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MGMT20140 Marking Rubric

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MGMT20140 Marking Rubric

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MGMT20140 Marking Rubric

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Course Code: MGMT20140
University: Charles Darwin University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


Assessment Criteria

Demonstrate regular use of the weekly blog by providing clear cross-referencing between report and at least 8 time-stamped meaningful blog entries THROUGHOUT the term (20%)
Demonstration of candid and critical self-analysis, including re?ection on knowledge AND personal development directly linked to examples of own behaviour to identify personal strengths and weaknesses (30%)
Ability to devise an action plan, supported by literature, that addresses key development needs and identi?es speci?c activities and appropriate timeframes for implementation (20%)
Demonstrate a breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 10 high-quality sources (10%)
Correct use of the APA referencing system (10%)
Contribution to the group in assessment 2 as evaluated by yourself and your group members (Self- and Peer-Assessment) (10%)

In the first and second week, I have developed my knowledge regarding the introduction of design it. It helps to build the basic awareness about the design it. I have also enhanced my comprehension with regards to key theories, entrepreneurship, an aspect of innovation, and the process of design thinking. Moreover, I have also improved my understanding with regards to small and medium-size companies. I was from the IT department hence; it was entirely distinguished from my aptitude. This week was beneficial for me to engage in designing process in an effective and efficient way.
I have built my awareness regarding the importance and creativity in the blog. There are different phases that are involved in the procedure of innovation such as finds, selects, captures and implements (Drucker, 2014). This week has also gained my learning regarding the certain concept of innovation such as incremental innovation, platform innovation, discontinuous innovation, architecture innovation, and radical innovation.
This week was significant for me to understand the different dimension of innovation space such as position, product, process, and paradigm. Moreover, I have increased my understanding about the flow of innovation that was a significant factor for me in terms of creating the innovation in designing of the process. Moreover, I had increased my awareness about the role of entrepreneurship in existing times and offers depth data regarding the operation of design thinking. The deep knowledge regarding such a topic could aid to enhance my skills and enhances my confidence level in a feasible way. Moreover, I have increased my knowledge about the innovative ways that aid me in participating in interactive class. My tutor has involved all of the students who were presented in the classroom through different practices. It aided to avoid boring atmosphere from the classroom and makes interactive classes. In addition, I have increased my understanding regarding the process of design things that played a key role in the writing of blog in an effective and efficient way. In the design thinking, I have increased my understanding of the execution of managerial decision making, techniques and procedures, and involvements of factors. I have increased my awareness about certain key factors which play a significant role in the writing of blog. These factors are the optimum utilization of resources, communicating the plan, and business plan. Moreover, I observed that planning of anything could be effective for acquiring the positive results in minimum expenses and time. This week was also beneficial for me to comprehend the role of innovation that would help me to pull the attention of customers.
In addition, I have enhanced my learning that adequate time could be beneficial for writing the blog. Furthermore, the creative mindset is required for attaining task in a methodological manner (Ikem, Aponte, and Muffatto, 2015). I have also enhanced my knowledge that entrepreneurship could be significant in a different field. I have created my knowledge regarding the role of entrepreneurship and contributors of entrepreneurship. Besides this, I boosted my understanding about these aspects that would be lucrative for a personal and professional career in long-term. I felt that my learning and understanding about the topic could be supportive for obtaining the higher return. It will also enable me to achieve better work in my interested field.
Design Theory
Under this week, I have gained my understanding of the theories of design thinking in a comprehensible way. This week is significant as compared to previous weeks as, in this class; tutor has delivered the information about the resources that would be significant in writing of blog. I have generated my understanding of different theories associated with designing thinking like convergent and divergent thinking, learning theory, and co-creation, sense of rationale and action research. These theories were beneficial to write the appropriate and distinct language of the blog (Qianyi, Xiaoshun, Ping, and Lu, 2018). I have generated my knowledge regarding the basic reasoning structure that was beneficial for solving the issues in a feasible way.
This week has increased my consciousness regarding the inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and abductive reasoning. The inductive logic is practiced for identifying and building the prospect hypothesis about the task (de Oliveira, and Guedes, 2018). It can aid to avoid the task concern in a feasible way. The abductive reasoning can be practiced for addressing the desired value that could be attained. In addition, the deductive reasoning could be supported by validating the hypothesis in a feasible way (Campbell, and Carayannis, 2016). Moreover, such type of understanding could enhance my professional competencies and personal life in the future.
Under this week, I have developed my blog in class that was a very memorable skill for me as I was worried during the presentation of the blog. However, while, I attained my presentation then my supervisor gave a favorable feedback that was unanticipated for me. Due to the background of IT, I select a totally diverse field (As has been detailed in week 3 blog, attached under appendix 1). Through discussion with a classmate, I comprehend certain special characteristics regarding my personality such as prompt learning could be anything and deeply understand the topic.
Design Problems
Under this week, I have increased my awareness about the design problems and techniques for avoiding the issue of design in a feasible way. In this way, I have boosted my familiarities regarding certain techniques such as visualization, brainstorming and spotting the obvious. These techniques play a fundamental aspect of the detection of a problem in an organized way (Cañeque, and Hart, 2017). The understanding about the techniques can aid me for generating depth knowledge regarding solving the problem (As has been detailed in week 4 blog, attached under appendix 2). I also increased my learning regarding visualization practices that aid to make the eye-catching writing of blog.
Design Research
During this week, I have generated my knowledge regarding the value chain, journey mapping, mind mapping and value network for designing the investigation in a feasible way. Under the journey mapping, I have created my understanding of the graphics exhibition that was supportive for me to encourage the customers with regards to products and services. I have learned that there are certain components, which are included in new ideas such as the development of experience, and imagine a prototype of new ideas and conceive the possible experience. Under the journey mapping, there are certain steps which could be involved like selecting the customers, and realistically demonstrate the perception about the needs of customers towards specific products and services and then assess the small number of consumers, governs themes and steering the interview.
