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MBA641 Strategic Project Management For Retailer Company

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MBA641 Strategic Project Management For Retailer Company

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MBA641 Strategic Project Management For Retailer Company

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Course Code: MBA641
University: Kaplan Business School is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

You are required to read a case study based on a fictional company and prepare a Performance Evaluation Video Presentation based on the information contained in the case study
The DeGrandis is one large sports and exercise equipment Retailer Company of Australia. The company sell the international brands like puma, Nike, adidas in their stores. The company holds a private brand of its product name DeGrandis. The company wants to grow its private range of products more than international brand in Australia. In order to increase the revenue of the sale and reach the reputation of being the company that delivers the highest quality sports quality in Australia. The company started to make a strategic plan that could increase the productivity and maintain a strong and reliable network with the Chinese supplier organization. The company implemented these strategies in the three of its projects and these projects are assessed based on the strategy and ethic alignment. This projects were set to fulfil the strategic goals of the company. 
A company is known by its goals and ethics it follows. The slide here discusses the strategic goals that are set by the company De Grandis to reach its sky of success. The goals  set in this case, depicts the company’s eager to exponentially grow in Australia. The key strategic goals that are delivered and expected by the company are:

To sell their brand more efficiently than any other international brands. the company want to be globally recognised by the people (Martinelli and Milosevic 2016). The company will provide better products worldwide.
To strengthen their terms with building a strong and reliable network with the Chinese suppliers that supply the requirement to the base of the organization (Walker 2015).Collaborating with other countries will help in removing cultural barriers.
The company have set its goal to be the sole company that provides the best quality products to the nation.

Ethical framework aids the company to follow a legal path while conducting business or work. The slide discusses the key ethical standards that are  followed in the company De Grandis. The slide provides the certain code of conduct that has been deduced from the case study that had to be followed in each case. The code of conduct states the following points

The organisation would not indulge with any supplying organization if there were a case of child labour involved (Heldman 2018).
The company will not appreciate any bribery payment or acceptance in order to the conduct a business.
The company maintain customer satisfaction as a priority and the acceptance of the product’s launch are done according to the requirements of the customers (Silvius 2016).

