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ORG80010 Managing Organisational Culture

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ORG80010 Managing Organisational Culture

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ORG80010 Managing Organisational Culture

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Course Code: ORG80010
University: Swinburne University Of Technology is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


Prepare a strategic people plan of recommendations to address one or more key gaps or mismatches that you previously identified between the organisational (or departmental or workplace) strategy and the human resource strategy.
The purpose of this strategic people plan is to more effectively support the employer’s ability to meet their overall strategic organisational goals through a more effective (strategic) utilisation of, and/or management of, their people.


Qatar airways have always been seen as the one successful brand in the aviation industry. This airline was first time launched in the year 1994. This is a regional airline that was running through the minimum number of routes. This company has been launched as an official flag carrier and established by the Saudi Arabia. It was then, when the flight operator started running the international flights across multiple destinations. The airline operates in hub and spoke architecture all around the globe. These regions have been connected to 150 destinations are- These regions include the Middle East, Far East, South America, Central Asia, Europe and others. Qatar Airways have been embarking on the expansion strategy and to counter the losses through the regional embargo imposed. The Airbus has delivered A350 to 1000 jets to Qatar airlines. This is how the flights will get more destinations. There are many Arab countries which are being led through the Saudi Arabia have diplomatic ties with Qatar due to an oil rich company.
Qatar Airways are fully owned through the Qatari government since 2013 July. Qatar Airways have been employing more than forty thousand people and more than 20,000 people work directly. Qatar airways also have the largest shareholder of International Airlines. The jet subsidiary of Qatar Airways is Qatar Executive. The Oryx is the national animal of Qatar Airways and it has been used in the green revolution. The aircraft Deco is present in the burgundy colored letters on its background part. The report comprises of an overview of company background and rationale for strategic gaps. The Strategic People plan has been made in the report for analyzing the differences. Qatar Airways specialists believe that GTL fuel will be the marginal choice for an expensive production. The company has been involved with the oil tests for a long period of time.   
Company Background 
Qatar Airways was formed in the year 1994. Akbar Al Baker is the CEO of this company. The Qatar Airways cargo, the freight branch is known as the third largest international cargo carrier. Qatar Airways Cargo has launched the 3 Boeing 777F, the first Boeing was developed in year 2010 and the freight facilities are capable of handling 7, 50,000 tons of cargo (Heile, 2018). Qatar Airways have gained the full rights of Al Maha Airways, but it did not start due to the problems in operational license (Al Muftah et al., 2016). Qatar Airways has been responsible for sponsoring weather forecasts on the Sky News. The first commercial flight is A340-600; the flight was from London to Doha. Qatar Airways has a number of divisions which include the Qatar Aircraft Catering Company, Doha international airport, Qatar aviation services, United Media Int and Qatar distribution company. The services which are offered by this Airline Company are excellent. Qatar is known to have the huge success story due to its flawless operations and outstanding employees throughout the year. Qatar Airways is an award winning airline under the leadership of Mr. Al Baker. Qatar Airways has been growing in double digits and has recorded unpredicted growth. Government policies are in favor of Qatar Airways (Saadaoui et al., 2016). 
Rationale for Selected gaps
Qatar Airlines is known for its airline hospitality and customer service which makes every trip memorable and pleasant. As a Project Manager, There are certain gaps which must be reflected within the due course so as to stabilize the revenue and profit.

