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BUSN3001 : Business Project

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BUSN3001 : Business Project

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BUSN3001 : Business Project

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Course Code: BUSN3001
University: The University Of Newcastle is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


This assessment aims to begin the planning process and to encourage creative thinking in developing and designing the final project report. There will be an opportunity for the student to gain important feedback regarding the selected project which will eventually form part of the major assessment. The written proposal should contain secondary data (e.g. academic literature, business reports, industry journals etc.) which highlight and complement the selected project topic. This will guide the student to determine their selected topic and how this will assist their selected organisation.


Launched in August 2014, Uber Eats has achieved accolades and glory by emerging as an online food ordering platform. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California. The parent company is Uber, dealing with transportation facilities. The first operation was carried out with the launch of UberFRESH in the threshold of Santa Monica. It was in the second half of 2015, when the service expanded to Barcelona, Chicago and New York ( 2018). According to the global ranking, Uber Eats is placed at 4073th position. In the country wise ranking, Uber Eats gets the position  of 2119th rank.
The above figure depicts the trafficking of the audience into the services of Uber Eats. 12.56 million people visit the site, which is 8.17% of the total population of California.
Situational analysis
Online transactions gained popularity in 2016. Under such scenario, expanding the business into the threshold of Australia in 2016 has increased the customers to 5000. As a matter of specification, demand has increased for dishes like Hawaiian Japanese fusion dish poke. The major drive behind this is the easy access to the online orders ( 2018). One of the notable facts in this direction is the privacy cookies and policies, which maintains the safety in the personal information of the clients and the customers. Innovation within the mechanisms lures large number of customers. This has increased the sales revenue and the profit margin. Example can be cited of the plan, where customers are provided with the opportunity to place their orders from the restaurant of their choice and get it delivered by Uber Eats. The delivery would be made within 30 minutes and the charge would be $5. This model was tested in the city of Toronto. Reference can be cited of another plan, where there is an option for selecting the preferred items and getting it delivered in less than 10 minutes with no delivery charges ( 2018).
Introducing schemes, discounts and offers have proved beneficial in making the services interesting. Typical example of this are “playful extras”, where bargained pizza or free sprinkled cupcake or Jones Soda is offered with every orders. For the promotions, Uber Eats have also attempted to sell Halloween costumes and sweaters for gaining large scale customer satisfaction. Adding to the workforce has enhanced the preconceived skills, expertise and knowledge of the Uber drivers. This enhancement has made noticeable contributions to the labour market. The enormous base of the satisfied users has lowered the acquisition cost ( 2018). This has provided competitive advantage to the service than the contemporary online food ordering services. Financial stability is assistance towards fulfilling the specific needs, demands and requirements of the clients and the customers.
The facilities of making online booking has enhanced the ease for the customers. The GPRS installed in the apps makes it convenient for the customers for book from anywhere and everywhere. This has added to their comfort of the customers, where they can order food items by relaxing at their homes. Catering to the specific needs, demands and demands of the customers provides Uber Eats with the opportunity to enjoy competitive advantage over the contemporary brands ( 2018).
Literature review
Business expansion alters the scope and arena of the companies and organizations. This expansion lures the customers, which escalates the sales revenue and profit margin. Exposure of strategic approach proves beneficial in achieving large scale customer satisfaction. Theoretical consideration proves effective in terms of achieving positive results. Mention can be made of the tortoise theory, which makes the businesspersons familiar with the tactics for the coping up with competitions. This theory suggests that the companies and organizations need to be flexible enough for adjusting within the competitive ambience (Sakas, Vlachos and Nasiopoulos 2014). For this, observation power is the most crucial element.
Business expansion is considered as one of an important aspect of strategy theory. The theory suggests two areas, focusing on which can lead to positive outcomes in expanding the scope and arena of business. These areas are internal growth and external growth. Internal growth relates to adding to the workforce and adapting latest machines for the enhancing the productivity in business. On the other hand, external growth is the partnerships, which increases the operational scale for the companies and organizations (Buckley, Burton and Mirza 2016).
Reference can be cited of the Australian Business Cycle Theory, where the critics shed light on the variations within the market condition. The process can be described as follows:
                                                                       Figure 1: Australian Business Cycle theory
                                                                                  (Source: Castellani et al. 2018)
Enforcement of lower interest rates by the government increases borrowing of the services from the associate agencies and partners. Mention can be made of the credit expansions, leading to higher expansions and borrowing. Along with this, it also sheds light on the capital investments, which are inversely proportional to the consumer demand. Apart from this, it also reflects the oppositional relationship between the employment levels and the inflated prices.
Contraction and recession are the two important components of Business Cycle Theory. The stages of the theory include Expansion and Recession.
The expansion phase includes GDP, durable goods, factory orders, orders for raw materials, unemployment, consumer confidence and the issue of inflation. The last three aspects contradict the aspect of expansion. In this, all of the factors except unemployment are high. On the other hand in the recession phase, unemployment is the main issue, which is on a lower level. This is the reason for which the demand for durable goods is also lower. As a result of this, the unemployment levels are higher.
                                                            Figure: Land and EXPAND Sales Framework
                                                                         (Source: Castellani et al. 2018)
This framework is apt for expanding the scope and arena of the business. Exceptional customer service increases the sales revenue. Introduction of promotional programs can be considered as a part of the quarterly business plans. Surveys and feedback prove effective in gaining an insight into the approaches of the customers towards the levied services. Effective consideration of the score of the surveys enhances the awareness towards attracting the customers.
