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KLA712 Industry Analysis A

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KLA712 Industry Analysis A

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KLA712 Industry Analysis A

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Course Code: KLA712
University: University Of Tasmania is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


Analysis of contemporary issues, opportunities, trends, challenges or innovation in the ICT industry.
Analysis of contemporary issues, opportunities, trends, challenges or innovation within an ICT Company compatible with the student’s 5-year plan career aspirations. This will include considerations such as organisation/management structure, mission statement, company objectives, the market, ethics and business practices, ability to deliver on their business objectives through their people and processes, SWOT, dependencies, major projects, risks, issues and strategic forecasts. The Report will support exploration of business opportunities with the ICT Company. This work will assist the students in creating a plan  that will outline where they would like to be in five years.
Note that depth of analysis of organizational ethics and ethical consideration of engagement is an important component of this work. You will be assessed on the following:

Relevance of the selected topic and submission to the Assignment specification
Depth of analysis of topic related to ICT industry. This relates to depth and breadth of analyses of companies.
Quality of writing and clarity of content’s structure
Appropriate citation of sources
Depth of analysis of organizational ethics and ethical consideration of engagement.


Organization and management structure 
In order to obtain better productivity as well as brand images each and every business organizations are required to have an organized organizational structure. For this particular topic, the company that has been chosen for the detail market analysis is SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions).This global competitor is focused to develop and design affordable software for other ICT companies so that their operations and functions can also run successfully without any sort of errors.
The organizational and management structure of SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) has a hierarchical arrangement which is mainly operated by the board of directors and chief executive officers (Gosling et al. 2015). It is the role of the chairman and the other executives to apply all valid actions in the organization so that challenging situations can be resolved. The company uses both project management as well as program management prcatices so that simultaneously many projects can be operated. The management structure of SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) focuses on three basic factors such as priority, progress and actions (Fleming and Koppelman 2016). Depending on the priority of the consumers and employees possible actions are undertaken by the management community.
It Wishes to re establish the marketing preeminence about values and growth for unlocking growth in sales to compete successfully in the competitive environment and tough customers. It will help to accelerate the leadership and extend the leadership in liquor business. The community has assumed that continue momentum will help the company to become a number 1 all over the world. The growing software market is much focused in innovative range of creativity and in store experience. There is a new innovative integrated media that helps in campaign marketing, Even, at the time of new market lunch this media helps the company a lot. In order to combat some of the application level issues, they are further focused into delivering offers mainly in multi options. Again in the global market the momentum should be maintained successfully. For future market growth they are continue to exploring different visionary market opportunities globally.  
Company mission statement 
The mission of the company is to deliver on-time, quality and affordable services and products to the consumers all over the world. They are focused to help the members of the company so that they can obtain a financial security and well being through delivering a range of relevant, competitive, leading and price savings services (Kerzner and  Kerzner 2017). Moreover, their wish is to become one of the most preferred and successful services and product provides.   
Company objectives
The objectives of the SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) are as follows:

To help the global market run in much better way and to improve the living approach of people
To design and develop the technologies in all sectors such as health care, youth, sports as well as prosperity all over the world
To help other ICT companies by providing the ERP services so that they can operate much effectively and efficiently

Figure 1: Competitive factors for SAP
(Source: Seethamraju 2015, pp-480)
 The market details
Within the enterprise application software and current market of revolution technology and business SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) is recognized as the market leader. The company helps the business owners to streamline the processes through providing real time data usability so that they can predict the current trends of the consumers across the entire business. In other word, the focus of SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) is to help each consumers become one of the best running business owners. With successful service the innovation the company has helped over 413,000 clients globally by working all together much effectively and efficiently (Seethamraju 2015). It has also helped those companies to use all the business insight much effectively. The business leadership, history, FAQ, diversity and sustainability are all being explored by the successful services of SAP.
The investors of SAP provide different valid relationship data as well as services to fulfill the institutional purposes (Blount et al. 2016) . This will help the company to become a social responsible one. Both the financial and social market will be benefitted through the services offered by the SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions). Moreover, the working abilities, business flexibilities and service reliability will be improved if the services offered by SAP are properly followed.
Ethics and business practices 
There are certain common ethical and business practices available in the markets that are to be followed by each and every business organizations so that the operations and functional errors of their companies can be completely resolved. In a similar way the ICT industries are also need to follow some ethical practices.

