park and Cabrera 2015). So a proper informed decision can be made when the separation comes up with two nice projects.
Leadership style used by the project manager 
There are generally three kinds of leadership project available currently like coaching, democratic, visionary, commanding, affiliative and Pacesetting.
Coaching leadership: This particular style is used in providing help to a large number of team members of any project. It helps in the proper establishment of a relation between goals and aims of any project like antivirus software development. This particular method is used by the project manager for building a strong sense of purpose. It is used by team members who emphasizes on the idea of encouragement of different objectives (Spil and van Hillegersberg 2015). It is considered to be the most suitable way of understanding the team members, involved skills, and development in the profession. This style of leadership helps in establishing a proper connection between the individual section of the project. An organization like Bitdefender helps in establishing secure software which helps in analyzing the threats for any given project (DuBois et al. 2015). The ultimate notion of this style is to enhance the performance of the team who are involved in building antivirus software. Along with this, it can be useful for enhancing the self-direction of the team members of Bitdefender. This is the style of leadership is helpful in enhancing the confidence indifferent person. It comes up with a certain number of objectives like self-learning and trust.
Methods of conflict management 
In any project like software development, there is need of more than one person, then conflict can easily arise. Conflict can easily arise in the project due to the difference in philosophical and goals for diverging it (Staats et al. 2018). Poorly managed conflicts in this antivirus development project can easily result in the breakdown of both trust and productivity. In some small organization, where success lies on the shoulder small number of employees of any organization. It can easily result in loss of both trust and productivity of the organization that is Bitdefender. With the help of five conflict management strategies, project manager of antivirus development can easily with this in a better way.
Accommodation: This particular strategy aims at providing the necessary thing which is needed by the opposing thing (Saleem 2015). Use of accommodation can easily be helpful when project manager wants to keep to pace with the things which are to be perceived.
Avoiding: This particular strategy puts the conflict management indefinite way. By any kind of ignoring or delay the conflict, the avoider can easily look for resolving some of the problems. It is all about avoiding conflict who comes up with resolving of problems with confirmation (DuBois et al. 2015). It ultimately aims in avoiding conflict on a frequent basis or even hold a proper position. In some of the cases, it is seen that avoiding can be a profitable thing which can serve in proper management of conflict strategy it mainly emphasizes on dismal of the proposal but unproductive employees.
Compromising: This particular strategy aims in looking for both the sides of a conflict which results in giving their elements at a proper place which is acceptable. This particular strategy aims at to overcome conflict where different parties come up with equivalent power (Harris et al.  2016). Business owners generally focus on compromising of contract with other business where each of the parties emphasizes to provide negotiation.
Collaboration: It mainly works by adding up ideas which are set out by various people. The ultimate goal is to create an acceptable solution for each individual (Stipanowich and Lamare 2014). It is considered to be a significant tool which is not appropriate for all kinds of conflicts.
Completing: It is known to be a zero-sum in which one side win and another one loses.  Proper personality can easily fall back on competition which is a part of conflict management strategy. It mainly works when there is a limited number of conflict like any kind of emergency situation.
Approaches for stakeholder identification  
Identification of stakeholders is the best way which is used for providing proper facilities and different policies related to it. Proper identification is a well-known method which helps in looking for the stakeholders of any project (Stewart et al. 2015). It is vital for any kind of involved project which is needed for proper development of the requirements. Missing of stakeholders of a project can easily missing of some of the vital requirements or needs of the project. A proper testing is helpful in understanding the identification of different stakeholders which needs to be properly developed.
Identification of stakeholders can easily provide a certain number of benefits like

Different stakeholders often require a proper process which needs to be focused in a much easy way.
Proper participation of stakeholders is helpful in buying a certain number of process for a provided solution.

Five-techniques can be used for analysis of stakeholder like

Using power vs interest grid method.
Use of Influence-Impact grid method.
Making use of the power-influence method.
Use of important-grid method.
Lastly, use of salience model.