Moreover, I have also increased my knowledge regarding the adding value that could be beneficial for providing the added value in the process of business. I have also enhanced my knowledge regarding the generic value chain in which two practices are significant like primary with secondary practices (As has been detailed in week 5 blog, attached under appendix 3). In this way, I have learned that primary activities involve operations, inbound logistics, outbound, marketing and sales, outbound logistics, and services. In addition, it is pointed out that support practices involve technology development, human resource management, firm infrastructure with procurement (Servoss, Chang, Olson, Ward, Mulholland, and Cohen, 2018). I have also enhanced my understanding of the method of generating the mind-map. This type of data is helpful for me to enhance my personality because of improving my understanding of different sectors.
Design Research
Under this week, I have increased my knowledge about the significant technique of investigation like data type, approaches to research, ethics, and sources of data. It could be beneficial for improving my personal along with a professional career in a feasible way (Eckhardt, Ciuchta, and Carpenter, 2018). Moreover, each technique was beneficial for designing as I can perform the task in a feasible way (As has been detailed in week 6 blog, attached under appendix 4). The deep knowledge regarding designing of research could aid to gather the information in an applicable way. The whole procedure is practiced for planning the structure of interview and analyses the ethical concern (Scarborough, 2016).
Concept development, Assumption testing, and rapid prototyping
Under the week 7, I have increased my knowledge regarding the development of concept, testing, rapid prototyping as well as assumption. It would be beneficial for writing the blog in upcoming times. The first practice relies on the development of the concept in which I have enhanced my knowledge regarding the development of aspect in a feasible way. Along with this, I have enhanced my understanding about the second activity (As has been detailed in week 7 blog, attached under appendix 5). In this way, I have pointed out that second activity depends on the measurement of assumption in which I have gained my understanding of the hypothesis. In such a way, an investigator can reject or accept the assumption as per the collected data in order to acquire the feasible results (Edwards-Schachter, et. al., 2015). I have also learned that rapid prototyping is the last activity that was supportive of me in the design process of thinking. In this activity, I observed the ways for building the prototyping rapidly in a feasible way. Hence, I pointed that understanding of such practices can aid to build effective decision-making procedure.
Design for launching
During this week, I have generated my understanding regarding a certain type of approaches that could be effective for launching the innovation. I also build my knowledge regarding the readiness of launch in which two factors are essentials like the content of launch readiness with planning purposes. Under such week, I have gathered feedback in storyboard and prototype. The feedback was helpful in terms of reducing the concern in a feasible way (Prabhu, and Jain, 2015). Moreover, I also increased my knowledge that planning of launch can include certain components like the hypothesis and goal of goods and services that would be measured in the future. I have also gained my understanding about the financial requirement, and cycle procedure of design (As has been detailed in week 8 blog, attached under appendix 6). Thus, this week was significant as compared with another module as here I have gathered the feedback regarding the storyboard and prototype from team members that could aid to refine my competency and act in the long-term.
Design an Entrepreneurial Marketing Campaign
During this week, I have gained my knowledge regarding certain elements such as target market, 4P’s of marketing, competitor’s assessment, target market, entrepreneurial marketing campaign, marketing, and communication. It supports me for making designing in research effectively and efficiently (Matthews, and Brueggemann, 2015). These elements are also beneficial for me to design the entrepreneurial campaign regarding the marketing. Through the analysis of competitors, I have gained my awareness regarding the competitors that could be in different forms such as indirect, direct and future rivalry (As has been detailed in week 9 blog, attached under appendix 7). Under the direct competition section, I have improved my experience that an organization may provide similar products with services whereas, in case of the indirect competition of business, an organization can offer the substitute products to their customers. The future rivalry is neither indirect nor direct achievement, however; it can exist at any time (Canals, 2016). I have also improved my understanding with regards to the certain type of communication modes like direct, digital, word of mouth, partners, social media and traditional media. This would be helpful for directly interact with the consumers and supports for making a positive association with the consumers in the future. It can enhance my communication skills that develop my personality in the future.
Design Entrepreneurial Fundraising Campaigns
Under the week ten, I have developed my knowledge regarding the design of entrepreneurial fundraising campaign. I have increased my awareness about certain components such as sources of finance, fundraising for entrepreneurial innovation with endeavors. Another factor could be related to the role of finance, fundraising campaign, long-term plan, time frame, and recommendation. I have increased my knowledge that an organization can practice different kinds of financial sources like external and internal (As has been detailed in week 10 blog, attached under appendix 8). I have enhanced my experience regarding the benefits and limitation of sourcing the fundraising.  I also increased my knowledge regarding the crowdfunding that was effective for gathering money and funds from the public in a feasible way (Gruber, De Leon, George, And Thompson, 2015).
Design the Designers
During this week, I have demonstrated the whole data that I have gained during first to the tenth week. Under this week, designers groom their skills with personality because of offering the relevant and attractive presentation about the blog in a feasible way. Moreover, each designer can offer the presentation on their topic that was quite difficult for each one, however, that was good due to the availability of feasible data (Schmitz, Urbano, Dandolini, de Souza, and Guerrero, 2017).
Design for the Future Workshop
This is last week of activity in which I have learned about the prospective scope of design. The higher applicability of design thinking helps to design in an organization, redesign the industry, growth and strategy, continuous design and design for growth. These factors demonstrate the future expansion of design (Durkin, and Gunn, 2016).
There are certain types of features regarding my personality that is assessed through SWOT assessment. In this evaluation, different factors could be involved such as strength, weakness, opportunity with threats. It is a feasible tool for feasible assessment regarding favorable and unfavorable qualities (Preuss, and Dyerson, 2017). The strength and weakness could be involved in the internal factor whereas threats and opportunities could be considered in the external factors.
The given below table depicts my SWOT:

· Good Listener
· Easily adapt New Things

· Inadequacy of patience
· Inadequacy of confidence

· Easily learning competency may place to me at the good position among rivalry

· The inadequacy of patience may create the challenge in terms of addressing the issue and attainment of the task in a feasible way.

Action Plan for improving my skills:
An appropriate plan could be significant for enhancing the confidence level and patience level in the specified time period. I have determined a time structure for six months in order to enhance my weakness effectively. The given below table shows the action plan that would be practiced for enhancing my confidence with patience level:
Action plan to improve lack of Patience

Serial .No.

Aspects for enhancing the patience level concern

Time period
(in weeks)

Evaluate: Ways of enhancing the patience level issue


Combined Model: Self-awareness (Sahut, and Peris-Ortiz, 2014).


I will be competent for addressing my feelings in deep.


Ability Model: Knowledge


I would be competent for building the understanding of behavioral and emotional transformation.


Trait Model: Self-discipline (Machado, Soares, and Veiga, 2018).


I will be competent for controlling myself and favorably respond during the success and failure. It would aid to solve the issues in a feasible way.


Combined Model: Fellow feeling (Belkhir, 2015).


Through this model, I would be competent for developing the favorable liaison with the colleagues, family members, and customers that aids to enhance my professional and personal competency.


Combined Model: Group Skills


It would aid me to develop the robust liaison with the group in a feasible way. The group communication skills would aid to enhance my professional competency in a feasible way.

Action plan to improve the level of confidence

Serial. No.

Aspects to enhance the level of confidence

Time period

Evaluate: Way of improving the level of confidence


Identification of Voice

Week 14

It will aid me in assessing the field I sound low or high.



Week 15-18

It will support to improve my language and articulation in an effective way.



Week 19-21

It will aid to comprehend in-depth regarding my personality, which could aid to improve my level of confidence.


Determine Problem

Week 22

It will aid to assess the problem in a feasible way about the level of confidence. It will aid to influence a large number of customers due to feasibly identify the issues.


Thought Process

Week 22-24

It will aid to comprehend in-depth regarding the situation before responding to any performance.

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