Figure 2: Revenue structure for SAP
(Source: Blount et al. 2016, pp-189)
Mostly, the core business values should be followed as ethics plays one of the vital roles in this modern era of business and this can also impact either positively or negatively the brand image, public perception and company profitability and employee productivity as well. The approach of business ethics is somewhere different from the general ethics. Each and every company should design and develop their own norms and values and that are to be followed by each and every members and stakeholders associated to the project. The companies who maintain proper workplace cultures are defined as more financially successful organizations. The companies hold more numbers of productive employees and motivate leaders. These are the reasons for which each company is required to adopt the key ethical practices in their operations.
 According to Domitrovich et al. (2016), business ethics is referred to as a study of proper business policies as well as practices related to potential controversial challenges like bribery, discrimination, fiduciary responsibilities, corporate responsibilities etc. For business longevity, sustainable commercial and financial success SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) is upholding certain moral principles and business values. Poor work culture and business prcatices can hurt the buyer seller relationship and customer retention rate also. The odds for incurring penalties will be increased if the companies adopt certain unethical business practices. The standard ethical and business prcatices followed by SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) are as follows:
Development of ethical standards: The Company has developed certain common ethical standards that help the company to formalize their expectation. It will deliver a clear view to the consumer elaborating which behaviors are acceptable and which behaviors are not acceptable. As with the changing time the numbers of clients of the company are increasing therefore, information management approach is also becoming more difficult. Professional ethics will lead the company towards sustainable success. With the creation of code of ethics SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) will be able to meet the company objectives and consumers requirements successfully.
Ensure the leaders exhibit proper behavior: Most of the cases tickles down from the top to bottom in an organization is essential (Heinemann and Gebicka 2016). Thus, it is very much crucial for the company to create positive working ambiance so that the employees can deliver best of their services.
Diligent regarding enforcing policies: Realistic business approach will help the company to uphold each and every single ethical expectation.
Praise for positive behavior: This is very much crucial for SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) to stomp out all unethical prcatices from their business organization. In other words, it is equally important for the employees to follow best of the organizational prcatices. A positive reinforcement will be generated successfully from the application of the best practices. The company will be able to gain effective long term business profits. In addition to this, positive community involvement should also be promoted by the project owner and the company heads.

The employees must have proper compliance with law so that intra organizational conflicts can be avoided completely which specifically helps to avoid the situation.
This must not pursue such interest of their own within the context of making their jobs which may create conflict with the interest of SAP (Jolly 2016).
Proper loyalty policies are to be followed accordingly by the project manager and the project team members to make sure that, they are taking active participations in their business activities. Performing accurate function will never affect the obligations of the employees of loyalty to SAP.

Business ability
For giving a successful start to career after year of spending all the indispensible factors are required to be considered by the company operation department. SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) is an analytics business intelligence platform which is aimed to the business users. It is consists of huge numbers of reporting level of application which again allows the users to successfully discover all information (Kerzner and  Kerzner 2017). In addition to this it also helps to perform analysis for deriving insights as well as create reports that can visualize the insights. The SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) is also intended to make simple level of analysis and reporting considering different platform processes such as predictive analytics regardless of needing the input to the professional data analysts.
The users of SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) are allowed to search and analyze data from range of variety of resources. Not only this but also, Business Operation of SAP uses drag and drop functionalities. It is also determined that the SAP BO or SAP BI is a front end platform where at the application level the information cannot be stored but can be integrated alongside with from different back end sources also (Seethamraju 2015). The SAP BI is comprises of numbers of analysis applications and reporting that have unique identity, purposes as well as functionalities. The details of the applications are as follows:
Web intelligence that is also known as a web browser tool allows the users to successfully perform analysis for producing accurately formatted reports from different sources. With the help of this approach they can also distribute the reports over SAP BI or even export those to Excel or PFD also.
Other data analytics known as crystal reports as well as reporting tools are aimed to the individual users or small to medium sized businesses (Driscoll et al. 2015). The users have the ability to create dynamic reports also from the different sources. Both the online and offline users are allowed to access these reports either from applications or from mobile devices and portals.
SAP business objectives dashboard is a data visualization tool through which the users are allowed to create customized dashboard from those defined reports. These kind of reports are consists of interactive charts, gauges and widgets also.
 The SAP was initially known as business objectives and was founded in the year of 1990 headquartered in Paris. However, with the changing time period the company has become one of the well known and biggest global software seller (Haas 2016). Moreover, it can be said that this is one of the biggest market competitors than any other software services delivery companies. The customer of this services provider can successfully manage and operate their business functionalities more efficiently.
Though, in the current ICT industry SAP is one of the leading software service providers but at the same time SAP has certain weaknesses also. It is assumed that, the weaknesses can lead the company towards massive operational threats. On the other hand, the operational strength will help the company to gain different valid opportunities also.
 SAP has successful track records of integrating complimentary firm through proper acquisition and mergers (Fleming and  Koppelman 2016). In the past few years, it has integrated successfully many technology companies all together to streamline the business operations and for building a reliable supply chain.
In the competitive market, SAP has given extremely good performance. SAP has some built expertise while entering to the new market as well as making success of them. In order to build new structural revenue the risk cycle of the company is also being minimized.
SAP board of community has arranged successful on job training and development program for their employees and as a result the company has extremely skilled workforce (Gosling et al. 2016). Huge levels of resources are also being investigated by SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions). During the project progress period these range of skills will motivate the project team members to keep themselves more engaged to their job roles.
Sap has strong free cash flows which provide resources to the company so that they can expand into new projects.
The products developed by SAP brings effective consistency due to activate automation and it has allowed the company to scale up as well as scale down the services based on the market condition.
The company has reliable raw material suppliers thus they can successfully enable the operations so that they can combat any kind of supply chain bottleneck
The business and market strategies followed by the company is extremely focused to its requirements and highly successful as well (Eskerod, Huemann and  Savage 2015).
Other strength of the company is that it has a strong distribution network. It implies that over the past few years SAP has built reliable distribution network which may reach the maximum of the potential competitive market.

