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MGMT 20134 Business Ethics And Sustainability

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MGMT 20134 Business Ethics And Sustainability

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MGMT 20134 Business Ethics And Sustainability

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Course Code: MGMT20134
University: Central Queensland University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

1. Discuss the decisions and analyse these referring to the diagnostic results and ethical theories and concepts.2. Describe and analyse their own positions or belief

Background of the Google Case Note
There is no doubt in declaring that Google is the most used Internet search engine all around the world. It is a huge organization and as an organization it provides wide scale benefits for its employees and introducing sustainability initiatives. However, there are maximum cases against Google dealing mostly with privacy concern, which is a major issue with the organization (Lazer et al., 2014). Google claims that all the information of the users have been kept under state of the art security controls but still privacy is becoming one of them in major ethical issues for Google. Even after the claims of the organization, there are always ways by which this claims have been denied which several examples where the user can be traced back with the information that the person search is over the internet via Google. Another incident portrays that the GPS tracking over Android mobile phone and internet can bring a new privacy issue about the live location of any user (Sharon, 2016). In addition, the application called Google Buzz made all the contacts of a person publish publicly linking into their personal Gmail accounts. Thus, there have been investigations regarding the privacy orders for Google and the market is still determining how information can be connected online via the ethical implications that the organization of Google has been raising.
Analysis of the Google Case Note with 3 Ethical Diagnostic Tools
1. Google’s strategy to serve all the Stakeholders
As an organisation taking care of it employees I believe that Google is an irresponsible company that takes care of its work force and maintains a good corporate culture. I have had a good analysis of the surrounding environment and have found that the atmosphere within the organisation is extremely good and the organisation also supports their employees with several benefits (Pardo & Siemens, 2014). Nevertheless, the privacy practices that Google has been fighting with on regards of the confidential information leakage of every stakeholders within the organisation, it can be said that the complaint against company and the way by which Google is handling the entire situation could have been worked on much more efficiently. The measures that Google has taken can be regarded as superficial amendments and I believe that the strategy Google has taken up does not satisfy all the stakeholders of the organisation.
2. Maintaining both privacy and profitability for Google
Speaking about the ethical implications, I believe that a company’s primary concern should be the services that it has been providing to the customers before making a considerable amount of profit. I do not believe that ethically it is a correct step that a company would think just about the personal gains disregarding the matter of the stakeholders and the adverse effects it has on the customers specifically (Martin, 2015). The problem that Google was facing with the privacy error was ethically incorrect since the consumers of Google had store all their personal and confidential data trusting the organisation. Therefore Google would have implemented a better security system for saving them instead of thinking about the monetary investment it would take to implement and newer and much stronger and efficient privacy system for the protection of an individual user.
3. Global privacy regulation affecting Google’s operations
Going through the Global regulation of privacy handling the data within the internet and the government regulations passed over it I can clearly say that it would definitely affect Google’s operations in a negative way. In 2014, the government regulation that has been passed as a “right to be forgotten law” enables an individual user to delete all its information or any selective part of it from the Google documents as well as the entire internet that the individual user find a relevant or to confidential to post over the internet (Lunnay et al., 2014). The government is also provided a strict rule for every organisation that violates the slow and feels to adhere to the implications. Ethically this approach is absolutely correct but on the other hand It would also affect the operation of Google since the traditional way that the organisation has been operating do not find a feasible way to delete the information that had been previously stored by an individual. I believe it would only be feasible for the entire organisation of Google if they considered making significant changes to the operations in the business process.
Background of the Volkswagen Case Note
Volkswagen is a renowned car manufacturing German company that has been manufacturing various ranges of cars and has gained a considerable amount of popularity within the general mass. However Volkswagen has been considered guilty on account of three criminal felony charges with the government of United States for violating the environmental regulation, engaging in wire fraud, obstructing justice and violating the regulations for import (Aurand et al., 2017). Although Volkswagen has agreed to pay the criminal charges the total cost of resolving the entire felony that the company has committed, the criminal charges could only house for a small portion. However of late the organization has been trying to build up a reputation for the sustainability and it has been seen that Volkswagen has become the first car manufacturer to adopt ISO 14001 principles. However, the organization has been involved with various candles that still makes it one of the most notoriously reputed organization adding to emissions fraud. The organization of Volkswagen wanted to bring a new environment Sindhi call into the market which had delivered to live up to its feature of being environment friendly and to the regulators the emissions of the vehicles does manufactured had released very few emissions. The Regulators have been highly satisfied with the entire scenario but to their ignorance Volkswagen had initially installed defeat devices that help the cars to detect whenever the vehicle was going to go through emissions testing. This device enable the entire vehicle to run below performance and hence it would give off maximum emissions. When the vehicles were allowed on road, it rain and its maximum performance to give off 40 per cent of the allowable limit for emissions in the United States (Willkomm, 2017).
