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EHR301 Applied Human Resource Management And Change

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EHR301 Applied Human Resource Management And Change

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EHR301 Applied Human Resource Management And Change

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Course Code: EHR301
University: Griffith University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Professional Identity and Development PlanStudents are asked to produce a written professional identity and development plan which focuses on the four overarching question’s below.Each of these overarching questions are supported by a series of sub-questions which are designed to help guide your responses. While some of the sub-questions are descriptive in nature in that they get you to explore what you have done and what you plan to do, this assessment also requires you to engage in in-depth reflection, analysis and forward thinking. With this in mind your responses should explore the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘how’ but also importantly the ‘why’.  Not all of the sub-questions are required to be included and students are encouraged to consider which of the sub-questions are most meaningful and useful for their own career development. Students are welcome to introduce their own sub-questions if they effectively support the overarching question. Students should utilise highly relevant scholarly sources to validate the claims/plans/objectives being made and to help inform their development plan.

Current situation
My name is Vience and I have been holding the degree of Bachelor of business and commerce with specialization in the area of business management. The major that I have been studying is in management and I have prior education year 12 with Diploma in business management.
I have worked as a sales person in a car dealership company and at present, I have been working as a operations supervisor in a Security company. I feel highly interested in managing the business operations associated with the security management along with relevant ways of managing business with ease and effectiveness (Bajada and Trayler 2013).
My strengths are that I have facilitated the efficiency of business operations through compliance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations, which improved the business operations’ efficiency while I have also been hopeful with the ways I have streamlined the operations within the workplace. I have allowed the workers to work according to the organizational vision and mission, furthermore open up new scopes and opportunities along with proper processes of recruitment, selection and training of staffs. It has been done by me for ensuring that the skills, knowledge and expertise of the employees improve with time and the security company can deliver the best quality services to the clients for ensuring higher level of customer satisfaction (Alsaad, Mohamad and Ismail 2017).
According to the higher management level within the security company where I have worked, the areas where I need improvements include financial areas, ability to make the staffs work in coordination and not fulfilling the role of a transformational democratic leader, where the views, ideas and opinions of the employees are considered for successful business management.
To respond to the setbacks and failures, I would like to undergo some leadership training sessions and at the same time, seek help and support from an expert accountant and financial manager to understand about the ways of managing proper budget and keep the costs of operations in business under control. My future plans are to open up my own security company, which can also make me overcome my failures and work as a successful business entrepreneur (Bajada and Trayler 2013).
To overcome adversity, I would like to stay positive, focus on the strengths, pay attention to every details and leverage relationships for strengthening the collaboration among staffs and facilitate partnership working and group decision making.
I will open up a new security company and recruit the most skilled workers and at the same time, seek their valuable ideas and opinions before making any decisions. This will allow me to achieve my career ambitions and ensure successful business management.
The unique selling points are my experience in the field of security management, compliance with the organizational laws and rules, focusing on the proper management of staffs and their skills and knowledge, which can help in sustaining business (Baert et al. 2013).  I am extraordinary because of my extensive skills and knowledge in the field of business management and operations associated with the security company in Australia.
Future direction
My career or professional aspirations are to open up my own security company and focus on recruiting the most skilled and knowledgeable staffs within the workplace. I possessed degree of Bachelor of business and commerce and majoring in management. With my prior educational experience year 12 and diploma in management, I will like to open a new business and manage the operations and processes properly, furthermore create new scopes and opportunities for recruitment, selection and training of staffs. I have knowledge in streamlining the business operations, which can be beneficial for me to manage the new business, i.e., the severity company properly as well as enhance the scopes for deriving successful business outcomes (Semukono, Orobia and Arinaitwe 2013).
After the graduation, I would like to overcome the adversity by staying positive and focusing on the strengths to move in the right direction. This could help me to deal with work under pressure situations as well as overcome the areas of weaknesses through assessment of information in much details in spite of a stressful situation. I will be able to work with people as an unit and develop a spirit of collaboration, partnership working and sharing each other’s views, ideas and opinions before making any decisions in business. After graduation, I would like to open a new security company in Australia, which could offer reliable and convenient security and manage safety within the organizations where the services should be delivered (Siewiorek et al. 2013).
