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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications Assignment

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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications Assignment

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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications Assignment

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Course Code: MCOM4040
University: Greenwich School Of Management is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom

1. Identify and explain the marketing concept, the marketing mix and the components of the marketing communications mix.2. Explain the relationship between the marketing environment, its impact upon organisational decision making and consumer behaviour.3. Discuss the factors that determine competitive advantage within organisations4. Explain key theories, concepts and models underpinning business communication to create effective communications.5. Examine and discuss organisational issues and challenges that impact on the effectiveness of business communication through the use of pre-defined criteria to assist in improving communication within the organisation.6. Demonstrate an application of concepts and techniques related to business communication processes used within the workplace 

Overview of Body Shop 
Body Shop was founded in the year 1976 by late British Environmental and human rights campaigner Dame Anita Roddick. The company started the life as one of the small outfits with just 25 types of products which were sold by them to the different customers. In the early stage, it was seen that the customers were encouraged to recycle the entire packaging as there were not enough bottles produced by the respective shop. Furthermore, the respective body shop company mainly focused on the natural ingredients that were ethically sourced and this was cruelty free in nature as well (Baker and Saren 2016).
In the year 2006, it was seen and analysed that Dame Anita Roddick sold the entire Body Shop to cosmetics giant named L’Oréal which has a capital of more than £652m. Additionally, it was noticed that in the year 2017, L’Oréal sold the entire organization to Natura for more than £880 million. It was noticed that Body Shop is the first company which prohibited the testing on different animals and this was also the first and foremost company that has introduced Fair Trade to the entire beauty industry as well. Body Shop has more than 3000 stores in 66 countries and they sell more than 300 products to the customers as well.
Purpose of the Report 
The main aim and purpose of the report is to analyse the different needs, demands along with the wants of the different customers in the entire competitive market. Furthermore, the marketing orientation which has been adopted by Body Shop has to be discussed along with proper review on macro environment to analyse and identify the different competitors of The Body Shop. Lastly, the marketing mix of The Body Shop has to be analysed effectively which will improve the product offerings to the different customers in the market. The key competitors have to be analysed effectively and this will help in analysis of the competitiveness in the entire market.
Needs, Wants and Demands  
Needs is the marketing concept and it would be defined as the goods and services that are required and desired by the different customers in the entire market (Baker and Saren 2017).
Wants is the other marketing concept which is the ultimate desire for the different products and services which are not necessary for the shop or company, however it is demanded by the various customers.
Demands is defined as the quantity of the goods and services that the businesses and consumers are willing and would be able to buy at the provided price within the given time frame.
It is essential in nature for Body Shop to understand the needs, wants and demands of the different customers in the market due to the following:

To analyse and know the target markets and target customers
To help in maximising the overall sales and productivity of the organization
To analyse and take proper strategic decisions and implement the same effectively
To know and analyse the number of customers who are able to buy the products from that organization (Cascio et al. 2018)
To promote the various products with suitable kinds of advertisements which will attract the different customers 

The different marketing orientations or concepts are as follows:

Product Orientationis wherein it is analysed that the superior products sold by the company helps in increasing the productivity and this will attract customers.
Production Orientationis which mainly focuses on reducing the costs through the help of mass production. The business-oriented approach believes that the mass production helps in reducing the costs and maximising the overall profit.
Market Orientationis wherein organization puts customers as the heart of the business and the different activities performed by them are in respect to the customers.
Sales Orientationis wherein focus of the organization is simple that helps in making and selling the product to the target market to make the entire company profitable in nature.

Market Orientation Adopted by The Body Shop
The market orientation which has been adopted by The Body Shop is market or customer-oriented business which will help in improving the business in an effective manner. In the Body Shop, it has been analysed and noticed that the company tries to respect the choices and preferences of the customers as they are the heart of the business and this has helped the company in producing the different products based on the preferences of the customers which is effective in nature. The customer orientation approach helps the customers in meeting with the long-term needs and wants in an effective manner (Lidstone and MacLennan 2017).
Marketing Environments  
Market Environmental Analysis
Market Environmental Analysis is defined as the strategic kind of tool which helps in identifying the different internal and external elements which can affect the performance of the organization in an effective manner. The entire analysis helps in aligning the strategies with the environment of the firm and these faces changes every day in an effective manner as well (Kavaratzis, Warnaby and Ashworth 2014).
Importance for Organizations to Analyse Marketing Environment  
The organizations need to analyse the marketing environment in an effective manner as this will help in the following:

It is essential for planning for the future
It helps in understanding the demands of the customers
It helps in tapping the different trends of the customers in the market and this will allow the organization to produce the right products for the customers in the entire market which is effective in nature
Lastly, this helps in analysing the threats and opportunities as to analyse the competitive advantage (Keller 2017) 