When held guilty for the charges Volkswagen and admitted of installing the defeat devices in the diesel vehicles in order to fool the regulator is and the testers however the organization also came forward to admit that they had immediately began destroying all the documents that at the potential to implicate the firm further. Although 17.5 billion USD was paid as a compensation to the consumers affected by the defeat devices the only thing that would bring back the reputation of the organization would be the incorporation of ethics inappropriate practices within the organization inside-out (Barrett et al., 2015). Since, the organization had only thought about short term goals and did not consider the consequences in the long term; it is most likely that the future sustainable technology that it would adopt within the organization, would only be validated when ethics and appropriate practices would be implemented within the organization.
Analysis of the Volkswagen Case Note with 3 Ethical Diagnostic Tools
Explanation of the culture of Volkswagen that created this ethical scandal
As far as I have noticed, Volkswagen indeed had a very toxic corporate culture that mostly focused on the games over a short period of time then considering the prophets that the organization could acquire in long term. The fact that the manufactured vehicles had defeat devices in the oil tank I believe that this idea of gaining profits over short term was a widely spread out feature that the entire work force where aware of in the organization (Kanabar et al., 2016). Without having any moral or complying with any values, the organization had deliberately involved in reckless behavior that was completely illegal and had the audacity to defeat the people who are testing the devices and regulating them as well as the customers of the organization. As a result many consumers had face the consequences of the cars which has the potential to perform in maximum level. With this, I believe that the organization never thought about the well-being of the consumers and their rights to a proper product from the organization (Rogerson, 2017). Therefore, the repercussions that Volkswagen had over its consumers as well as on the testers and the regulators, clearly states that organization never intended for thinking about the consumers and instead made more thought about acquiring short term monetary gains. This is what I believe I have created this scandal for Volkswagen which device all the ethical standards.
Recovery from the ethical disaster
The only way that I believe that Volkswagen can regain back its previous reputation with supported ethics and sustainability implemented within the organization is by proving to its consumers that the organization has changed its old culture within the business process. Any kind of misconduct should not be tolerated further if they are not complying with the ethical standards irrespective of the person committing the unethical works (Valentini & Kruckeberg, 2018). Furthermore I also believe that the company should make amends with both the government and their consumers and they should have a future sustainable technology that would prove its previous stakeholders that the company has indeed changed its old operational structure.
Reasons why the company would face further tough scrutiny of its ethical business environment
If I had been a regulator for a tester for the manufacturing of a vehicle for a renowned organization like Volkswagen who have hand these scandals in the past, I would prefer a tougher scrutiny for the environmental ethical claims that the company has put forward (Holland et al., 2016). Obviously the company had already lost its previous reputation and the fraud that it is conducted to the government has the potential to leave the organization to go through much more implications based on the ethical and environmental regulations. as an organization in charge of regulating and testing the vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen with past fraudulent history it would be fair enough to implement tougher regulations for scrutiny for the company’s environmental claims; be it investment from the company’s perspective call me it make the company invest much more in acquiring a much sustainable technology (Trope & Ressler, 2016). This is appropriate as per the fraudulent activities it is lead to its consumers and the government.
Aurand, T. W., Finley, W., Krishnan, V., Sullivan, U. Y., Bowen, J., Rackauskas, M., … & Willkomm, J. (2017). The VW Diesel Scandal: Engaging Students via Case Research, Analysis, Writing, and Presentation of Findings. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 17(7), 10-21.
Barrett, S. R., Speth, R. L., Eastham, S. D., Dedoussi, I. C., Ashok, A., Malina, R., & Keith, D. W. (2015). Impact of the Volkswagen emissions control defeat device on US public health. Environmental Research Letters, 10(11), 114005.
Holland, S. P., Mansur, E. T., Muller, N. Z., & Yates, A. J. (2016). Damages and expected deaths due to excess NO x emissions from 2009 to 2015 Volkswagen diesel vehicles. Environmental science & technology, 50(3), 1111-1117.
Kanabar, V., Hefley, W., Messikomer, C., & Thomas, A. (2016). Integrating Ethics and Professionalism Learning Outcomes in a Project Management Course.
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Pardo, A., & Siemens, G. (2014). Ethical and privacy principles for learning analytics. British Journal of Educational Technology, 45(3), 438-450.
Rogerson, S. (2017). Is professional practice at risk following the Volkswagen and Tesla motors revelations?. ORBIT Journal, 1(1).
Sharon, T. (2016). The Googlization of health research: from disruptive innovation to disruptive ethics. Personalized medicine, 13(6), pp.563-574.
Trope, R. L., & Ressler, E. K. (2016). Mettle fatigue: VW’s single-point-of-failure ethics. IEEE Security & Privacy, 14(1), 12-30.
Valentini, C., & Kruckeberg, D. (2018). “Walking the environmental responsibility talk” in the automobile industry: An ethics case study of the Volkswagen environmental scandal. Corporate Communications: An International Journal.

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