I would like to start a new security company in the midterm, i.e., 3 to 5 years and for that various skills and knowledge should be acquired by me. First and foremost, investments should be done and proper financial management is needed and so, gaining the ability to manage cash flow is essential. There is a balance between the satisfactory control and freedom provided to the staffs so that they feel interested in the work. The skills of delegating the right tasks to the right employees are essential along with encouraging them to communicate with each other and share their individual views and opinions (Getha-Taylor et al. 2015). It is important for me to manage negotiation with the employees to keep them accustomed with the ways of working within the new company while their performances will be praised by me to keep them motivated and encouraged to perform better. The communication to and from the various stakeholders in business must be facilitated for doing the right times within the right time, which should result in gaining the ability to plan strategically. This will not allow me to assess the budget and expenses associated with the development of marketing activities, but can even facilitate the management of time and money by keeping costs under control during the management of business functions. In the next 3 to 5 years, I would surely obtain the relevant skills and knowledge required to perform as a successful leader of the newly opened organization and maintain a good workforce too. In the long term, i.e., after 10 years, I see myself as a leader who holds a managerial position to manage the staffs and ensure that the security company flourishes with time (Seidle, Fernandez and Perry 2016).
Professional identity
At present, I am pursuing degree on an online subject at Griffith University Queensland. I have been studying at the western Sydney University and as soon as the graduation is complete, I will like to use my potential skills and knowledge to start a new security company. While pursuing the degree in bachelor of commerce and business, I have gained skills in streamlining the business operations and at the same time, facilitate improvement compliance.
I want a career in this particular area for improving my skills, knowledge and expertise and at the same time, improve my supervision skills and ability to manage the human resources properly, which is required for making the new business startup successful. Focusing on the career in this particular area could help me to know about the various aspects of law enforcement that should be required to start my own security company (Brooks and Youngson2016). As I have already worked as an operations supervisor previously, I am quite passionate about my career and to play the role of an efficient leader.
There are various factors that are important for me in my career such as the skills obtained by me, costs associated with the business management and knowledge about how to train staffs and improve their abilities to enhance business performance. The other factors like communication, management of training and learn to focus on the engagement of staffs. This will not only allow me to progress in my professional career and manage the human resources properly, but will also ensure successful functioning of the new business startup.
The factors that I want to avoid in a career include lack of communication, not maintaining an appropriate culture and not being able to manage the costs, budget and financial implications properly. It is important for me to ensure that the financial aspects are properly understood by me to set a proper budgetary plan, furthermore keep the costs of operations under control (Direnzo, Greenhaus and Weer 2015).
There are multiple important aspects that are associated with the career in the management and human resources post-university. The major aspects include the recruitment and selection of staffs, training them, management of employee relations, scheduling, performance management techniques and screening. After fulfilling my career post University, I will learn about the different aspects of employee engagement and skills management, which can be beneficial during the introduction of the new security company. The most skilled and knowledgeable employees would be recruited and the performance management techniques would allow for bringing out the best from them (de Guzman and Choi 2013).
Steps to take
There are mainly five most important skills that have helped me to achieve my career goals and objectives and enhanced the employability. I have obtained leadership traits, which has helped me to act as a role model, set vision, manage accountability and motivate the employees to perform to their potential. A new business functioning and its success is dependent upon the roles played by an inspirational leader. As a leader of the new security company, it is my duty to guide them in the right direction and make the employees find the right situations to use their strengths and use the resources properly too (Cottrell 2015).
I have obtained practical ways of learning to set clear goals and objectives and set a timeline for creating a detailed action plan. Learning to speak in public has been another major skill achieved by me to deliver messages and information to the public and predict the growth forecast with much ease and effectiveness. The problem solving skills and knowledge about conflict resolution will further assist me in resolving complex issues and master the art of negotiating with the employees so that they can work within the new security company with interest (Praskova et al. 2015). The art of negotiation has been one of the most difficult skills to develop, but with gradual practice sessions, I obtained the relevant skills and this could be helpful for managing the workforce properly in the future.
To build a successful career path for own self, it is important to first of all, focus on the purpose of using the skills that I have obtained while pursuing my degrees. I must have a clear vision, set clear goals, develop skills, knowledge and attitude, furthermore development professional networks and relate everything to the career path for gaining better scopes and opportunities in the professional field (Jackson 2013). After completing my graduation at Griffith University, I should brainstorm the goals at first, make an assumption of what should be done until then, decide on what to do in the next year, reward the milestones and conduct regular status meetings with own self to evaluate the things that I have learned after I have become graduate. This will help me to assess the skills achieved and then utilize those for the successful management of the new security company in Australia (Jackson 2014).
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