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MARC4002 : Sustainable Studio

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MARC4002 : Sustainable Studio

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MARC4002 : Sustainable Studio

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Course Code: MARC4002
University: The University Of Sydney is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


Short writing task 1
Define the term stakeholder. Give examples. Suppose you are working on a project in an industry/organisation/institution. List out the stakeholders with their requirements and engagement.
Short writing task 2
What do you know about systematic design? Briefly discuss the different elements of systematic design.
Short writing task 3
Write a brief note on a sustainable solution in regards to your project work. (sustainable bore hole design)
Short writing task 4
How will you demonstrate your awareness of socio-ecological thinking and uncertainty? Explain with an example.
Short writing task 5
As a member of your project team, how effectively you manage your time.
Short writing task 6
What do you mean by the term engineering ethics? To comply with engineering ethics, what should be your role in an engineering organisation?
Short writing task 7
How will you demonstrate your written communication skills? Give an example.
Short writing task 8
Write a short note on change proposal including the necessity of the change.

1). In an organization, Stakeholders are termed as those individuals and groups who are concerned about the company ability to deliver respective result and maintain the feasibility of their product and services (Akremi et al., 2018). These stakeholders also have a substantial influence on the output of a respective project undertaken by the management of the organization. The stakeholders can be both external as well as (Succar, 2009).

It can be more understood with the help of the example. In the field of public health, the progress of plans, programs and projects may be undertaken on a cross-boundary and interdisciplinary way. This leads to the development of various strategies related to the development of local health and well-being. In this strategy formulation, internal stakeholders will be those who contribute in the resourcing, funding, strategy publication from a local health and well-being partnership. The major role in the decisions of the plans for organization will mainly emphasis these internal stakeholders. In addition, external stakeholders will be those who are involved in participation with their opinions and experience in routing the problems that are significant to the service users, patients, careers and members of the local community. Various external and internal stakeholders are – Public Health directors, Director of Nursing, Programme and Services director, Research Scientist, Public Health Manager, Trustees and Board committee members. External Shareholders – Customers, Patients, Suppliers, Media, and Service users.
2). Systemic design is defined as a process that evaluates not only the problems that need to be solved but also the surrounding environment and other system practices that are aligned with the issue. The system design integrates the mindset and toolset of the system thinking and design thinking so that to promote innovative system change (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). Sometimes, it also forms of a reflective practice. It is also called a new space that can brings value and innovation in the environment which is comprises of various dynamic complexities.  
The various elements of systemic design are – System thinking, Design thinking, System practice and Design Practice. An interdisciplinary field i.e. Systemic comprises of system practices and system thinking) helps to see the world in the form of interactions and connections. In addition, Design comprises of various approaches based on design thinking, design practices, and termed as an interdisciplinary tradition where positioning learning can be done with the help of actions. It is also an idea of intentionality. Therefore, Systemic helps in bringing planned transformation even when there is no clear and agreed end state.
3). Borehole design is an effective way for many people to get water in a cheaper way as with the rising utility cost and water bills. A barehole is general as narrow vertical shaft bored into the ground. It is constructed for various different purposes such as extraction of water or other liquids such as natural gages or petroleum (Merriënboer and Kirschner, 2017).
The design of Borehole is very important for both the sustainability of ground water and also to ensure that the installation creates a cost effectiveness procedure so that the water can be easily obtained to the end user.
In terms of sustainable solution, the major key steps include siting, choosing effective construction method, designing and construction, database/record keeping and monitoring.
Siting includes desk study, surveys so that to assess sufficient yield, appropriate water quality, proximity and avoidance of groundwater sources. Choosing right construction methods includes correct drilling rig specification so that in designing, it can ensure that it will fir for the purpose of yield, diameter, and appropriate water quality. One of the important solutions can be the necessary logging of the borehole location and other related hydrogeological data and that timely maintenance and monitory can be possible.
4). Using resource, management and conservation come in the social-ecological systems. It is a complex adaptive system, which is a combination of social and biophysical agents, and they are organized in multiple subsystems that interact at various scales. This relation of social-ecological perception delivers a superior understanding of the systems, which also involves natural resources and people and the focus is on the effect of people and environment (Xu and Marinova, 2013).
On the other hand, uncertainty is a characteristic of natural resource management where outcomes arise with a certain possibility that cannot be estimated. Therefore, timely awareness is necessary which also includes managing for elasticity and involves an understanding of the composition and dynamics of SESs across multiple spaces and time. For example, the capability for resource users to self plan within an SES based on various aspects including predictableness of the resource system, individuals, norms, leadership and significance of resource to users. Dealing with the complexity and uncertainty is directly depends on the capability of administrators and resource users that can also base on the adaption and certain learning. With the help of Adaptive Management (AM) approach, one can deal with the uncertainty related to the resource management.
5). A project can be effectively successful if the team members can allot time in certain ways. As a team member, I can effectively manage the time in relation to the project by undergoing these certain ways (Arnold et al., 2015) –

Creating a Plan– An effective plan should include regular milestone to focus on so that I can spend less time dealing with the problems brought about by a lack of clearness.
Remembering the 80/20 rule – It is based on a principal in which one can do 20% of the work and thus produce 80% of the benefits.

