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CMNS2530 Strategic Communication

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CMNS2530 Strategic Communication

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CMNS2530 Strategic Communication

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Course Code: CMNS2530
University: The University Of Newcastle is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Write about the Internal communications screen and the organisation is oporto.

Internal communication is an integral component of communication between the organizational management and the employees as an engagement tool for effective work schedules and activities. Internal communication is defined as the process of relaying information to the internal parties of an organization to enhance their performance (Chong, 2007). Internal communication coordinates the activities of the organization as well as empowering the employees through motivation which directly influences the organizational performance. Employees being the most valued asserts of an organization needs to understand their work environment in relation to the communication goals and their responsibilities to ensure effective communication flow (Juska, 2017).
Internal communication strategy is a subject of great concern in the growth of organizations in the recent times (Smith & Mounter, 2008).The communication has transformed to a compulsory ‘source of life’ in organizations. According to the State of the Sector 2018 report, a research on internal communication tools in corporates by Gatehouse survey indicated that face to face communication is the most effective communication strategy within the organization. However, Digital channels, such as digital signage and email followed at a close range in its effectiveness. The research concludes that Dynamic digital signage is slowly taking a center stage as being a more preferred channel of broadcasting messages within organizations. It concludes that 60% of companies in the UK market uses digital displays within their organizations for purpose of communication (Fortin, 2018).
Digital screens and emails as internal communication tools in organizations has enhanced sharing of information. Furthermore, this use of digital media have contributed to a significant impact to the working ethics among organizational employees. Depending on the type of information to be relayed, companies ought to strive for higher levels of employee engagement. Employees who feel valued and involved are more likely to show trust in their organization.
Organization investing on internal corporate communication strategy build a collaborative workforce among its employees. Corporate digital signage used internal by organization consists of video walls and touchscreen kiosk which are majorly contributing towards the performance management of organizations. The human resource manager uses internal communication screens in meeting its objectives through alignment of communication tools to the organizational goals and key success metrics (FWI, 2017).
Company profile
Oporto is a well renowned Australian fat food restaurant which derived its name from the porto, the second largest city in Australia. The restaurant is traditionally design to offer fast food with Portuguese Oporto is a famous Australian fast food restaurant designed with the Portuguese preference. The restaurant began its operations in 1986 through a Portuguese immigrant Antonio Cerqueria in North Bondi. The immigrant had a frustrating search for a Portuguese styled grilled chicken in Australia which he didn’t find and prompted him to start the business. Oporto restaurant started then through service to friends and family members with the Portuguese chicken accompanied with Portuguese Chilly sauce. The ideal aim of the restaurant was to sell simple and delicious food mainly to friends and family members but soon after the restaurant expanded and attracted many customers across Australian and led to over 140 outlets in the country.
The restaurant has achieved impressive growth through interactive communication tools within the organization. The use of touch screens kiosk and digital signage has enhanced the sale of their delicious foods at a low cost and maximized customers’ need. The restaurant constantly look for innovative ideas to incorporate into the management of employees and customers within their stores to enhance increase in productivity and the profitability of the business. The restaurant has adopted a small format shop fronts resulting in high returns and subsequent reduction in rental cost.
Considering a competitive market environment, the company has a strong internal and external communication strategy which strengthen its marketing strategies. The strategies include promotional activities geared towards branding Oporto as a beach restaurant since their first store was erected near Bondi beach. Moreover, the logo of the company is Sun an advertising brand image of the beach activities including surfing, skiing and diving which appeal to customers.  The market strength of the company is the unique Portuguese style chicken with Chilly sauce and Bondi burger which is popular among many Australian customers. However, the restaurant is seeking to expand its businesses outside Australian market through franchising with other food retailers interested with the company products.
Oporto Internal Communication Strategy
Oporto restaurant has invested in digital signage including Large LED displays, smart screens, touchscreen kiosks, video walls and door displays which attract customers and strengthen internal communication process of the company. Digital signage is a perfect internal communication strategy in today’s business as it enables organizations to display information and important messages in a captivating way to the intended viewers (Flanigan, 2015). Studies have shown that visual messaging encourages high level of retention of message unlike text-only communication.
Importance Of Internal Communication Screens
Consistent communication
Internal communication digital screens can be placed anywhere in a multiples rooms or facilities in a business floor. The display on the screens including messages and photos can be controlled in a central point which ensure consistency in the corporate communication strategy (Keith, 2012). Furthermore, the digital networks facilitate real-time communication of the information intended to reach the audience whether employee, customer or other stakeholders thus improving emergency approach (Titang, 2016). In addition to improving emergency response effectiveness, real-time communication of performance enables the employees to assess their performance given the metrics of organizational performance which improves efficiency and results (RMG, 2016).
Team Collaboration