According to this slide, we can observe the overall strategy and ethics that has to be followed in implementation of the Project A. Project A is the DeGrandis running shoes that was made by introducing cushion sole technology. The slide discuss the alignment of strategy that has been followed in the project and the code of conduct that has been acted upon or not.
According to slide we can observe that the requirements are met, the budget was little higher than expected. The company fulfilled all the requirements regarding the project and all was done within the timeframe (Hill et al. 2014). The project brought huge success to the company. It raised the company revenue over 5 million dollars. The alignment with the ethics is not very successful as observed with slide as the project team collaborated with supplier organization without consulting board of directors. The report states that there might be chances that the organization used child labour to work, which is not allowed by the code of conduct of the company.
The slide discusses the overall performance of the Project A that has been assessed through rating of attributes and the brief comment that has been delivered to show the reason behind the ratings. The table provides the overview of the Project A in precise.
The slide shows the overall performance score by comparing it to the total score of 30. The score depicts the overall profit and growth that could be analysed by the project A.It also shows the short comings of Project A.
The slide concludes the points that could be deduced from the project A. the project A concludes that there was lack of transparency and gap between the board of directors and the project team (Mir and Pinnington 2014). this shows that the team was not synchronized. Even after delivering the best product and bringing an out bounding success to the company, there was certain crack that was needed to be mend as soon as possible. The slide shows that if the company maintain any principle it should be followed without discretion.
slide 8 will discuss the improvements and recommendation that can produce the better results and build better relationship with the seniors. The recommendation suggests preventive measures that can be implemented while planning a project (Marcelino-Sádaba et al. 2014). The slide focuses on the points of equal participation and maintaining transparency among the stakeholders within or outside the company in all levels.
The slide would mainly focus on the Project B that was mainly discussing about the Australian Olympic Partnership. As per the slide, this could be seen that there was alignment with the strategy in order to maintain a better performance. The company fulfilled all the requirements by creating comprehensive list and fulfilled the entire requirement according to the consumption of the Australian Olympic Participants.
They were about to reach the success but by violating certain ethics they ruined their reputation in market (Kaiser, El Arbi and Ahlemann 2015). it was revealed that there was a payment made to Australian official to confirm the deal. The revelation of the news affected the reputation of the company. the further orders and partnership were cancelled and the company destroyed all its reputation with its one mistake (Hornstein 2015). The alignment of ethics is broken in this case by allowing bribery in order to conduct a business which was not allowed under code of conduct.
According to slide 10, we can find out how the step that could bring a huge success to the company have turn out to be ruining the reputation of the company. the assessment table discuss the overall benefits and the process of the project (Badewi ,2016). The slide will provide the overall information with the ratings provided to get a clear picture of the whole scenario. The ppt snapshot provides the information that even when the project fulfils all the requirements of the client within the time period. The incentive payment ruined all the efforts at once.
The overall performance score of the project B will provide the profitability score out of 30. The score of Project B is 23. It was about to generate a better score than Project A but lagged behind because of certain reasons.
This mainly discuss the overall point that have been already discussed in previous slide about the case study of project B. the presentation concludes about project B that even when all the requirements where meet in time, there was an organized way of performance and the deal lasted for more than six months (Ugonna et al. 2017). Once mistake of the bribery had disrupted the whole project, the trust over the organization of the consumers is now shattered. The company which wanted to be the official sport supplier was considered as taboo for other companies in case of partnership.
The slide mainly discusses all the recommendation and measures that can be taken to avoid the scene in future. There is no room for bribery in the code of conduct and all the business that has to be conducted in the organisation must be ethical (Costantino, Di Gravio and Nonino 2015). There must be more efforts taken from the side of the companies in order to get back in position with the market. the company should accept its mistake and try to compensate the issue with their efforts.
The slide discusses about the project C. the project was about the Ladybug apparel launched as a private product range. According to the slide, it tried its best level to meet each requirements and within time. The idea related to the project was also innovative. The alignment with the strategy and blueprint of the project met the entire requirement and also project launch was done within time but the project was not gone under testing before launching it in the market (De Carvalho et al. 2015).  The strategy alignment has no issue except the one that the product quality was inferior from before.
There was a huge loss incurred over the company since the products provided by the apparel did not supply customers (Cohen, Rozenes and Horowitz 2017). There was negative reviews about the products and this led to the cancellation of new task. The company has followed alignment with the ethics but there was lagging in quality testing.
The slide shows the overall performance of the depicts the analysis report of Project C. the report predicts that the company could provide much better products than this, there was good and new idea that was proposed but that did not come into use because the product could not meet the quality.
The overall performance score out of the total score depicts the overall loss incurred to the company by Project C. the project is considered lowest than A and B. the Project C could have provided much better results if they would have missed the quality testing. The overall comparison could be seen in further slides.
The slide deduce the points that concluded from the case study of Ladybug apparel. There was a setback because they were delivering the inferior quality (Golini et al. 2014). The project met all the requirements regarding use of technology, innovation, budget but it could not deliver the result in the case of quality.
The slide discussed here discusses better measure to improvise the innovation, deliver better quality of the products to the consumers, and meet their goals as the best quality providing company around Australia wide (Costantino, Di Gravio and Nonino, 2015). The recommendation will guide the organisation to provide better result to the customer and grow towards its exponential success. Maintain a transparency will aid them to be the best supplying company of Australia.
The slide discusses the overall comparison of Project A, B and C. According to the previous slides, it was stated that the overall performance ratio was delivered best by Project A, the Project A aids the exponential growth of the company, and it increased the revenue more than 50 percent. It was quite popular within the was running parallel with the international brands.
The project B could have out bounded Project A. The official brand was sponsoring the sport equipment in Australian Olympics. However, it lost its position in the market because of bribing the official to conduct the business. It could have generated better results but it lost its position in market but still generated better revenue than Project C.
The project C considered lowest since there was cancellation of any further stock of apparel launched. The project c needs better quality project.
The last part of the project dictates the conclusion of all three projects that have been mentioned in the presentation. It depicts the content mentioned in the presentation and the topics that has been discussed or analysed to increase the business revenue and growth of the company.
Badewi, A., 2016. The impact of project management (PM) and benefits management (BM) practices on project success: Towards developing a project benefits governance framework. International Journal of Project Management, 34(4), pp.761-778.
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Walker, A., 2015. Project management in construction. John Wiley & Sons.

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