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Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses Essay.

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Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses Essay.
In this article, I will explain various problems concerning nursing care and various problems concerning nursing care. We will study the rising cost of long-term care, patient abuse and focus on the quality of life, the lack of nurses, and the needs of the elderly in the medical field. Long-term care gives patients a change in the type of care and long-term care. Historical development and current healthcare services have long-term care problems, many of which have been inherited by patients and there is little guidance on how to handle long-term care.Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses Essay.
Care deficits adversely affect patient care and cost to the healthcare industry. In acute and long-term care environments, there is currently a serious care shortage. It comes from many factors. For example, nurses of “baby-boomer generation” began retiring, today’s women have many opportunities for careers, people always believe that care is “trade” rather than “career” and that new It led to the lack of talent. As the age of admission increases, the number of years of medical examination also decreases, but this also affects the supply. The number of male and minority students is steadily increasing, but their number is still insufficient. The current shortage is deemed to be deeper than in the past, and may be more resistant to the short-term economic strategy that was effective before. However, as in the past, the current lack will almost certainly raise salary and increase the flexibility of nurses.Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses Essay.
Abstract: This article tells readers that nurses are short. In this article, as in the past, nurses are still working for a long time and say that they are trying to master the most important things while caring for more patients. There is a lack of new care that is different from the old one. Please investigate the cause of the shortage. The fewer people entering the field of nursing care, the higher the general frustration with many problems and the higher the burnout rate. This article contains three main causes of shortage. I will explain in detail about specific problems for each. The new shortage requires not only short-term useful solutions but also unique solutions to solve potential problems. The solution mentioned requires a stronger, more specialized work environment, adequate staffing, and wages and allowances equivalent to their responsibilities. In addition to government aid, you can make personal efforts.Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses Essay.
The lack of teachers in nursing is nothing new. In early 2002, nursing academic journal called the shortage of nurses “awful situation” (Berlin and Sechrist, 2002). One of the main problems faced by nursing educators is that the rate of compensation in acute care or clinical practice is much higher (Siela, Twibell and Keller, 2009). Another reason for the shortage of teachers is that the wave of retirement of teachers continues and contributes to the status of 200-300 nursing teachers offered annually (American College of Nursing Association, 2012 ). Lack of available teachers can affect student nurses in various ways. Most notably, it limits the number of students that can be accepted into care programs. Another influence is that it reduces the availability of the course you need, leads to space competition in the classroom, and may lead to a delay in graduation.Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses Essay.

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