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MGMT 1102: CSR Final Exam

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MGMT 1102: CSR Final Exam



Write on three of the following questions, for which you will write a long answer response.These responses should reflect your own thinking. You must find your own examples andapplication, and not those or your study group, or ‘googled responses’ or textbook examples.You will be graded on uniqueness and originality and fit of your examples/application.Please type out your responses in a Word document and submit your answers to the dropbox provided for you.
1. What are the key drivers in the Age of Responsibility, according to Wayne Visser? Inother words, what is causing companies to take sustainability more seriously, andwhat are some of the reasons or evidence for this shift in the market? What are
some of the consequences for companies that ignore sustainability as a driver?
2. Human bias is a serious impediment to forming beliefs that map on to reality.Corporations create impacts on the environment and community, and we sometimesignore such impacts for the sake of gain, and allow negative externalities toaccumulate into a mixed bag of unintended consequences. The way we talk aboutenvironmental and social problems has been a challenge to business, but how canwe convince others (customers) that sustainability is a desirable end? Refer to thebest/latest science or behavioural economics in describing a plan for nudgingconsumers toward sustainability.
3. Why does Visser view Walmart as an example of a company worthy of emulation?What are some of the problems about how sustainable companies have introducedsustainable products and services into the marketplace, and what does Walmart’s
best practices have to teach us about sustainability? Furthermore, why wouldWalmart pursue sustainability, if its primary objective is profit?
4. What does it mean to be responsive in the Age of Responsibility? Provide examples,and explain the trade-off between responsiveness and scalability.
5. What is glocality, and how would you apply the concept to any product or service ofyour own choosing? What is the benefit to business of glocality?
6. Explain the difference between ‘cradle to grave’ and ‘cradle to cradle’ design, anddescribe a process by which a service or product could become circular. In otherwords, how can we look at waste differently, or create products that don’t producenegative externalities? Can you provide examples of companies that havesuccessfully transitioned to a cradle to cradle process?
7. Yvon Chouinard doesn’t think it is appropriate to describe a company as sustainable.He thinks we need to spend more time in nature, simplify our lives and beresponsible. Explain how these ideas fit together with his beliefs about running a

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