Methods used for effective communication 
Effective communication is the domain of IT/IS project is useful for improving the production of the organization that is Bitdefender as a whole. Apart from this, it mainly emphasizes in decreasing the turnover of employees and can easily improve the total atmosphere of the office. As a project manager of the organization, the most suitable is to establish with the proper method of the organization is making use of the best kind of available communication (Williams 2017). Team members of a project generally come up with a strong kind of communication background. So, ultimately it can be seen that the project manager can come up with strong communication background. So ultimately it is the duty of a project manager to bring a different kind of employees with a proper note for establishing communication.
Listening: In the domain of corporate industry, it is known to be a much better thing in comparison to speaking. It is known to be the most effective kind of thing which helps in the establishment of communication in the different organization (Young et al. 2016). It is a vital thing which helps in providing communication with team members and it is useful for removing the associated confusion. A good understanding of the task will be helpful in the generation of much more effective thing with in person rather having people to have a conversation. It mainly helps in providing an eye contact and other things like nodding is helpful in understanding the requirement of the project.
Speaking: Words are considered to be the most powerful mode of conversation. This medium helps the team members to put their idea and thinking to project managers (Yang 2018). After investing a huge amount of time, it is beneficial for project managers to easily put his or her opinion in front of the team members of the project. Reasons and evidence are considered to be two important aspects which helps in dealing the project in a much better way.
Preparation: At the different stages of the project preparation creates a proper method for effective communication. By analyzing various kinds of business issues, different components to be taken into consideration which is needed for moving forward. Team members of the different project will require a certain number of things which highlights major kinds of issues in a given project (Brienen et al. 2015). Team members of the given project will provide a certain number of things which needs to be easily highlighted in the given project. It is helpful in analyzing both the productivity, professionalism and different parameter of the project.
Analyzing tools and methods for planning and procurement 
Procurement planning is a well-known tool which helps to analyze the different requirements of the project. It mainly checks into consideration a large number of things like managing to procure, amount of procuring and lastly time of procurement. Project management helps in getting a certain number of support at the time of discipline and contracting required procurement (Coombs 2015). In many cases, it is seen that project procurement takes place outside the given organization. It mainly emphasizes on a certain number of aspects of the project to research in a different way along with the development of projects. Procurement planning is a well-known tool which can be used for analyzing potential contracts of the project. It comes up with different tools and techniques which can be used for procurement planning:
Make-or-buy analysis: It mainly checks an important fact that the project is cost-effective in nature or not. Both the kinds of analysis help in having an idea regarding whether is direct or indirect in nature.
Contract selection: Different kinds of contracts are known to be less appropriate for the various kinds of purchase (Cooper 2015). Contracts are mainly classified into fixed contracts and unit price contracts.
Examination of risk which can have a negative impact on the project 
The given Software development project at Bitdefender comprises of a large number of risk like:
Bad adaptation of Users: It is considered as a well-known way which is used by team members to take follow up of the success. An individual can easily make use of a different tool which is used for sticking to the given technology (Staats et al. 2018). The total mechanism is not good so that different project manager can easily implement it.
Overspent budget: Risk management is known to be the best way of dealing with the involved cost (Harris t al.  2016). It can affect the cost which is involved in the different project along with associated risk and action which is used for proper management of it in a better way.
Unrealized benefits: Various kinds of involved risk in software development project can easily lead to advantages in the given span of time (Saleem 2015). As a result, it can reduce the whole method by means of effective ways which is done by management. In many cases, it is seen that team members are not working inefficient way which can even reduce the total cost and time involved in the project.
Experienced gathered from the project 
From this project that is “Antivirus software development,” I have gathered huge experience from this project. Along with these, I have a certain number of tools which can be used for evaluation of those problems. I have learned about six different styles of leadership. These skills can be used for motivating the team members of the project. Five different methods of conflict management have been discussed in details. An evaluation has been for different methods which can be used for proper communication among stakeholders. The last section of the report mainly deals with procurement planning for the project.
The above discussion relates us to the fact that this report is all about IS/IT project that is antivirus development program in Bitdefender. The above pages of report mainly deal with a proper examination regarding the current state of the project. An idea has been provided regarding the context of the given project. Various tools related to the quality of the project and related tools have been discussed in details. A proper investigation has been done with respect to the different kinds of available leadership style which are used by project managers for motivating the team members. Five different methods of conflict management that are accommodation, avoiding collaboration, compromising and lastly competing has been discussed in details. A proper evaluation has been done with respect to various kind of approach used for identification of stakeholder. Ways to establish effective communication between stakeholders has been provided in details. Different tools for planning and procurement has been provided in details. After that, an examination has been provided with respect to tools and procedure which can be used for analyzing the involved risk.
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