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Health Disparities-Discussion Paper.

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Health Disparities-Discussion Paper.
What Is a “Health Disparity”? 䉫 427
Public Health Reports / September–October 2002 / Volume 117
used definitions of health disparity in the United States
to see whether they differed by implied or stated com-
parison group, subpopulations of interest, and type of
health outcome. Health Disparities-Discussion Paper.These definitions were located by the authors using the search engine, national 2000–2002 legislation as reported on the website www.thomas .gov, and MEDLINE; through contacts
with state minority health and Healthy People 2010 representatives and DHHS Office of Minority Health regional staff; and through a request for information posted on the American Public Health Association’s Spirit of 1848 listserv. Health Disparities-Discussion Paper.



The term “health disparity” is almost exclusively used
in the United States, while the terms “health inequity”
or “health inequality” are more commonly used out-
side of the United States. Most dictionary definitions
define disparity as inequality; difference in age, rank,
condition, or excellence; or dissimilitude.

My at-risk group is the youth between the age of 15 to 24 years. My objective is to reduce the proportion of youths abusing alcohol. Healthy people 2020 movement was introduced in the year 2010 (Brown et al, 2014). Health Disparities-Discussion Paper.Healthy people 2020 has several objectives. They include; attaining high-quality and prevent diseases, injuries, disabilities and early deaths. Achieving health inequality is also another major objective.
Eliminating health disparities and improving health among all age groups also tops the list in objectives to be achieved by Healthy people 2020 (Brown et al, 2014). Health must be supported by creating physical environments that endorse good health. Other minor objectives include improving quality of life, promoting healthy behaviors and healthy development (Brown et al, 2014). This is to implemented across all stages of life.
Reducing substance abuse among the youth increases health, improves the quality of life, and safety for all Americans (Boyd, Howard & Zucker, 2013). A sturdy relationship exists between alcohol abuse and various behavioral, emotional and social difficulties such as fighting, theft, drunk driving, feeling depressed, skipping school and attempted suicide (Boyd, Howard & Zucker, 2013). Alcohol abuse impacts the greater community since alcohol consumption leads to alcohol-related complications later in life. Health Disparities-Discussion Paper.
A certain study showed that persons who get associated with drinking alcohol before their 15th birthday are 4 times extra likely to acquire alcohol dependency later in life (Boyd, Howard & Zucker, 2013). Therefore, ending youth alcohol abuse will help in preventing long-term alcohol related health problems. My objective is to help the youth from developing alcohol dependency early on in life. This will be through health education. This is the best we can do as nurses. Developing efficient and effective programs to reduce alcohol abuse will be necessary. First, the reason for alcohol abuse will have to be identified. Individual attributes, social situation and the cultural environment are the three factors that influence alcohol abuse. Health Disparities-Discussion Paper.

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