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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems T2 2018

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems T2 2018

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems T2 2018

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Course Code: HI5019
University: Holmes Institute is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

The proposal will help your client to make informed decision for investment in information system and to take their business to the next level.1. Identify the company’s critical success factors and primary objectives. What types of information might be helpful in evaluating these objectives? Create a mission statement that would be appropriate for your client business.2. Develop a formal organizational chart based on the information given.3. Analyse the current system and identify specific control weaknesses that must be addressed by a new, improved system. As part of your analysis, prepare a document flowchart and a data flow diagram of the current system.4. Describe the primary features of this new system and explain why this is the best solution for your client to pursue. Discuss the relevance of such advanced technologies as MRP, MRPII, and EDI as information system options.5. The proposal should also contain the following items:a. A description of the technology platform for the system.b. A list of financial and nonfinancial data attributes for each entity in the ER diagram.c. Four user views, which can be source documents or management reports. At least one view should support the needs of a non-accounting user.d. Examine potential security risks, data breaches and provide discussion of the appropriate accounting controls for the new system.

Introduction of Mortlock Wing 
Business functionalities have seen revolutionary changes with the introduction of technology and globalization (Abawajy, 2014). With the effect of globalization, numerous opportunities have been originated with regards to the expansion of organizations in the domestic as well as in the international markets. Along with globalization, technology has also been one of the major determinant factors for the growth and development of business markets. In relation with the changes in information technology, this report will discuss the scenario of Mortlock Wing State Library situated in South Australia. This is the largest public research library in the state with a huge collection of material for research for information, general references and South Australian information. Organization has now adopted information technology in order to perform their functionalities in a better way for enhancing performance of organization as well as to enhance the customer satisfaction.
Critical Success factors and primary objectives of Mortlock Wing
Functionalities of Mortlock Wing differ from normal ordinary libraries (( 2018). This is because an ordinary library provides books and related services on different subjects, whereas Mortlock Wing is engaged in providing information and referral services to the community. Apart from this, this library also cooperates with several agencies in order to uplift the economic, social and educational benefits to the state ( 2018). With regards to all this, organization uses information technology to provide its services to the target audience in their state. Following are some of the critical success factors for Mortlock Wing:

Actively collects as well as provides both historical and contemporary information with regards to the state’s documentary heritage.
This also supports cultural life and to promote this amongst the new generation, various public programs are being conducted along with conducting several lifelong opportunities.
Public libraries are being supported (Bhunia, Hsiao, Banga and Narasimhan, 2014).
Training is being provided to the employees with regards to the improvement in customer satisfaction.

Primary objectives of Mortlock Library are as follows:

Providing books and other information related to:
general reference collections
heritage collections
rare books
children’s literature research collection

