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CS3105 Artificial Intelligence

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CS3105 Artificial Intelligence

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CS3105 Artificial Intelligence

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Course Code: CS3105
University: University Of St Andrews is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom

Topic title of “The Danger of Relying on Artificial Intelligence Robots” .

Identify and Develop Your Topic/Identify the Research Question.
Select a topic within the parameters or guidelines of the assignment
Something of interest to the student (in the major, anticipated career field, or personal)
Select a topic that interests you; something you want to learn more about.
Select a topic that you can find manageable information on from a variety of sources.
a.) Identify a variety of sources and materials on your chosen topic
b.) You are checking to see what’s out there; what has been reported about your topic
c.) Use articles (Internet, periodicals, scholarly journals), videos (documentaries), books, podcasts, news, movies 


Introduction, Identification of Topic and Research Question
With the rise in the technological aspects across various sectors it has been extremely crucial for each of the sectors to keep pace with the changing scenarios of the world. In the recent age of technological progress in several fields it has been extremely crucial to make use of such self-reliant robots who make use of high form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology (Russell, & Norvig, 2016). Artificial intelligence has a wide form of importance in several sectors. The technological advancements such as self-driving cars and Siri are progressing at a rapid pace. The leading form of approach towards AI is based on machine learning. In this kinds of technology, the highly designed programs are being specially trained for picking and thus responding to severe forms of patterns, which are based on larger amounts of data (Michalski, Carbonell & Mitchell, 2013). The use of AI based technology are also able to manager and help in managing of various kinds of complex based system that would also include the designing of networks based on global shipping. 
This research focuses on the identified forms of risks within the AI systems. Although AI powered robots help in providing a bunch of benefits for the various users, yet the high form go dependency on these robots might lead to tremendous risks in the near future (Cohen & Feigenbaum, 2014). These robots are programmed to analyze the requirements provided by the user, perform various kinds of simulations on them and thus reach out to the answer of the particular query. Since a huge form of data is being fed to the computing systems, these AI based bots might lead to some forms of bugs within them. Recognition of the bugs in the primary stages is the most important form of measurement of managing the incoming risks within the system (Wenger, 2014). The processes of making decisions within the systems should be scrutinized properly in order to detect the forms of risks that might get incurred in each step.
This research focuses on the particular form of problem based on the reliance of humans on the robots. The bugs within the AI technology should be seen as a critical aspect and should be deeply kept focused for mitigating the errors within the system. As these systems are entirely dependent on computing systems, hence they are always prone to get hacked by vulnerabilities within the system. A minor bug within the developed system might lead to tremendous aftermaths and can devastate the entire processes within the system (Hovy, Navigli & Ponzetto, 2013).
This discussion based on this research could lead to a serious question that might arise and may put forward an argument. The question that needs to be discussed is – Should Humans be more reliant on Artificial Intelligence based Robots?
Preliminary Searches based on Articles
Acampora, G., Cook, D. J., Rashidi, P., & Vasilakos, A. V. (2013). A survey on ambient intelligence in healthcare. Proceedings of the IEEE, 101(12), 2470-2494.
With the growth of rising forms of Artificial Intelligence based technologies, it has led to a new form of paradigm known as Ambient Intelligence. It is meant for empowering the capabilities of the people with the help of digital based environments. The study focuses on the emergence of this technological platform in the healthcare sector. This technology supports people by resolving the various kinds of issues related to the patients who entirely depend on robot based technology. Huge form of dependency on the robotic technology might lead to some problems within the healthcare sector. This might lead to severe problems for the patients as they might get the risks of severe problems.
Frey, C. B., & Osborne, M. A. (2017). The future of employment: how susceptible are jobs to computerisation?. Technological forecasting and social change, 114, 254-280.
This article focuses on the susceptibility of human jobs due to huge rise in the form of computerization. The rise of automation and dependency on AI based technologies have led to a huge impact on the number of sector of jobs that are being getting affected. The paper draws conclusions based on the effect of Mobile Robotics and Machine Learning, which are being used for developing and focusing on the deep aspects of knowledge sharing within the various areas. Huge form of dependency on the use of robots within the job areas might lead to some problems such as loss of some proportion of jobs from the concerned sector.   
Lefèvre, S., Vasquez, D., & Laugier, C. (2014). A survey on motion prediction and risk assessment for intelligent vehicles. Robomech Journal,
