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HRES2401 Employee Learning And Development

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HRES2401 Employee Learning and Development


To provide an opportunity for learners to reflect on their learning experience throughout the course and to reflect on key concepts covered, while analyzing how they will incorporate key insights gained into their own future practice as HR specialists and/ or educators.

• Analyze factors impacting how adults learn.
• Examine components of program planning.
• Examine effective collaboration and teamwork skills essential to the program planning process.

This should include, but not be limited to, the following:

• Identify several key concepts from the course that stood out most for you? What is it about these concepts that resonated for you? Be thorough.
• What were some new insights/ meaningful learning moments you experienced in the course which extend “BEYOND THE CONTENT”. E.g. Was there a particular discussion or activity that affected you, or influenced your perspective toward “something”? Do you have a newfound awareness which resulted from a particular aspect of the course? Etc.
• What did you learn about yourself as an adult learner and future facilitator.

• Describe your facilitation experience. What are some of your strengths as a facilitator?

How will you take advantage of these strengths as a future facilitator?

What are some areas you would like to work on? What specific strategies will you use in order to improve these areas as you work toward being an effective facilitator? Etc..

• Team dynamics regarding your group process. Describe your experience during the teamproject.

o What did you learn about the importance of teamwork and collaboration as it relates to the development of effective training programs? o How did you contribute in order to help make this a positive learning experience for the other members in your team…in other words, what did you give in order to ensure this was a positive and meaningful experience for your teammates?

o Where do you feel you need improvement as a team member? Explain and be specific. How will you address this moving forward in order to ensure you make a meaningful contribution during your next team experience?
o What did you receive from the others in your team during this process? What did you learn from your teammates as a result of this process?

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