Information for attaining objectives
In terms of attaining competitive advantage along with maintaining its unique image from the other libraries, organization needs to develop as well as form a competitive structure of cost (Bicakci, Unal, Ascioglu and Adalier, 2014). Apart from this, organization should also use the technology based products and services in an effective manner with the objective of attaining sustainable growth and overall development. With regards to this, many new entrants are trying to acquire markets share of Mortlock Wing; thus, it is required for the organization to set certain barriers by providing certain unique services to its customers or by adding additional value in their services which could make big difference in the organizational services and other companies’ services. In terms of maintaining the effectiveness of their services along with retaining the advantage of low unit cost of structure, primary focus of the organization will be over maintaining the quality of their services.
Mission Statement
Mortlock Wing is engaged in providing historical as well as contemporary information to its clients and with regards to this; organizational mission statement is “to provide collection of South Australian information, general reference material for executing research in an appropriate manner” ( 2018). Along with providing information to its clients, organization also believes in attracting new clients and with regards to this, they have focused over the interior of the organization. This has helped the organization to be counted in the top 20 most beautiful libraries across the globe as per U.S. magazine (Travel + leisure) in 2014.
Formal organizational chart
Figure 1: Organizational chart of Mortlock Wing Library.
Analysis of Mortlock Wing Library
Current System of organization
Mortlock Wing was established in 1884 as Adelai’s Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery. Since, then this library has acquired the place in the top 20 most beautiful libraries in the world. Mortlock library is being counted with big libraries such as Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, Central Library of Vancouver, Austrian National Library, etc ( 2018). This library provides integration of both historical and contemporary information with regards to the State Library. Apart from the information, this library provides luxurious and peaceful environment. The interior of this library makes them feel like they have entered Harry Potter’s library. This library provides outstanding experience along with various material and information for executing researches in relation to the services for the community (Bott and Milkau, 2014).
Structure of this institute is considered as vertical manner through which it could have able to operate in the form of network based structure. With regards to this structure and their services, organization seeks for enhancing its performance by providing research material to its clients. Mortlock Wing has established its unique image amongst their clients (Devadevan, 2013). Customer satisfaction is the priority for organization and in relation to this, organization seeks for improving its services on regular basis by enhancing books, research material and related material for their state. This has helped the organization to acquire the available opportunities in the market in order to provide high value to their clients and stakeholders.
For enhancing the effectiveness of their services, organization has adopted integrated information system into their functionalities. Mortlock Wing is a library and its growth and development is based over the customer satisfaction, thus, customer satisfaction has been put on the priority with the objective to desired goals and objectives as well as to retain its leading position in the target market.
In the tech enthusiast’s world, adaptation of technology improvements is necessary for smooth functioning of business (Gill, Bunker and Seltsikas, 2015). This helps in enhancing the productivity, managing database and in enhancing the customer service. Apart from this, technology ensures the organization to manage its services accordingly as per the consumers’ demands and wants. With regards to this, Mortlock Wing has segregated their services and research material on the basis of their customer segments. Mortlock Wing has vast information in relation with the State’s historical as well as contemporary data. With regards to this, library requires an adequate system for managing their sources from which they collect information along with keeping their client’s record. In order to make this information safe and secure, they have adopted technological measures to make their system effective as well as efficient in terms of retaining its goodwill in the market. Mortlock Wing has certain information which is highly confidential which could lead to severe dangers to the state. Apart from this, rising cybercrimes are other major factors which could affect organizational performance. With regards to this, organization has adopted advanced technological measures which information could be kept secure and no third party could access it without proper registration. This also helps their clients to rely upon the library and on their functionalities (Goodhart, Hartmann, Llewellyn, Suarez and Weisbrod, 2013). Thus, information collected from Mortlock Wing could be used by its clients in their researches.
Specific Control Weaknesses within Mortlock Wing
Rise in technology has changed the functionalities of business corporations and in relation to this; Mortlock Wing has also adopted technological measures for enhancing their customer’s experiences. They have started providing services on customer’s mobile and computers which is essential in terms of enhancing its customer base. Previously, people used to go at library for collecting information and as libraries are known as the perfect place to read and study in a peaceful environment. But with the passage of time, people started preferring to avail information and related services through digital mediums (Kenway, 2018). Thus, Mortlock Wing has also adopted this system by providing a unique id and password for accessing the books and other material through digital mediums. Although, chances of fraud, leakage of information and chances of hacking their account is huge, but, this system has been adopted by the organization with the objective to match up their clients’ demands and wants.