This article focuses on the use of artificial intelligence technology within the automobile sector. This has led to the rise of autonomous cars, which are being driven with the help of autonomous cars. Based on the discussion from the above report, it has been discussed that there have been major forms of challenges within the roads. Major forms of accidents and dangerous situations are being faced by the people. The paper is based on the various forms of survey based within the existing methods of the roads based on motion predictions and the assessment of different kinds of risks based on the intelligent vehicles.
Evaluation of the Mentioned Sources
The various sources that are discussed with the help of the use of the acronym CARS, which is the abbreviation of four factors such as Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness and Support.
The first article described by Acampora et al. (2013) describes the idea of CARS as the author focuses on the idea of a newer form of technology such as Ambient Intelligence (AmI), which could be defined as a newer form of paradigm based within the information technology department. This information provided by the author is kept updated with the latest forms of innovations within the sector of artificial intelligence (Yang & Xu, 2013). The huge forms of development within the artificial intelligence sector would be able to develop real-life solutions for the various problems within the healthcare sector. The articles also puts focuses on the various kinds of ideas based within the healthcare sector (Solanas et al., 2014). The author helps in summarizing the methodologies based on artificial intelligence technology within the healthcare sector that would include the different techniques of learning. The authors also discuss about the AmI technology and the ways in which the technology would be able to support people who would be mainly affected with various chronic diseases. The article also supports the findings of other case studies within the area of healthcare (Hengstler, Enkel & Duelli, 2016). The case study also puts light on the future challenges that would be faced within the sector with the help of the new form of artificial intelligence.    
The secondary article by Frey and Osborne (2017) discusses about the safety within the roads and the vehicles within the automotive industry. The article also puts focus on the use of AI based technologies within this sector with the rise of autonomous vehicles. The author discusses about the future evolution of the situation of traffic within the roads and the forms of accidents that would be taking place on the roads (Driankov & Saffiotti, 2013). The proposed forms of classification performed by the authors helps in defining the semantics based on risk and motion. The author has also discussed about the aspects of safety within the roads based on the future form of implementation of Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance System. The article is evaluated by keeping the major aspect of security within the roads. The author also discusses about the potential of the vehicles who would be able to drive on their own with the help of specially programmed algorithms. It also helps in gaining further insights based on motion modeling and different forms of approaches based on prediction of the hypothesis that are in relation with the modeled entities. The article helps in discussing about the risks involved within the entire dependency on the robot based technology. Travelling in the driverless cars has their own forms of benefits and risks involved. These vehicles are mostly susceptible to get hacked, which might lead to severe forms of outcomes on the part of the riders. The author also puts light on the approaches of motion based prediction, which was primarily categorized on the level of abstraction. This involves the laws of physics, interaction-aware and maneuver-based motion models (Bonnefon, Shariff & Rahwan, 2016). Based on the discussion from the above models, the authors are able to discuss that the high level of computational based complexity within these models might not always be compatible with the real-time assessment of risks that might be occur within the driverless car technology.   
The third article discussed by Lefèvre, Vasquez and Laugier (2014) focuses on the fact about the vulnerability of the sector of jobs based on the emergence of various forms of advancements within the field of artificial intelligence within the sector. The author discusses the fact that in the past few years different sectors of jobs have made the use of computerized devices within their various operations (Arntz, Gregory & Zierahn, 2016). The impact of computerization within the various job sectors have put light on the article as the author has documented the growth of the various losses of jobs. This article also help in discussing about the high pace in which the various kinds of software based technologies are increasing with the high form of development within the sophisticated form of tools. These forms of tools are able to disrupt the market of the job sectors as the labor markets would make use of these tools and technologies in order to speed up the processes within the organization (Ford, 2013). The use of these tools would need the collaboration of the humans and the computing devices, which would be highly necessary for the synchronization between the various processes within the sectors.
Discussion on the Sources