The company needs to invest more in new technologies. In order to integrate different processes into wide board across globally SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) is focused on further planning. However, the company is failed to design the commercial investment structure as per the company visionary, which is a major loss for the company (Blount et al. 2016).
It is identified that, SAP is successful in integrating all small companies but it the share of failure for merging firms that has different culture of working
Certain gaps are identified in the range products that are sold by the company. Lack of proper choice also can give high competition to the market.
Though SAP is one of the leading competitors in the ICT industry all over the world, it has faced huge challenges while moving to other segments of products with the current culture.
The ratio of profitability and percentage of the net contribution are extremely lower than the average industry
The financial profitability designed and developed by the company is not appropriate (Cloutier, Myers and Asprea-Wright 2017)
The rate of attrition in the work force is extremely high than the other companies.


Proper economic upstick as well as increase in consumer spending after long years of recession and slower growth rate in the industry is referred to as an opportunity for the SAP so that it can capture new consumers to increase the market share (Binder 2016)
The competitive advantages will be diluted through the help of the market development. Compare to other competitors this approach followed by the company is much accurate from the business perspectives
Over the past few years this organization is investigating hard in the online channels and operational activities (Chopvitayakun 2015). Over the past fewer years SAP has enabled SAP for increasing high competitiveness. This investment has opened new sales channels for the SAP.
It has a lower rate of inflation. It helps to decrease the transportation cost due to the lower rate of shipping price. The consumers will be able to gain effective market share from the SAP’s products.


Intense competition rate is other threat for the SAP
Irregular supply of innovation products is the other threat for the company (Blount et al. 2016)
The buying behavior of the consumers will drive the supply chain model of the SAP

The services and products distributed by SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions) are dependent on the functional and non functional assumptions and criteria. The different types of dependencies that the SAP system supports successfully include preconditions, selection conditions, actions, procedures, constraints (Amare et al. 2017). The global dependencies are created certainly and are also assigned to different objectives. On the other hand, the local dependencies are all created for single objects and this can only be utilized with the help of this object. For the other components where again the dependencies can be used are classifications system and variant configurations.
Major projects risks 
The risks associated to this project are as follows:
Lack of commercial support: Lack of commercial support is referred to as one of the major risk for SAP. Based on the technology and their application the company needs to invest more in their operation and functionalities (Kerzner and Kerzner 2017). Besides successful program management the company needs to do proper investigation in their technologies.
Lack of motivation and leadership: Professional leadership as well as motivation are the other needful factors that may help the business organizations to obtain measurable structured revenue.
Business strategies: Lack of professional innovative business strategies are missing in SAP. Therefore, the company needs to develop proper business strategies after investigating the competitive company strategies (Jolly 2016). It will help the company to reach effective ICT needs including social and commercial success.
Issues and strategic forecasts 
Most of the business organizations nowadays are facing levels of turbulence as well as complexities that have serve performance implications (Seethamraju 2015). This struggle will decline the market and profit market of the SAP (business Intelligence Tools and solutions). The lists of stratge4is are as follows:

The business strategy should reflect the strength, resources, vulnerabilities, opportunities of the organizations.
Proper strategies are required t be formulated so that it can meet the business goals.
Strategic business framework should be prepared.

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