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MBA641 Strategic Project Management For Website Redevelopment

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MBA641 Strategic Project Management For Website Redevelopment

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MBA641 Strategic Project Management For Website Redevelopment

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Course Code: MBA641
University: Kaplan Business School is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

You are required to read the following case study and prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) based on the information contained in the case study.

Pashendale Holdings Pvt Ltd is an Australia based construction organization that is currently running a website that was built long time back. The website makes use of Weebly platform which is owned by third party. The website costs less to the company in development and operations but it has limited functionalities. Since the development of the website, the company has expanded its operations and now needs to have a new website with additional functionalities and services updates on the website. 
The company is planning to have a unique domain name that would belong to the company and would purchase own web space to have exclusive control over development. The new website would have some additional content including an industry section with news updates, an affiliate page, and a testimonial widget. The website contact staff functionality would be redeveloped with a fresh interface which would allow customers of the company to contact the staff with much ease. The whole project has to be completed in 5 months and is allotted a budget of $2,65,000. 
Since the company has limited resources and limited knowledge on website development aspects in its teams, the company chooses to outsource the development and project management work to a third parry solution provider who has experience of managing website development projects earlier. This statement of work has been prepared to guide this service provider on the requirements of the company for website redevelopment project. The statement identifies the project scope and presents a WBS in detail. The statement also defines the process used for the selection of contractor for justification of quality in approach (Leroy, 2012).  
Project Scope
The website redevelopment project would be carried out in four key development phases that include planning, designing, implementation, and completion (Cliff COnsulting, 2007). 
Planning: In the planning phase, the project team would gather the project requirements from the major stakeholders of the company including the company CEO, Virna Pashendale and CMO, Sennveasna Naveen. Based on the requirements collected during interviews with CEO and CMO, project scope and performance metrices would be developed. The process of selection for the third-party contractor would be reviewed along with accepted terms with contractors and the statement of work would be refined. 
Design: this would the second phase of the project in which a design would be developed by the project team for the new website. The proposed design would be submitted by the contractor to the CEO of the company for approval and once the approval is taken, the contractor would proceed to the next stage of implementation. The design would be thoroughly reviewing by the CEO to ensure that it has taken care of all the company requirements and only after a successful review is done, the CEO would approve the design. If the CEO finds discrepancies in design elements, a revision would be called for such that after the design is revised as per the feedback, CEO would approve it. 
Implementation: In this stage, the company would first make a purchase of the DNS and the webspace. The user ID and password details of the CPanel would be provided to the developer by the company. The developer would install the required content management system and would start the development process as per the given design of the website. The contractor would get the writers to develop the content as identified in the scope and along with the design, the content would be published on developed pages. The development team would use a ready theme for development of the basic wireframe of the website but would also involve some coding for the customization. Once the codes are developed, it would be thoroughly tested to identify if there are any bugs. Any bugs identified would be eliminated and only after all of them are gone will the project manager mark the completion of the implementation stage. For marking the completion of this stage, a review of the implementation would be taken by the CMO who would give the final go ahead for project closure. 
Closure: In this stage, the implementation would be finished and the website would be ready. The website would be handed over to the client organization by the developers and a training would be provide to the staff on the use of the website.  This website would be shown to the CEO who would review the whole project as managed by the contractor and only after he is satisfied with all the deliverables and project outcomes, will he sign the approval of the project which would mark its completion (Dinsmore & Brewin, 2010). 
Activities that are within the scope of project work for the contractor include:

Interviews with CEO and CMO for gathering project requirements
Installation of content management system and the website theme on the DNS and web space provided
Development of project requirements document and the performance metrices for review
Execution of all the activities identified for each project stage in the project scope
Developing user interfaces and other content elements on the website including affiliate page, testimonial widgets, and industry section
Coordinate with developers to customize coding, with graphic designers to get relevant images, and with writers to develop textual content
Test the developed code and eliminate any bugs identified during tests
Deliver the code to the client and provide training to its staff on the use of interfaces 

Activities within the project scope for the company include:

Conduct reviews and provide approval for contractor selection, website design, website implementation, and project completion
Review of project requirements document and the performance metrices for approval to form the statement of work(C.R & Thomas, 2011) 

Activities that are not in the project scope for contractor include:

Purchase of DNS and webspace for development
Review of the Training process 

Work Requirements
The work break down structure can be created to identify specific tasks that are required to be completed for the execution of the website redevelopment project. The same is presented below: 