Organization Culture- Organizational culture must promote a harmonious culture among the employees and set targets which are achievable by everyone (Das, Thaher, Abdul Hakim, Al-Jabri & Alghasal, 2016). The treatment of employees in every organization must be similar and full of respect. Qatar Airways the lowest points in this scenario when the HR of the company is faced by the recruitment of personnel’s who do not belong to Islam or Qatar. Recruiting an Asian or African employee is a matter of great concern for the company. How to resolve this gap of organizational differences which may arise after the process of selection is complete (Das, Thaher, Hakim & Al-Jabri, 2015).
Expatriate Packages-An individual working with Qatar Airways may be on the Expatriate packages. In a case scenario, if the employee of the company working on an expatriate package wishes to leave his-her role and join in home country. How the HR of the company must deal with this realistic issue. The prime concern is compensation packages which include housing allowances. The compensation to the employee can high or low depending on the economic status and GDP factors of the home country.
Discrimination-The airline industry has 25 percent more women when compared to that of men. The Qatar airways need to reassess the discrimination policy which is persistent still today. For instance- During the time of maternity, the company may or may not provide any compensation. This gives a poor image to the company and lowers down the working women ratio. However, the company must be effectively focused towards finding the nature of discrimination taking place within the place and immediately solving it (Chiambaretto & Wassmer, 2018).
Lower Salary packages-The personnel are readily available at cheap costs. However, this leads to frequent job rotations in different companies and ultimately giving the poor image to the company. This has a lot of negative impact over the performance of the company. A salary analysis can be based on the cabin crew members and ground staff members. Moreover, this analysis is not based on the educational levels or years of experience (the personnel had in previous company). It is the present day analysis of customer service and public gestures which can convince a customer to book this flight again (Hijjeh, 2017).
Employee Allegations-This is a wide topic which has been discussed in the past but, requires to be illustrated with present recommendations and scenarios. For instance- The Qatar Airways human resource policy may or may not favor the employment of women over men due to the increased maternity leaves, and not comfortable traveling to far off countries and marriage prospects. The company Qatar Airways have tried in the past to retain its employees by providing high packages, but how do companies stop again to retain its employees. The company has prepared certain rules and regulations which clearly states ‘Breach of Contract’ can make the person leave a company

Strategic People Plan and Gap Analysis
Strategic people Plan is a comprehensive plan which seeks two alternatives on a given problem, context or situation; and forces a course of action to be taken place. In the context of the above statements, there are certain gaps which can be identified and resolved through theoretical knowledge and broad framework. These are enumerated below-
Changes in HRM Activities
The two broad term change management and effective application is a basic principle. This must be identified at the early stages and can bring a positive organizational change. The process of change management is a time-consuming process and requires intervention of change champions and information management. Another requirement is enhancing the customer care responsibilities and overcoming resistance. The change in management facilities must be done through a proper communication channel (Valdeon, 2013).
Schedule for Implementation
The implementation process comprises of three tools which can be enumerated as below.

Implementation and
Sustainability issues.

Qatar airways must effectively focus on the strategic implementation plan and employees can achieve strategic goals and objectives and tasks are accomplished.
The company needs to adopt the experienced HR practices. A Human Resource Professional can select an employee on the basis of education, whereas performance is concerned, the management must provide the employees of the company with a communicated message. This will have a positive impact on productivity and company’s professional re-engaged in the workforce (Gabriel, 2015).
Strategic People Plan
Strategic People Plan is a management document which defines the major phases of desired project and the possible outcomes that can be helped in the accomplishment of tasks. The company needs the systematic, proactive approach to solving the problems at the enterprise level.
The strategic Planning process comprises of three steps-

Assessing the Present Capacity
Forecasting Human Resource Requirements
Gap Analysis
Formulation of HR strategies