Internal communication screens play a big role in Corporate team building among the employees, stakeholders and management (Verghese, 2012). Adopting the digital signage tools and touch screen kiosks enhances continuous improvement in service delivery and work management. Utilizing the digital signage tools for internal communication help the employees as well as the management in organizing their daily activities which improve team collaboration. Furthermore, this digital internal communication application enables efficient team collaboration and bottlenecks which improves resolution of issues or complains across the organization work place.
Oporto internal communication screens enables the employees to inform the customers on the choice of foods available for their consumptions. The customers respond through the touch screen kioks where they place their order quickly and await their orders to be served. This has led to increase in sales and profitability of the company. Furthermore, the customers are well informed through the internal communication skills about the prices of food variety, the ingredients and the way the food is served. Therefore, the recipes displayed digitally through screens saves time for the waiters as they fulfill the orders of the customers. It also help to provide the leadership and high-quality standards and messages for the customers and employees.
Performance Management
The main aspect of business operations Is to maximize the profits as well as minimize their cost of production or operation ( Biazzo & Garengo, 2012).The use of internal communications screens is important in enhancing performance of the firm. Organizations have key performance index which translate to the assessment of each employee performance. Digital signage helps the management of the company to gather information which is key in assessing the performance of employees. The digital screens as used in call centers, restaurant counters, IT firms, banks and any other firm that assess the performance of their employees. Organizations through obtaining of data from various database, corporate signage connected to the communication tools assists in tracking key performance indicators in real-time. Oporto internal digital screens display the team performance and their status in meeting the outline targets. This helps the employees to assess their activities and devise ways of improving their performance. Furthermore, it enables the employees to outline their areas of weaknesses and work towards strengthening them.
The use of internal communication screen also provides an effective way of increasing employee motivation and engagement. Employees honored for their massive contributions encourages work competition and motivation which contribute to the ultimate performance of the firm.
Employee Recognition  
The use of internal communication screes in recognizing employee’s performance is another strategy which companies adopts (Fortin, 2018). Recognizing employees through digital signage is good way to communicate the employee’s performance and contributions towards the success of the company. Through effective implementation of employees’ recognition programs, employees job satisfaction improves which is directly attached to the productivity and revenue of the firm (Juska, 2017)
Oporto uses this technique to recognize contributions of employees in their job duties. A photo, name and contribution of the employee is displayed on the screen. The impact and contribution of the employee will encourage others to follow suit and improves the productivity of the company (Kumar, 2012)
Strengthening of Corporate Values
Companies relies on Internal communication strategies to communicate to the management, stakeholders and employees the core values, competencies, mission and vision (Titang, 2016).The management and employees must be reminded on the values of the company. After all, integrating corporate principles and values in every aspect of an organization is one way to foster recall and practice. For example, corporate signage is used to display digital artwork that enhance customer satisfaction. Moreover, companies can adopt digital signage in conference rooms that are programmed to display the core values of the organization.
Nevertheless, Publishing messages about the company’s values and mission improves the atmosphere of the workplace by ensuring harmony among employees in the job. This also help improve customer confidence and loyalty in a company or organization
Coordination of restaurant activities
Internal communication screens can be used to improve coordination of employees and visitors in the firm (Terence A. Shimp, 2012). Digital signage using display maps guides the movement of people across the floor of the firm. In a restaurant, it helps in directing the path of the customers. Moreover, interactive employee directory makes it easier for a company to find the right people and departments and identify help in guiding their path.
Digital signage assists Oporto to manage restaurant space especially in booking of space and rooms for customers. This technology assists the company not only in increasing utilization of office space but also in managing the customers effectively.
Restaurant menus
Internal communication digital signage helps management communicate the food varieties that are available in the restaurant as well as their pricing. More often, customers make choices about their preferred meals, favorite dish and desired meals by analyzing the ingredients use to make the dish. Therefore, the use of digital menus screens that is frequently with available food in the restaurant attracts customers. Oporto communicates their dishes using digital screens and touchscreen kiosks that customers places their order and wait for service. Therefore, the adoption of this technology has enable the restaurant to improve their customer satisfaction through real-time service delivery.
In conclusion, internal communication is a key to successful management of todays corporations. Though the digital internal communication strategies are dynamic, digital signage can be used in a variety of ways to improve your company’s internal communications. The key areas of importance being broadcasting customized messages for specific place and audience. Internal communication being an integral component of communication between the organizational management and the employees also improve organization of work schedules and activities within the organization. It directs employees’ activities in the organization which act as a motivation towards employees improved performance.  Furthermore, LED screens, touch screen kiosks in Oporto restaurant as internal communication tools has enhanced sharing of information. Employees are able to serve the customers effective given the customers communication feedback process through the digital signage.
This study also concludes that as innovation in technology continue in Oporto restaurant, the cost of service and operational control reduces significantly due to effective internal communication strategic tools. However, some challenges need to be addressed especially on the strategic message formulation. Messages are sensitive especially if the target audience is not well discerned. Therefore, Oporto digital signage must be designed in a customized way to address the target audience. With this strategy, the restaurant can attract many customers.
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