Project Planning

Requirement gathering
Performance Metrics Development
Statement of Work development
Release of SOW
Contractor Selection
Contract Assignment

Website Designing

Web pages
Website Interfaces

Website pages

Design Review


DNS and Webspace Setup
CMS Installation
Theme installation
Coding for customization

System testing
Functional testing

Implementation on PHL servers
User Acceptance testing
Implementation Review
Website support

Training to PHL staff
Initial operational support

Project Closure

Project Status updates
Project Completion review
Deliverables Approval
Project Sign off (Devi & Reddy, 2012) 

Planning: In this phase, an independent project contractor would be selected by the CEO who would begin the work with the requirement gathering for which interviews would be conducted with the PHL CEO and CMO. Based on the requirements identified, project scope would be developed and performance metrices would be identified. The revised scope and performance metrices would be submitted by the contractor to the CEO for review and approval (Ayyalaraju, 2017). 
Designing: The contractor would create a new design for the website and would submit the same to the CEO for approval. Once approved, the contractor would receive the DNS and Web space login details to begin the development. In this stage, the contractor would take decisions on pages to be developed, graphics to be acquired, and the content to be written. 
Implementation: The contractor team would use the approved website design and would implement the CMS and the theme accordingly. For the features that are not already in-built in the theme, the team would develop the custom codes that would be installed on PHL servers. The final website that is developed would be tested by the contractor and if any bugs are identified then they would be eliminated. After completion of the implementation, a review would be taken by the CMO who would approve the implementation based on performance of the contractor. This stage would also include training of the staff and user acceptance testing. 
Closure: this is the last phase of the project in which project status would be updated and the project completion would be reviewed by the CEO. Once the project is found to be delivering all things required and the PHL representative have completed the acceptance test, the CEO would approve the project and sign off deliverables to mark its completion (Mushtaq, 2016).  
The project would take 4 months to complete and would have below mentioned major milestones: 
The cost of the project development would be incurred in each development stage as given in the table below: 

Project Phase


Cost Structure



Fixed Fee



Fixed Fee



Fixed Fee



Fixed Fee




The total project budget is $2,65,000 but it would not be released at one go but only phase wise as per each phase requirement identified in the table above.
Acceptance Criteria
The SOW has been prepared initially by the company and then revised by the contractor such that the revised SOW is approved by the CEO of the company. The acceptance of the project would happen at each stage when the project is reviewed. There are four points of such reviews that include contractor selection review, design review, implementation review, completion review(Sabyasachi, 2018)
. The project stage or deliverables would be accepted in each of these reviews based on the following acceptance criteria:
Contractor Selection Review: The CEO would be taking this review and would approved the selected contractor based on the following acceptance criteria –

The contractor is financially sound and have the capital to execute project of the size awarded
The contractor has the experience of working on similar website development projects in past ad have delivered successfully reflected by past Purchase Order provided
The contractor is not facing any litigations at the time of awarding the contract (NYU, 2015) 

Website Design Review: The CEO would be taking this review and would approved the proposed design based on the following acceptance criteria – 

The proposed design contains all the elements needed for the current website that are promised to be developed within the project budget and in given schedule.
The website elements include core pages, affiliate interface, contact widget, and industry section.
Features not available with proposed theme are taken care of with custom coding (Puri & , 2014). 

Implementation Review: The CMO would be taking this review taking assistance from his three advisors and would approved the implementation stage based on the following acceptance criteria – 

All features needed on the website have been developed
Successful testing has been completed with no unresolved bugs
The website codes have been successfully implemented on the website
All the interface elements and content requirements of the project are fulfilled
All custom codes have been implemented on the website backend and are working as per expectations (Karlick, 2010) 

Project Completion Review: The CEO would be taking this review and would approved the proejct completion based on the following acceptance criteria –

All features needed on the website have been developed and delivered
User acceptance testing has been completed successfully
Sufficient training has been provided to the staff on the new website usage
All project activities have been completed and documented
All performance metrices have been recorded and presented in the closure documents
All variations in budget and schedule have been recorded and justified (EFFO, 2009) 

The final project acceptance would be done after all reviews have been completed and accepted by the respective representatives of the company as well as of the contractor. Below are the parties to the contract who are signing this statement to approve that they are accepting the project completion based on acceptance criteria defined in the previous section of this document: 

Pashendale Holding Ltd


IT Contractor

Company name


Company name

Virna Pashendale; Sennveasna Naveen


Keith Keller

Full name


Full name



Project Manager
















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