These issues in the context of Human Resource Capacity and their gap Analysis have been studied-
When Company estimates the number of employees needed in an organization (Sherman, 2015). The HR department must also plan for the remuneration policies. This is a first step taken towards the commercialization of services via motivated employees.  Gap analysis practice is undertaken by most of all the companies. The GAP analysis identifies what are the steps needs to perform the job and what can be the immediate changes after a launch of a product into the market. 
For instance- the senior manager needs to analyze the changing economy and new product launch; this will have a direct impact over the professional growth and development. The new product launch is based on different regional, global characteristics and assuming the company has 5% professionals from African Countries, Asia Countries and others. Due to compliance with the security standards, equal job opportunities cannot be provided to every man and women living outside the Middle East Asia-Qatar (Verbeek, 2011).
Gap Analysis refers to the state of actual performance with desired performance.
The Organization Company Qatar Airways have been undergoing through the various issues on how to deal with expatiate packages and employee allegations. The Qatar Airways operate through needs to make (Casper, Wayne & Manegold, 2013). The enterprises must use deploy the resources to the maximum potential.
The present the ‘hub and spoke’ model which links more than 100 countries. The average age of employees working in Qatar Airways is 21 to 35. Besides facing the competition from the different flight carriers, the remuneration package offered to the employee is also concerned. A stiff competition exists among the employees of the Qatar Airways. Few a times, this competition is the major cause behind the discrimination. There have been few cases which suggests- a woman cannot be given maternity leave or may be fired from the company on the due course of non-adherence to the governmental rules (Cascio, 2017). The Qatar Airways online must conduct the market research on the cultural diversity. The present system does not identify the gap which exists between the top management and employees. The foremost consideration must be on providing the employees with high salary packages, incentives schemes and bonuses from time to time. This not only encourages the employees, but fosters a healthy competition from all the sides (Mtambuzi, 2016)
The implementation of sound HR policy requires analysis of gaps which are at the base level. Qatar airlines are a world class luxury airline, but faces major setbacks due to the political factors and competition from low cost players in the market. The company needs to strategically analyze the gaps which exist within the organizational setting and set out the best course of action for the company (Bellot, 2011).
Resolving the problems at different hierarchical levels of an enterprise is a complicated job for HRM personnel. As a project manager, it is impossible to deny that only 1 single person can bring about the change management. Moreover, the gaps which exist within the Qatar Airways are Low salary packages, Discriminating factors, Expatriate packages and organizational culture. The company needs to perform SWOT analysis wherein threats and weaknesses, objectives can be reviewed (Bacon & Hoque, 2014).
The organizational culture is a set of beliefs and values followed by a particular group/s living in the society. The discrimination between the humans creates unfavorable scenarios for the company directors. This can be explained through the help of an example- An ABC employee of XYZ airways is undergoing through serious health concerns and needs to take a break or plans to get married after the 2 years of joining. These two cases require an in-depth study from the HRM department. In foremost cases, the organizational culture, medical policies and remuneration policy of the company will play a pivotal role (Cockell, 2010). The company may ask the employee to work for more than the duration hours (as decided during the time of employment) and deny the health leaves. In such a scenario, the company must not fire the employee, but extend a leave for the personnel. However, there can be a different issue which needs to be resolved separately from the HRM department. In the latter case, if the employee’s joining contract states that he or she cannot get married due to the nature of the work we are doing. The company should focus on lowering down the stringent policies (Wognum, 2001).
Qatar Airways is an eminent and world class aircraft carrier. The evolution of Qatar Airways is the success story. GDP, globalization and the rise in the international trade are some of the factors which can affect the Qatar Airways. The company needs to focus on devising the management and operational plans through which it can inhibit the government procedures and overcome the challenges of pricing. The company is focused everywhere, all around the globe.
In year 2015, Qatar Airways had opened its own Al Safwa-First lounge for its passengers. Qatar Airways have got a strong reputation of greeting its passengers. A Qatar airway serves to first class, second class and passenger class. Qatar Airways offers its clients with On-board connectivity; people can access SMS and text messages. The company has also started the Qatar Airways Privilege club and has signed many reciprocal agreements with the Middle East Airlines, Gol Transports, and Royal Air Maroc. The community and business members are not affected through the operations of Qatar Airways. The company is also responsible for controlling the carbon footprint and air traffic which can minimize the carbon emissions in environment. The global distribution system of Qatar Airlines has been playing the greatest role.
Al Muftah, A., Selwood, A., Foss, A., Al-Jabri, H., Potts, M., & Yilmaz, M. (2016). Algal toxins and producers in the marine waters of Qatar, Arabian Gulf. Toxicon, 122, 54-66.
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