Based on the discussion from the review of the various sources, it could be discussed that the use of AI systems could prove to be a major use within the discussed sectors of healthcare, autonomous cars and the sector of jobs. Although the use of AI would be helpful for the improvement of various kinds of improvements within the mentioned sectors, this could also lead to tremendous aftermaths within the systems (Davis & Marcus, 2015). High form of dependency within the sector of AI might be able to lead serious future implications. Although AI could be programmed to perform the operations within the various sectors in a diligent manner still the systems could be vulnerable to various forms of attacks. Being fully dependent on the computerized systems based on AI technology might also lead to hack within the systems. This would lead to the damage within the systems. The information of the user s might get hacked and people might face sever forms of problems. Various forms of bugs within the systems might affect the entire process and could lead to devastated outcomes. This could also lead to different threats within the systems, which might also be incurable (Luxton, 2014).
The discussion of the three concerned articles suggests that the risks of the robots to get hacked would necessarily be able to harm or frustrate the nature of humans. There are several forms of potential benefits within the AI technology. These articles focuses on several examples from the report articles. There are several forms of examples in which the technology have turned wrong and have led to physical form of danger. Malicious bots that are designed by hackers are now being designed, which might be able to monitor and track the activities of other bots and thus manipulate the operations within every sector. In the age of increased form of computerized systems that are being operated with the help of artificial intelligence, humans have a less dependency on the tasks that were traditionally performed by them. The customers would not be able to know the working functionality of the robots and hence the hackers would find it to be easy for them to manipulate the devices and thus transform the functionality within the robots. This would be meant for tricking the people and thus gain various information from them. The author also puts forward the various risks that might be put forward before the people in the cases when the devices fueled by AI would get manipulated by others (Makridakis, 2017). This would invite risks before the people and hence would impose future dangers.      
Based on the above discussion from the above report it could be concluded that the use of artificial intelligence technology within the various sectors have increased the efficiency within the various sectors of healthcare, autonomous cars and the sector of jobs. With the increase of the technology within robots that are connected with the help of the internet, people should be able to figure out the ways in which they would be talking to each other. Although AI technology is increasingly at a rapid pace, it is also incurring several kinds of disadvantages for the various sector that are linked with the technology. In this manner,   the AI technology becomes much more dangerous as they are becoming much more susceptible to attacks. These forms of algorithms help in shaping the perception of the public. Entirely relying on the computer technology and the use of artificial intelligence within the sectors of healthcare, autonomous cars and the various sector of jobs would might also incur several forms of challenges for the people. Hence, people should not entirely depend on the use of AI technology based robots and thus help in saving the future risks.
Acampora, G., Cook, D. J., Rashidi, P., & Vasilakos, A. V. (2013). A survey on ambient intelligence in healthcare. Proceedings of the IEEE, 101(12), 2470-2494.
Arntz, M., Gregory, T., & Zierahn, U. (2016). The risk of automation for jobs in OECD countries.
Bonnefon, J. F., Shariff, A., & Rahwan, I. (2016). The social dilemma of autonomous vehicles. Science, 352(6293), 1573-1576.
Cohen, P. R., & Feigenbaum, E. A. (Eds.). (2014). The handbook of artificial intelligence (Vol. 3). Butterworth-Heinemann.
Davis, E., & Marcus, G. (2015). Commonsense reasoning and commonsense knowledge in artificial intelligence. Communications of the ACM, 58(9), 92-103.
Driankov, D., & Saffiotti, A. (Eds.). (2013). Fuzzy logic techniques for autonomous vehicle navigation (Vol. 61). Physica.
Ford, M. (2013). Could artificial intelligence create an unemployment crisis?. Communications of the ACM, 56(7), 37-39.
Frey, C. B., & Osborne, M. A. (2017). The future of employment: how susceptible are jobs to computerisation?. Technological forecasting and social change, 114, 254-280.
Hengstler, M., Enkel, E., & Duelli, S. (2016). Applied artificial intelligence and trust—The case of autonomous vehicles and medical assistance devices. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 105, 105-120.
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Luxton, D. D. (2014). Artificial intelligence in psychological practice: Current and future applications and implications. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 45(5), 332.
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Michalski, R. S., Carbonell, J. G., & Mitchell, T. M. (Eds.). (2013). Machine learning: An artificial intelligence approach. Springer Science & Business Media.
Russell, S. J., & Norvig, P. (2016). Artificial intelligence: a modern approach. Malaysia; Pearson Education Limited,.
Solanas, A., Patsakis, C., Conti, M., Vlachos, I. S., Ramos, V., Falcone, F., … & Martinez-Balleste, A. (2014). Smart health: a context-aware health paradigm within smart cities. IEEE Communications Magazine, 52(8), 74-81.
Wenger, E. (2014). Artificial intelligence and tutoring systems: computational and cognitive approaches to the communication of knowledge. Morgan Kaufmann.
Yang, J. B., & Xu, D. L. (2013). Evidential reasoning rule for evidence combination. Artificial Intelligence, 205, 1-29.

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