I will identify all those major activities where I can give 70% of the result by doing the 20% of my work in the project.

Stopping Micro managing– I will also avoid in delving into the detail of the work. It now always necessary for a team to get involved with a project at the code level as sometimes steering your focus on certain major activities can give effective solutions (Joslin and Müller, 2015).
Creating a to-do-list –I will also allot effective time by creating a to-do-list so that the certain objectives can be efficiently achieved and the projects drive further away.

Therefore, with little time management, project success can come easier.
6). Engineering ethics critically evaluate the actions of engineers and engineering institutions under the various set standards related to the career and the collective standards of moral principles.(Mittelstadt and Floridi, 2016). It is also the field of applied ethics in addition to moral principles that can be used in the practice of engineering.
In the compilation with the engineer ethics and if I am working in an engineer organization, my role is to recognize that the highest virtue is the work and practice in the profession relating to a commitment for helping the society, doing and joining welfare and progress of the majority. As a good sake of humanity, I as an engineer must raise my awareness of the world in the light of humanity and knowledge of reality so that to make world happier and fairer. I will also reject any report that is inclining towards the harming of the general interest and also threating the life, health and other important rights of the human beings. I will also ensure that there should be continuous improvement in my knowledge and experience so that I can provide returning benefits and opportunities.
7). Written communication skills can help someone in their business by clearly showing the message to the audience and thus create a good impression. I can demonstrate the written communication skills in the following ways –

By having right mind-set – This process includes getting of all thoughts related to the project and gives a moment to organizes the thoughts in a suitable manner by identifying the primary purpose of the written communication (Ganguly, 2017). For this purpose, it is necessary to find out who is the target audience for which the written communication emphasized. For example, in managing a respective project, I can plan that which team member I need to include in the respective activity, who can do the certain work, etc.
Sorting out – Researching the main and important message need to be made in advance in aligning with the brief outline. This can be useful when I am working with any larger or long-term project so that to address any issue.
Writing in a straightforward manner –In this step, I will critically get my message with the audience (may be supplier, manager or customer) in the form of email, text, memos and reports. I will also check again and again after the accomplishment so that to find and control over mistakes such as spellings, vocabulary, etc.
Change can occur in a business enterprise in many ways – technological, strategic or leadership change. In these recent times, various organization are seeing the importance of change management with the implementation of new technology.

8). Change is necessary because without embracing change, an organization can lose its competitive edge and thus fail to meet their loyal customers (Visser and Tolhurst, 2017). In the successful management of project and the customer needs, change bring various opportunities that can bring organization from bottom to top in a simple eye blink. For someone, change is brought by a desire to change whereas for something that needs to be honed if it is to happen.
In addition, the dynamic economy can hamper organization in both positive and negative ways and these demands for the changes in terms of innovation and exceling in service (Montgomery, 2017). The capability to achieve both ends of the spectrum is necessary for the organization so that to sustain their position in the industry and also to maintain long-term connections with their employees and customers. Therefore, it is necessary for a business enterprise to implement change on certain time in both internal and external environment. This will help them to achieve their strategic objective in a timely and effective manner.
Akremi, E. A., Gond, J. P., Swaen, V., Roeck, D. K. and Igalens, J. (2018) How do employees perceive corporate responsibility? Development and validation of a multidimensional corporate stakeholder responsibility scale. Journal of Management, 44(2), pp.619-657.
Arnold, R.M., Back, A.L., Barnato, A.E., Prendergast, T.J., Emlet, L.L., Karpov, I., White, P.H. and Nelson, J.E. (2015) The critical care communication project: improving fellows’ communication skills. Journal of critical care, 30(2), pp. 250-254.
Ganguly, S. (2017) Action Research to Improve the Communication Skills of Undergraduate Students. IUP Journal of Soft Skills, 11(3), pp.62-71.
Heard, R. (2015) International Initiatives Addressing the Safety and Security of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources. Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources: Maintaining Continuous Global Control of Sources throughout Their Life Cycle, p. 429.
Joslin, R. and Müller, R. (2015) Relationships between a project management methodology and project success in different project governance contexts. International Journal of Project Management, 33(6), pp. 1377-1392.
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Merriënboer, V. J. J. and Kirschner, P. A. (2017) Ten steps to complex learning: A systematic approach to four-component instructional design. US: Routledge.
Mittelstadt, B.D. and Floridi, L. (2016) The ethics of big data: current and foreseeable issues in biomedical contexts. Science and Engineering Ethics, 22(2), pp. 303-341.
Montgomery, D. C. (2017) Design and analysis of experiments. US: John Wiley & sons.
Succar, B. (2009) Building information modelling framework: A research and delivery foundation for industry stakeholders. Automation in construction, 18(3), pp.357-375.
Visser, W. and Tolhurst, N. (2017) The world guide to CSR: A country-by-country analysis of corporate sustainability and responsibility. US: Routledge.
Xu, L. and Marinova, D., 2013. Resilience thinking: a bibliometric analysis of socio-ecological research. Scientometrics, 96(3), pp.911-927.

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