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ISY3001 E-Business Fundamentals And Systems Assignment

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ISY3001 E-Business Fundamentals And Systems Assignment

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ISY3001 E-Business Fundamentals And Systems Assignment

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Course Code: ISY3001
University: Australian Institute Of Higher Education is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

A. Clearly state which e-commerce business model you have chosen. For each chosen website; report the business name, the homepage URL, and include a screenshot of the homepage.
B. For each chosen website; in 1-2 paragraphs, explain why the website belongs to that particular e-commerce business model.
C. For each chosen website; in 1-2 paragraphs, identify what you think is/are the principal business goal(s) of the website.
D. For each website; consider the following attributes and assess them on the following five-point semantic differential scale. 


The business to consumer (B2C) model conducts transactions directly between a company and user who finally end user of the products and services. The business to consumer model is quietly different than the business to the business model (B2B). The B2B model states to commerce between two or more businesses. It involves two parties in the process of providing service. The B2C is a popular and renowned sales model. The internet has created a new B2C channel in the form of e-commerce over the internet. The websites have a significant role nowadays in the B2C process. The customers directly contact the company without any mediators, there is a direct link between sellers and buyers.
PwC and Moore Stephens Australia are accounting firms in Australia and provide accounting, assurance, audit, business advisory and taxation services. The companies directly deal with the consumers and make use of the B2C model. PwC also makes use of the B2B model as it offers service to the 422 companies out of 500 Fortune companies. Both the companies rely on the B2C sales, maintain good relations with the customers to make sure that they come back. In this process, companies can sell products directly to the consumers from a website. The companies should make sure that the consumers should have an emotional response to the marketing. In this process, marketing campaigns are geared to show the value of the products and the services (Carson, Redmayne and Liao, 2014).
This report is going to compare two financial accounting service companies PwC and Moore Stephens Australia. Both of these companies provide accounts and financial services such as assurance, advisory and tax services to the customers as well as businesses. The companies provide greater efficiencies and deliver better outcomes for the clients. The business to consumer model has been chosen in this report which is the transaction between the company and customers.
E-commerce business model
PwC executes business activities by using B2B and B2C business models. It is one of the big 4 accounting firms. The company provides a cloud-based platform to the businesses and clients in significance to the B2B and B2C services (Swani, Brown and Milne, 2014). PwC provides service to the 422 out of 500 fortune companies in relevance to the B2B model. PwC powers share sight API for the real-time access to the investment portfolio of the clients. The company provides accounting and financial services to the clients in the B2C business model (Chiu, Wang, Fang and Huang, 2014). It empowers the company to provide strategic guidance to the clients for their entities regardless of investment and assets.
URL for PwC: 
Moore Stephens Australia is one of the largest accounting networks. It performs the business activities by using the B2C model. The company provides accounting, assurance, audit, business advisory and taxation services to the clients (Barros, Couto and Samagaio, 2014). Being a part of share sight pro, it provides award-winning portfolio to the clients. The company also modifies its website from time to time so that customers experience can be enhanced and their demands can be fulfilled (Yeh, Lee and Pai, 2015) URL for the Moore Stephens Australia:
Link of the website to the e-commerce business model
PwC offers accounting services such as accounting, auditing, advisory, book-keeping and tax services. The company focuses on the today’s society to remain a step ahead of the competition. It brings the power of the global network to help businesses of Australia (Einav, Levin,  Popov and Sundaresan, 2014). It provides the network to help Australian businesses, Non-profit organizations and governments to assess their performance and improve their working. The company has hired a first-class internal team to deliver first class service to the clients. The marketing and communications capabilities are responsible for developing impactful client relationships. The company constantly makes efforts to deliver value to the business (Raymond, Bergeron, Croteau and St?Pierre, 2015). The purpose is to build trust in the society and solve problems. The 70% of the clients are local government sectors. The company support and participate in the events held by the business associations to share effective solutions. It has made life easier of the businessmen and clients as they can get financial services online (Awa, Ojiabo and Emecheta, 2015). The services provided by the PwC are effective than the traditional services and the customers can get services the way wanted by them.
The company believes in offering appropriate solutions to the customers regarding their queries. The company provides information and advice on the financial, investment and taxation matters. It also provides assurance to the clients related to the financial and accounting matters (McKnight, Lankton, Nicolaou, and Price, 2017). The B2B process of the company helps businesses to focus on their operations than concerning on the accounting services. The expertise and the professionals sort the accounting and tax related queries and better take care of the clients. The company also guides the clients regarding their future concern. It also helps to maintain effective relationships (Chatzoglou and Chatzoudes, 2016) PwC is one of Australia’s largest professional services firms. The website of the PwC is significant as the users get all the information. The website represents relevant information to the users. Before the initiation of the e-commerce platform, people used to go at physical platforms to purchase products and services (Walsh, Beatty and Holloway, 2015). In order to choose unique products and services, people used to visit different stores. But the e-commerce has provided different products and services over the internet. The consumers can avail any type of service from anyplace over the internet (Lanzolla and Frankort, 2016). The e-commerce options available now days is user-friendly. It brings a large group of customers to the social platform across the globe.
Moore Stephens provides personalized and commercially perceptive audit, tax and business advisory services. The charted accountants and the advisory partners of the company help to understand the business and the needs and challenges associated which defines success. The company focuses on the clients as the first point of contract for financial, advisory and compliance needs. It also focuses on the business sectors to know the challenges faced by them and delivers the practical and commercial solutions (Fu, Carson and Simnett, 2015). The company provides assurance to the clients and kept their information confidential. It provides useful information at affordable prices. It also enables customers with promotional and marketing strategies on the regular basis.
The website of the Moore Stephens is capable enough to provide information concerning operations of the company. The clients can avail information and services regarding taxation, accounting and finance. The website of the company also provides information regarding the packages of the products and services rendered (Grubisic Seba and Orsag, 2015). There are different segment of the varied services on the websites which makes to use website hassle free. The customers look for the user friendly website and the website of Moore Stephens is capable enough to provide sufficient information to the customers. 
Principal business goals 
The principal goals of the PwC are:

Identify the significant risks associated with products and activities.
Fulfil demand of the businesses and clients.
Identify the potential opportunities related to the products and activities.
Fulfil demand of the businesses and clients.
Enhancing customer relations (Kazmierczak, 2016).
PwC aims to provide satisfaction to the customers by enhancing customer experience.
Increase reachability in the target market (Gummesson, 2014).
Makes efforts to increase revenues and profitability.

The principal goals of the Moore Stephens are:

Moore Stephens certify consistency and quality among the Australian network.
Use most updated software to appropriately and smartly tackle the requirement of the customers.
Provide support to customers and fulfil their demand.
Acquire prominent position in the market by gaining the trust of the consumers.
Enhance growth and development of the company (Abdullah, Ardiansah and Hamidah, 2017).
Use software and accounting packages to provide a solution to the companies. 

Semantic different scale 






Very Poor




Very good

The table given below represents the reviews and feedback of the customers regarding the products and services of the PwC and Moore Stephens.


Does the website identify sufficient channels for user service/support?



Both the companies provide sufficient channels so that contact can be maintained with the customers through customer service.


How stress-free is it to find any information on the website about the organization, their products or services?



Both of the websites provide clear information about the services provided by them (Trang, Zander, de Visser, and Kolbe, 2016).


How easy is the information on the website to read (i.e. delivered information in an appropriate language and with the relevant detail for most users)?



Moore Stephens makes available options whereas the other one does not.


Is the website easy to navigate (i.e. move through the website to find information, products or services and engage in transactions with the company)?



Both the websites provide sufficient information to its users in order to navigate other windows along with accessing company’s website.  


How appropriate are the websites aesthetics (e.g. use of layout, colours, imagery, fonts and more) for the target audience?



The accounting timelines of the PwC and Moore Stephens are lively which helps to attract the target audience.


How well does the website foster community among users?



Both the websites have the option of posting reviews and feedback regarding the products and services offered by the companies. These reviews influence the potential consumers.


How quickly does the website load into your browser and do all website features, links and fixed objects (e.g. Media files or applets) work as intended?



Maximum in 4 seconds, rest depends on the speed of the internet.


How well does the website support different web-browser support different web-browsers or platforms (e.g. mobile devices)?



Moore Stephens take more time than the PwC to load in other browsers.


Does the website provide a sufficient range of payment options as could be practically expected?



Before making payment, both the companies confirms and asks clients regarding their preference and accepts payment in both modes online and offline.


Does the website offer a sufficient range of delivery options as could be reasonably expected?



Both the companies offer service as per the preferences of the consumers.  

Compare and contrast 
PwC is more reliable, trustworthy and effective and well approachable in the targeted market of Australia. The company has gained importance in the e-commerce industry due to it’s effective promotional and advertising agencies. The company has a reputable image as it deals with the fortune companies. The website of the PwC is appropriate to fulfil the demand of the consumers in the terms of audit, financing and accounting services. It provides wide services to the businesses and clients. From the above discussion, it can be considered that PwC is more successful than Moore Stephens. The target group of PwC is wider than the other company in the products, services and the target market also. PwC has maintained an effective image in the e-commerce industry.
Abdullah, M.D.F., Ardiansah, M.N. and Hamidah, N., 2017. The Effect of Company Size, Company Age, Public Ownership and Audit Quality on Internet Financial Reporting. Sriwijaya International Journal of Dynamic Economics and Business, 1(2), pp.153-166.
Awa, H.O., Ojiabo, O.U. and Emecheta, B.C., 2015. Integrating TAM, TPB and TOE frameworks and expanding their characteristic constructs for e-commerce adoption by SMEs. Journal of Science & Technology Policy Management, 6(1), pp.76-94.
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