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FY026 Preparing For Success At University Knowledge And Creativity

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FY026 Preparing for Success at University Knowledge and Creativity


This assignment is a portfolio and contains two tasks, i) presentation and ii) report.

You have been requested to give a presentation in the class about how to locate and evaluate the resources for academic or employment related purposes. Think of at least three resources, provide details of each resource and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

You are required to find information regarding your ‘ideal job’ after graduation. In the report, you must mention, a) what is your ideal job, b) the job description for the role, c) brief summary of person specifications and how you qualify for the job. You need to mention what are the resources available to you and how you will you use them to facilitate your job finding process.

LO1: Demonstrate effective communication skills, applicable to academic and professional contexts.

LO3: Locate and evaluate resources for academic and employment related purposes

LO4: Think critically and creatively about graduate employment opportunities in the future.

Written work submitted as part of this assignment should be presented according to the following:

1.The essay should be 1.5 line spaced

2.Font must be Aria 12

3.Follow the reference guidelines

4.The assessment must be within the word count range 2000

5.PowerPoint presentation must include pictures and font size must be at least 24.

Submission Instructions:

This assignment is to be submitted electronically using Blackboard

1.This assignment must be submitted electronically by 2pm on the submission date

2.To submit electronically you must upload your work to the e-submission area within the Blackboard module concerned. Click Submit> Browse (find the correct file to upload) Upload> Submit

3.You can resubmit your work as many times as you like until the deadline. If you choose to resubmit, your earlier submission will be replaced, and you will NOT receive an Originality Report until 24 hours from when the submission was made.

4.You will receive a digital receipt as proof of submission. This will be sent to your Bucks e-mail address; please keep this for reference.

5.You are reminded of the University’s regulations on cheating and plagiarism. In submitting your assignment you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these regulations.

6.Late submission within 10 working days of the deadline will result in the mark being capped at a maximum of 40%. Beyond this time the work will not be marked.

7.You are reminded that it is your responsibility to keep an electronic copy of your assignment for future reference.

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