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F810 : Sustainability Strategy Analysis

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F810 : Sustainability Strategy Analysis

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F810 : Sustainability Strategy Analysis

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Course Code: F810
University: University Of Plymouth is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom

Systems thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges.’To what extent do you agree with this statement, and why? Draw on one of the following wicked problems to illustrate your answer:1.Achieving energy security in Australian manufacturing2.Australia’s aging workforceStudents are required to reference at least 3 types of resources in the essay:1.Minimum of 6 journal articles (students are required to use scholarly and peer-reviewed articles) and textbooks.2.Newspaper/Magazine articles3.Company/NGO Websites

Critical development solutions to sustainability challenges in case of ageing workforce in Australia.
The ageing workforce is one of the major problems in the Australian workplace. This is defined for every individual who is 40 years of age or older than that. The term “ageing” signifies two main components like chronological manner and knowledge accuracy. There are some organisations where aged people are needed as the tenure or experienced outcomes are required in such cases. There are some strategic approaches have been taken from the Australian administration by enhancing their knowledge up to date and moderate their structure of the organisation. In Australia, one in four people is older than 55 years and over, that signifies the rate of ageing people in Australia and the workplace productivity has suffered for that reason (Connell, Nankervis and Burgess 2015). There are some responses against this process and some of the organisations recruit new talents in place of aged people. As the experience is the prime matter in case of replacement, this same level of expertise has been chosen by the workplace administration.
The traditional interpretation of retirement is varying in Australia and 48% of baby boomers expect to keep working at the past age of 65. Even 13% of the people still believe that at the age of 70 years, they can still productive for the company. The most shocking part of the nation is the working percentage of the people over 65 years and that increase by 1.1% from 2014 and made 16.1% in 2015 (Aberdeen and Bye 2013). There are 12.5 million people are aged between 35 to 64 years and the data showcases the nature of labour force in Australia.
The thesis statement of this essay is based on the problem related to the ageing problem in Australia and the talent gap that measure in such cases, that makes Australia lame and unproductive in case of new ventures. The critical thinking and new ideas are not coming from aged people and the traditional way of business expansion or penetration has flowed. On the other hand, if some new people aged between 20-27 years join this organisation process, then the acceleration of the productiveness in Australia will rise and companies will develop their market position in this globalised business process.
Australia’s ageing population
The Intergeneration Report 2015 demonstrates that the economic growth of any company will remain as same if productive diversity and economic performance in the market are not in process in a legitimate manner. According to the 2016 census report, one of the six-person in Australia aged 65 years or over than that. This was nearly 16% of the total workplace population ( 2018). From 2006 to 2016, aged people of 55 years increased by 13% and that ultimately providing a setback for the nation. The demographic continuity is not the main issue in such case, but the process of productive nature is the prime reason for the change, and the change is needed for the business growth in Australia. The rate of workforce participation aged in 65 or above Australia is on the higher rank ( 2018).