Mortlock Wing also supports their users to share information with the library and for the same, they get relevant amount if library finds the information useful and effective. In relation with this, hackers could use this service to access unauthorized information (Mocker, Weill and Woerner, 2014). This could affect organizational goodwill in financial as well as in terms of market image. Since a very long time, Mortlock Wing is performing is providing numerous information to its clients which they use in executing their researches but with the implementation of technological measures, security and privacy of their users may get breach. This will ultimately affects organizational performance which is one of the biggest disadvantages for Mortlock Wing.
Figure 2: System flowchart of Mortlock Wing
New improved system of Mortlock Wing 
Primary features of new improved system
Mobile application can be considered as one of the most highly convenient, easy to use, less time consuming and handy mechanisms that can be adopted by Mortlock Wing library. Use of mobile application for storing the data, keeping the records of the books and other assets of the institution, and safety of the data will be possible in a better way (Oliveira, Faria, Thomas and Popovi?, 2014).  As the trend of making use of mobile applications is rising at a great pace and hence implementation of mobile applications for operating the various complex functions will improving the overall efficiency and as the application is more convenient and easy to use there will be minimum risk of losing any kind of data within the library. Moreover, there are other associated systems that can also be implemented with the corporation such as biometrics, integration of PLS with the HLS standards and upgrade the mainframe systems to a UNIX and DB2.
Implementing bio-metrics in Mortlock Wing library will provide a high level of security to the institutions, as the bio-metrics system will allow the entry of only registered individuals. Moreover, making association of the bio-metrics system with the mobile application will also aid in keeping an eye on the physical behaviors of the individuals. Moreover, as the library will be able to access the data or details of the individuals within the institution as the bio-metrics saves and stores the data of the registered members and also there will be an increase in the trust level of the individuals as the stored data is safe and secured (Osei-Kyei and Chan, 2015). This mechanism will be increasing the level of security within the organization and hence making use of this system will be proven highly significant for the library. Bio-metrics have various forms of systems for recognizing the individuals which are based on the methods of authentication. As each of the bio-logical attributes of the individuals differs from other, making use of bio-metric feature of authentication is suggestible. Hand based recognition; face recognition, fingerprint recognition and voice recognition are some of the other attributes that are based on the bio-metric authentication process and same can be adopted by the Mortlock Wing library for the better and new implemented system.
There are some more applications and mechanisms which will be proven beneficial for Mortlock Wing library which are PLS with HLS. Integration of these both mentioned systems will be improving the sense and level of security within the library. A non-supportable platform is used for operating the user interface of PLS system. According to this system, the operating authority of library will have to enter the data based on the application on internet into the mechanism that is based on PLS for the purpose of producing any sort of document. And hence, for minimizing the expenses, optimizing the level of functionality, and also enhancing the level of functionality, the Mortlock Wing library should make integration of the mentioned systems. By making integration of these applications the entity will be highly successful in as they will be exceling the customer service segment thus providing them suitable and best services. Moreover, with the association of IT team and the mentioned applications and systems the library will be attaining high peaks of success and prosperity.   
Relevance of new advanced technologies
Adoption and application of EDI (Electronic data interchange) will be one of the biggest changes that will be proven beneficial for developing a better and improved system for the business organization (Edibasics 2018). EDI is a system through which the exchange of information, data and business documents is done in a standard electronic format by making use of computers (Salim, Arjomandi and Seufert, 2016). This system is an electronic form of interchange that is purely based on the information and data within the organization. This system will allow the IT team of Mortlock Wing library in the processing of the data through a standardized format. By utilizing this mechanism the library will be able in transferring the required and significant data in an electronic format to the clients or to some other business corporation. Moreover, a high level of safety will be offered to the data if Mortlock Wing is making use of EDI, and thus there will a reduction in the risk of losing the confidential and sensitive information (Schlagwein, Thorogood and Willcocks, 2014). And this safety will be offered with the effect of the use of EDI system as the data or the information stored in the system will be transformed to electronic format, this electronic format is more secured and fast. Moreover, the library will be more efficient in saving and storing the data as the EDI system will be providing high level of security and less chances of loss during the transit as the transmission are easily tracked and traced and are mentioned in the real time scenario.
Making use of the EDI system for the better and improved organizational system of Mortlock Wing library will be proven very much successful as it will be supporting the efficiency within the work flow by streamlining the various processes that are associated to the transfer of documents (Smith, 2018). Edi system will be aiding the business institution by saving time, reduction in the occurrence of errors, and increase in the rate of accuracy. Apart from all these benefits this mechanism is one of the most cost efficient systems that can be adopted by a business corporation. Hence integration of EDI system will be proven beneficial within the new implemented system of Mortlock Wing Library.
Other items of proposal
Technology platforms for the system