Analysis of Macro Environment of The Body Shop
Social Factor is the Body Shop mainly emphasised on different technical trends in the entire society. It has been noticed that the modern society is mainly interested in the fashion trends and so in the products sold by The Body Shop (Kavaratzis 2017). The entire society have a sense of the latest technology and they are eager to adopt the different contemporary technical trends with proper innovations which is done by The Body Shop. This is one of the opportunity for The Body Shop as this has provided them with different opportunities to innovate the products sold by them which will play a prominent role in the business of The Body Shop (Kotler 2015).
Environmental Factor is the other factor that mainly emphasises on various global environment safety laws. The Body Shop can play an essential role in supporting the different campaigns related to following the norms of making the planet pollution free (Panigyrakis and Veloutsou 2015). The Body Shop is one of the top international brands which is mainly focusing on the different kinds of norms on environment safety and making it pollution free as well. This is a threat along with opportunity for The Body Shop as the opportunity is that the company mainly focuses on reducing the pollution from the environment (Kavaratzis, Warnaby and Ashworth 2014). On the other hand, it is a threat as there are different products which are made from the plants and when this will be reduced, this will affect the entire profitability of the organization in a negative manner. 
Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis is defined as the identifying the competitors and evaluating the strategies as to determine the strengths and weaknesses which are relative to the own product or service.  Furthermore, the competitor analysis is essential in nature as this helps in identifying the marketing plan for the company (Melewar and Skinner 2018).
Importance of Conducting Competitor Analysis in Body Shop
It is essential to conduct competitor analysis in The Body Shop as this helps in identifying the present and potential competitors in the entire market. Furthermore, the positions of the competitors in the market is analysed which helps in analysing the strategic groups (Piperopoulos 2016). The different strategic thrusts and objectives is required to be analysed which will help The Body Shop in achieving the present and future strategies effectively. The competitor’s responses to market and the competitive changes is analysed effectively as well which will help them in minimizing their risks. 


Number of Stores




Types of Products

The Body Shop


The pricing strategy which is adopted by them is applicable for the premium or the rich profile customers as they sell different products which are branded in nature

The benefits gained from the products are the customers do not have any such complaints regarding the products sold by them. The company mainly specialises in providing the customers with body mist and other lotions as they prepare the same naturally

High in nature

Different cosmetics along with body mist for the female customers. Furthermore, it includes the different

Bath & Body Works, LLC


The pricing strategy which is applied by them is such that all the employees can buy and purchase from them and this will be competitive in nature for them as well

The benefits gained from the products are that they uses the natural ingredients which are suitable for all skin types and this helps the company in attracting more customers as well


The respective company mainly focuses in providing shower gels, lotions, fragrance mists, perfumes, candles, and home fragrances to the different customers in the entire market.

Sephora USA, Inc.


The pricing strategy which is adopted by them is only for the rich profile customers and they have segmented their products in the same order as well

The benefits gained from the products are they mainly deal with skin care products which are effective and the customers use the same without any complaints


The respective company mainly focuses on the different kinds of unrivalled selection of makeup, skin care, fragrance and more from classic and emerging brands.

The information that has been gained from the competitor analysis of The Body Shop includes that The Body Shop tries to change the products and services in accordance to the different other competitors in the entire market. It has been seen that there are different changes in the preferences of the customers and the company tries to adopt to such behaviours accordingly as well (Seyed-Javadin et al. 2014).
The key findings from the competitor analysis is that the main competitor of The Body Shop is Bath & Body Works, LLC which sells different natural body care products for the customers in the market.  The benefits provided from the products of The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works, LLC includes the various skin care products which are natural in nature and this will help in receiving success (Tkotz, Munck and Wald 2018).
The information that is required to be considered by The Body Shop is that the company needs to dedicate the business to the entire pursuit of the environmental and social change. Furthermore, this helps in creatively balance the human and financial needs of the stakeholders, employees along with the customers (McDonagh and Prothero 2014).
Marketing Mix 
Marketing Mix is defined as the combination of the different factors that can be properly controlled by the organization to influence the customers to purchase the products. The marketing mix includes the 7Ps such as product, price, place, promotion, process, physical evidence and people.
Current Product and Service Strategy
Product- The products which are sold by them is diversified in nature which is used for all skin types such as normal or oily skin. The products are based on age like for younger generation and matured people which includes different face and fragrance related products for the different customers.
Place- The Body Shop has spread their presence to more than 3000 outlets which are either owned or let through the franchisee system. The international presence includes more than sixty-six countries such as Belgium, France along with Italy. The distribution network is strong and this helps in attending the customers in an effective manner (McDaniel 2014).
Price- The main target individuals of The Body Shop are the women from different cosmopolitan cities and who belong from the urban class. The company has targeted the individuals who prefer eco-friendly products and the prices are exclusively in nature as well (Scarborough 2016).
Promotion- The Body Shop has included the different environmental and social kind of campaigns in the consumer market. It has different tie-ups with different shopping portals that helps in selling the products online.
Pricing Strategy of The Body Shop
The pricing strategy which has been adopted by The Body Shop is the competitive pricing strategy which helps them in managing their position in the market. It has been noticed that the company has different other competitors in the market which are competitive equally in nature (Tomczak, Reinecke and Kuss 2018).
The different products of The Body Shop are sold at different shops both offline and online that will help them in managing their sales in an effective manner.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the marketing of the different products and services of The Body Shop have been explained along with proper analysis of the needs, wants and demands of the consumers. Furthermore, the market orientation of the respective shop has been analysed which has helped them in managing the different differences in an effective manner. Furthermore, the marketing environment has been analysed which has included the competitiveness in the external and internal environment as well. It has been analysed and seen that the competitor analysis has been performed for understanding the weaknesses of the respective company along with analysing the strengths which will help in maintaining proper effectiveness without much difficulties.
It has been analysed and seen that the macro environment of Body Shop has helped in understanding the different kinds of environmental and social factors which has caused huge impact on the entire environment and this is opportunity and threat for the other competitors in the entire market as well. Lastly, the marketing mix has been explained that has included the different marketing mix 4Ps which has helped them in managing the products and service strategy in an appropriate manner that has helped in implementing the strategy. 
Baker, M.J. and Saren, M. eds., 2016. Marketing theory: a student text. Sage.
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