                                          Table 1: Increase percentage of Australian workforce over 65 years

                                                                      (Source: 2018)
The table signifies the increasing number of percentage in Australia and the changes in the productivity due to that reason. The aged employees are not able to do multi-range tasks. As the people are getting old in case of demographic appearances thus multimodal tasks and their way of catering the process is the main aspect in such case. Healthier people are needed by the organisations and in case of speed, physical strengths and cognitive ability aged employees are not as productive as the younger (Kulik et al. 2014). The acceptance of new approaches or strategies are missing in case of aged people as they used to continue the same process they are habituated in, but the process of new thinking and innovative moves are not created through the process. This process needs to curtail in a right manner else the situation will be more drastic in future. Apparently, 34% of increase in proportion in the case of workplace age of 65 years and the percentage will increase from 12.9 in 2015 to 17.3% in 2055 ( 2017). The projected view is not soothing for the nation. So the identification of the problems and state strategies to mitigate the issues is the main aspect of this analysis.
Problem and challenges for ageing employers’ in the Australian workplace
Some of the crucial problems that Australian aged employees are facing are related to their productive nature and changing approach of modern working conditions. The process of job variety and innovative planning of works are also a bondage of their acceleration. Fit and productive employees are the main acceptance for workplace and if aged employees are not fit for that position, then company must curtail the employee for the development of the company in a completely professional manner ( 2017). The lining of the work arrangement will be filled up by the same level of expertise but at the young age. That will take some time to approach the work in a right way and to understand the aim and objective of the organisation but the employee will be productive enough for the next 10 years or so.
Challenges like change type in workplace in case of work performance is a challenge that aged people face in an organisation. Change in particular workplace and add that employee to support a particular project, is the main concern for the change (Wakerman and Humphreys 2013). The aged people are working with a particular project for long and they do not want to change the project. This challenge can be mitigated by the recruitment of new young employees. The tax benefit and super payment applicable for aged people and company are not happy with the situation, this change in the workplace with new employees curtail the process. Flexible shift arrangement is another challenge the aged people face in an organisation. There are some crisis situations where the shift changing process have implemented and aged people are not accustomed to that so it creates a problem regarding the issue.
Biasness in case of experience employee, need to be stopped in case of recruitment as some of the fresh employees are also reliable as well as productive for the organisation. Their work rate will be high and they will gain experience as long as they continue in the system. The leader needs that equal mentality at all times so that younger employees also feel free to share their views and raise some innovative aspects for the development of the organisation (Nelsey and Brownie 2012). Change in attitude needs to change along with the changing face of stereotype processes. The inaccuracy will come at the initial way of project direction but in most of the cases, young employees learn fast and that evaluation is important in Australia ( 2017). Aged people need to redefine their career and life goals so that after the level of productivity decreases they have an opportunity to start something new.
The adaptation of new vision is required in that case. Aged employees can join NGO’s and some other firms those are doing a project on those aged people to understand them about the need for young talent in the modern business ( 2018). COTA is one of such non-government organisation for older Australian and they are working for the aged care staffing level, default price of government commitment, home care processes ( 2018).
The health implication for ageing people is another challenge that aged people have faced so as the company and productive statics is decreased in that manner. According to the Intergeneration Report 2015, an average 62 years of age is perfect for workplace and employees can work at that age without any hassle (Becker, Fleming and Keijsers 2012). However, on the other hand, people active lengthier has inferences for health outflow, Age and Facility annuities, the retirement diligence and aged care backing. Australian Government actual health spending per individual is predictable to more than double over the following 40 years. This is the reason inter-change in business position and aged employees will be replaced by the younger ones is the key changes in that case.
Training issue is a relevant challenge in case of aged people. At a certain age, capacity of accepting new process has dissolved and aged people face such situations. There are some new technologies used in the workplace and they need to cope up with the process for the better formulation of advancement (Howe et al. 2012). The advancement is not possible if these stagnant positioning and people are there. At the final stage of evaluation, their performance evaluated as low and this is not expected by the organisation.
Strategies for managing the ageing workforce
There are some effective strategies need to be taken for managing ageing workforce. The strategies are clearly addressing the issues and through those strategies, issues can be mitigated. The first strategic change that needs to implement is the monitoring process of productivity. If the range of products is not appropriate then skill development issues are needed to be implemented, and aged people have to align with the process. The stereotype old ideas are not considered for the development of the organisation, rather innovative ideas can evolve the nature of the business (Phillips and Siu 2012). In that case, comments, suggestions from new employees are most welcome in that case. The skill development training classes for the aged people are required so that, they also get managed with the condition. Biasness over tenure employees is not productive for the company so multi-task handling employees are needed so that the organisation uses those employees as per the required standard. Financial counselling is another strategic approach that need to introduce and that need to align with the productivity. The number of money employees will get as much as they achieve in their target. The preparation, in that case, is important and that will accelerate the retirement process (Franks 2012). Assisting worker transition is another strategic changes need to implement in case support the project and through this process, new employees also learn about the project and gain the confidence to work alone. This is a kind of on-job training that provided in that system and aged employees have the additional work to complete. The use of social media interaction and technology classes are important for aged employee and they need to attain those classes.
The new design and roles in an organisation are important for the development of the organisation. The focused area of Australia is the age problem in the workplace and that impacted on the productivity of the organisation as well as impact the nation. The preference of new age people and their job quality is important but the experience is the only reason Australian companies dare to take chances, thus a thin line of differentiation is there. 48% of these old aged people need to be mitigated and fresh and talented young employees are needed to be recruited. From a different aspect, planned upsurges in the qualifying age for civic pension systems around the globe could lead workforces to stick around lengthier (Majeedet al. 2015). This indecision alone could rapid some labours to accede superannuation, in a directive to avoid creation and the permanent decision they valour remorse after government strategies are lastly stable. The situation is not the expected one, thus policies for all those aged people is required and these people must involve with the alternative process and innovative principles will maintain in such cases for the development of the organisation.  
Therefore it can be concluded that the ageing workforce is one of the major setbacks that Australia has been faced for years. The proper social welfare system, retirement saving system and border economy also provide a uniform direction to this process, so demographic challenges are not the only one aspect to be feared on, rather the perceptive of delivering the product and expected the return from the employee is the concerning aspect in that case. The percentage will be high in 2050 and that will be less productive for the nation and Australia will be counted as the low productive country. Hence, the change in infrastructure and workforce development is needed with the strategic management that will encourage the development aspect for the nation.
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Retrieved from: [Accessed from 8th August 2018]
Wakerman, J. and Humphreys, J.S., 2013. Sustainable workforce and sustainable health systems for rural and remote Australia. The Medical Journal of Australia, 199(5), pp.14-17.

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