The impact of technology in 21st century is very high which plays a significant role in development of business and making it easy for customers to access the services (Van Oosterzee, Dale and Preece, 2014). Mobile phone app is one such technological invention which helps in boosting the growth of the business. The Mortlock Wing Library can make use of the mobile phone app to help its customer in accessing the services and making transaction sitting at home in one go which is a major feasible service bank is providing other than its regular banking services. These services play a major role in providing the people who are associated with company to have a convenience in making their transaction successful sitting at home or anywhere in the world (Worthington, 2016). A happy customer is an asset for the company to trigger its business further for a longer period of time and helps in growth and development of business as well.
Technological applications are majorly development on some specified platforms such as Java-script, HTML etc. which helps in providing this user friendly platform which can be accessed by the people (Galliers and Leidner, 2014). With the help of these platforms many other business application has be developed and many new innovation has also been processed which are successful for further business outcomes which has been specifically justified by some operations. On the demand of the company the developers develop application which can be used by their customers and people associated with them. This helps in making it easy for customers to have a better experience of using the available services and gain their loyalty for long term association.
Potential security risk 
When there is a transaction or a process happening several bugs threaten that process and hurdles are there which has to be taken care. Preparation of overall process is necessary according to the research and data collected (Pearlson, Saunders and Galletta, 2016). It is important to have a complete knowledge of what problems are there and what can occur in future for proper planning and development of a business which has to be successful and long term. Also it is important for the Mortlock Wing Library to make sure the proper security of its customer. Some of the attacks on the system include:
Trojan horse Attacks
This usually happens when a user access its account on a website while using internet and try to upload its data to use particular services (Cassidy, 2016). This helps the hacker for a limited period of time n access to the information which is provided by the user while accessing its account on the application or the website.
Malicious Hackers
This means the hacking of information on the website by the hackers using some special process with the help of switches and routers (Liu, 2015). This is an ill practice through which the system is corrupted by the hackers and they use these services to get in unauthorized access where they are not authorized to access. This is a major cause of information theft which is a problem for company and people.
Phishing Attacks
When a person gets associated with the library in the form of a customer it submits personal data of high importance which has to be used by the institution (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014). So, it is the duty of the Mortlock Wing Library to use this information in appropriate manner without any fraud. Passing on the information to anyone is a malpractice and is considered as a threat for the customer as it is deeply personal and associated with the client.
Man-in-the-middle Attack
In this kind of attack the attacker majorly focuses on developing a duplicate website of the original website to trick the customers so as to gain data for using for some ill practices. This happens through a channel where user has been fooled to use the website which is not original by means telling that it is trustworthy and true (Jenkins and Williamson, 2015). Usually this attack happens to manipulate the data and this causes huge loss to the customer as well as the company.
Breach of data is not so common in this sector but then also it is majorly considered as a concern for the company who are online helping the customer to have better facility. But in this case they are required to have proper market knowledge and access so that the information and data is not used by any attacker in against of the customers in some ill practices which are not acceptable by the law and order. For this data laws are also been specified by the government of the nation which has to be followed and enforced when something happens (Laudon and Laudon, 2015).
User views which are source documents
It is important for the library to have a control over the accounting data which is being processed in its business by the customer who trust the company. The following as some alternatives to be used for the same:
Physical Audits
Professionals such as managers and people from higher posts must be appointed for checking and accessing the drawbacks from the system from time to time. As well as there must be a proper team which will have proper information on who has to do what after researching?
Approval Authority
A team of people must be distilled in the system who decides who is to be given which information so that there is a channel of approval between a person and data which is very important for the company. These people will keep a check upon the information which can be transferred and which cannot be transferred.
Separation of Duties
There must be division of duties and responsibilities which will help the company to not have data manipulated as if information is with one person it can misuse that information which can create a problem for the company. For example separation of work like book keeping, auditing etc. must be divided among various personnel’s.
Access over Controls
The access over the business information must be controlled and supervised by the Mortlock Wing Library from time to time as to avoid fraudulent practices which can be a threat to the company and the people associated with it.
After summing up the above presented analysis it has been concluded that information system plays a crucial and empirical role in the success and growth of a business corporation. The above presented business proposal comprise of various applications and systems that are required to integrated within the new implemented system of Mortlock Wing Library. The mentioned applications and mechanisms are supposed to be integrated by the business institution for the betterment and advancement of the new implemented system.
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