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MGMT 223 Management

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MGMT 223 Management



Company name – Tangerine Bank 1)Target Customerand Customer Experience: a.Target Customer. What is the company’s target market? Who are the company’s customers? What does the company provide for their customers(goods, service, value, benefits)? b.Customer Experience:How does the company want customers to feel about theirservice? What type of customer experience does the company want them to have? Is the customer journey currently providing the experience the company wants its customers to have? Please elaborateand provide evidence/facts with in-text citations where applicable 2.Customer Service Vision:What is the company or department vision or mission? Does the company/department have a customer service vision or something similar? What is it? How is the vision or mission communicated to customers? Is the company/department vision/mission simple and easy for customers to understand? Does it describe the type of service the company wants to achieve for its customers? Does it reflect both who the company/department isnow and who the company wants to aspire to be in the future. 3.Customer Centric Strategy: What initiatives has the company or department takento enhance the customer journey, or to increase customer delight, or to become more customer centric? Please provide a few examples. 4.Sharing Customer Service Vision with Employees: a.Sharing vision: What actions dothe companytake to help employees understand behaviours that are aligned with the vision?How does the company communicate the vision to employees? How does the company getemployeesto support the vision?How does the companyremind the team regularly to keep the vision top of mind? b.Training and Job Design: Are employees given sufficient training to teach them how to deliver service that matches the company’s service vision? How, when? What are employee roles, responsibilities, and expectations(e.g., job posting)? Are these clearly defined and linked to the company’s customer service vision. c.Performance Management:Are employees routinely given feedback on how well their performance matches your customer service vision? How, when? 5.Voice of Customer:In which ways do the company capture customer feedback? How does the companygather the voice of the customer (VOC); as in complaints, trend spotting, product feedback, customer suggestions, etc.? Does the company use this information to improve service, products, processes? Please elaborate or provide examples, facts, in-text citations where applicable. 6.Complaint Obstacles: Identify obstacles that might discourage customers from sharing feedback and complaints. Is it too difficult for customers to complain? Elaborate.Might customers feel they have nothing to gain from complaining? Elaborate.Do customers feel confident their complaints will be heard? Elaborate.Might customers be afraid of retribution or ruining the relationship with the company if they complain? Elaborate. 7.Automated Systems:Which electronic systems doesthe company use to manage customer relationships, increase sales, or improve serviceprocesses (e.g., phone systems, call center databases, customer relationship management software such as Salesforce, sales tracking systems, mobile device connections to databases, restaurant ordering systems, kiosk,shipping and tracking systems, etc.)? a.Implementation Process: Please describe a recent automation initiative the company has completed or is in the midst of completing. What issues may arise due to this automation? Who maintains thissystem? b.Social Media: How does the company or department interact with customers via social media? Which social platforms dothe company engage in? Are there employees dedicated to monitor or manage the social platforms or website? Please elaborate. 3. REPORT YOUR RESEARCH a.Use the template provided by your professor to create an APA report with cover page. Refer to OWL Purdue for APA guidelines atb.Include a References page at the end with a list of all sources you used to collect your research about this company.A minimum of 3 sources isrequired.Marks will be deducted for fewer than 3 references. c.Include page numbers and APA headings and sub-headings where needed. d.Address the research questions above. Provide details and examples. If you struggle to provide details from your research, consider speaking with an employee of the company, maybe a manager to ask about customer centric examples being implemented at the company currently.Be sure to indicate that you did speak with a person at the company and provide their name.

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