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MOD001112 Business Analysis Project Module

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MOD001112 Business Analysis Project Module



Individual Assignment  You are required to prepare a 3,000 words report on an enterprise of your own choosing. This will be a critical appraisal of the competitive position of the enterprise and you will benchmark with two similar organisations. This module simulates the problems (issues) that real life senior managers deal with and requires you to test some of your proposed solutions. The focus is on some aspect of competitive advantage and how this is reported in published information and also in financial reports and statistics. The module is integrative, it requires you to look at competitive strategy from different angles (e.g. organisational, operational, market, financial etc). You must pull together these strands in order to form a coherent picture of the issues (i.e. the problems and opportunities) inside and around your chosen organisation. Part of your analysis will be qualitative – “soft” – and part of your analysis will be quantitative – “hard”. You must pull together “soft” analysis and “hard” (financial and market data) in order to perform a complete analysis. It is valuable to be aware of the key performance indicators that are employed in each market sector. The traditional financial ratios are useful here, but do not give the full picture. Some sectors have very specialised KPIs. How does your chosen organisation compare with your chosen benchmark organisations in these key areas? The module also requires an awareness of values and judgements in financial and other reporting. You must interpret evidence from a number of different sources in order to give your judgement on numerical data represented in the accounts. The module requires you to test the outcomes of your recommendations using spreadsheet scenario modelling. You should comment on the suitability, acceptability and feasibility of your recommendations and integrate the figures derived from your scenario modelling in this section. Chosen organisation – BT (Telecom providers in the UK) Benchmark organisations no 1 : Vodafone (Telecom providers in the UK) Benchmark organisations no 2 : O2 (Telecom providers in the UK) Please follow the structure of the assignment as per the attachment sample.

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