Reference can also be cited of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). According to the proposition of the theory, technology influences the decision making process of the staffs. The factors responsible for this affectation are perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use (Buckley, Burton and Mirza 2016). As a matter of specification, technologies compel the staffs to think about the utility of the products and services as compared to the specific tastes and preferences of the customers. Capability of the staffs to make effective use of the technologies bring innovative diffusion theory into the discussion. The other factors related to this diffusion are market share and the saturation level of the demands. Consideration of the time till when the services would reach to the customers, and though which channels, are crucial factors for bringing innovation within the workplace. The theory of innovative diffusion caters to the flow of ideas between persons. Here, the terms and the conditions relate to the likeliness of occurrence of an innovative idea, product or practice. In the stage of multi diffusion, the transactions depend on the approach of the sellers towards the buyers (Sakas, Vlachos and Nasiopoulos 2014). Factors like quality tests, special schemes, discounts and offers influence the decision-making process of the buyers. One such factor is resistance towards change.
Conceptual framework
                                                                                   Figure: Conceptual framework of Uber eats
                                                                                        (Source: Created by the researcher)
Research philosophy
For conducting a research, I have incorporated a particular philosophy. There are three different types of philosophies, which the researcher can follow for execution of the research- positivism, post-positivism and interpretivism. Positivism helps the researcher to establish real, scientific and objective knowledge related to the subject matter of the research. Post-positivism relates with the consequences of the established facts (Mackey and Gass  2015). Interpretivism is the interpretation of new facts and establishing new propositions to them. In this research, I have selected positivism philosophy for establishing scientific, real and objective knowledge related to the expansion of Uber Eats in Australia and its success.
Research approach
A researcher perceives a researcher through two approaches-deductive and inductive. Deductive approach relates to deducing relevant facts and ideas from the gathered data. On the other hand, inductive approach relates to the proposition of new theories and facts, which have not been established earlier (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault 2015). In this research, I have applied deductive approach. This is because of deducing relevant facts and ideas related to the business expansion factors related to Uber Eats in the threshold of Australia.
Research design
Adhering to an integrated design enables the researcher to produce a quality research. As a matter of specification, there are three designs, which a researcher complies with- exploratory, explanatory and descriptive. Exploratory design relates with exploration of the unexplored realms of the subject matter of the research. Explanatory and descriptive research design are similar in their functionalities. They require description and explanation of every minute detail related with the subject matter of the research (Brannen 2017). In this research, I chose explorative research design. This is in terms of exploring the unknown facts about Uber Eats successive expansion into the threshold of Australia.
Data collection
The data required for a research is collected mainly through primary and secondary method. Within this, there are subdivisions-quantitative and qualitative. In the primary quantitative, surveys are conducted on the selected samples. In the qualitative, the managers are interviewed for enhancing the knowledge on the subject matter. In the secondary method, data is collected from websites, articles and other sources (Creswell and Creswell 2017). In this, exclusion and inclusion criteria is followed. The sources, which have been published more than 10 years are excluded. The sources published within 10 years are included for establishing relevancy with the subject matter (Fusch and Ness 2015). In this research, I have used both quantitative and quality methods for collecting the data.
Sample size
The whole population bears relation with the research. However, in order to cope up with the time constraints, the researcher selects a stipulated sample size. This is done through three criterias- simple, random and probability. Simple and random techniques are devoid of any calculations. On the other hand, probability technique involves calculations for selecting the samples (Barnham 2015). In this researcher, I have selected 50 customers for the survey process, who have availed the services of Uber Eats. Along with this, I also interviewed 3 managers of Uber.  
Data analysis
The data collected for the research is analysed through primary and secondary methods. These methods have subdivisions-quantitative and qualititative. In the primary method, survey questions are prepared for analysing the responses of the samples. Preparation of charts and graphs helps in conducting in-depth analysis. In the secondary method, themes relevant to the subject matter of the research are prepared for analysing the collected data (Alvesson and Sköldberg 2017). In this research, I have selected primary quantitative method for analysing the collected data. Graphs and charts would enhance the awareness of the researcher regarding their approaches towards business expansion of Uber Eats into Australia.
Ethical Consideration
Adherence to research ethics prove beneficial in terms of gaining the trust, loyalty and dependence of the respondents. In this research, I implemented Data Protection Act (1998) for ensuring the safety and privacy of the responses of the samples. Here, I have assured the respondents that their responses would be used only for the research purposes instead of commercialization. I avoided using those sites, which needs subscription in order the instances of plagiarism and collusion (Ormston et al. 2014).
Alvesson, M. and Sköldberg, K., 2017. Reflexive methodology: New vistas for qualitative research. Sage.
Barnham, C., 2015. Quantitative and qualitative research: Perceptual foundations. International Journal of Market Research, 57(6), pp.837-854.
Brannen, J., 2017. Mixing methods: Qualitative and quantitative research. Routledge.
Buckley, P. J., Burton, F., and Mirza, H. (Eds.). (2016). The strategy and organization of international business. Springer.
Castellani, D., Narula, R., Nguyen, Q. T., Surdu, I., & Walker, J. T. (Eds.). (2018). Contemporary Issues in International Business: Institutions, Strategy and Performance. Springer
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Fusch, P.I. and Ness, L.R., 2015. Are we there yet? Data saturation in qualitative research. The qualitative report, 20(9), pp.1408-1416.
Mackey, A. and Gass, S.M., 2015. Second language research: Methodology and design. Routledge.
Ormston, R., Spencer, L., Barnard, M. and Snape, D., 2014. The foundations of qualitative research. Qualitative research practice: A guide for social science students and researchers, 2, pp.52-55.
Sakas, D., Vlachos, D., and Nasiopoulos, D. (2014). Modelling strategic management for the development of competitive advantage, based on technology. Journal of Systems and Information Technology, 16(3), 187-209.
Taylor, S.J., Bogdan, R. and DeVault, M., 2015. Introduction to qualitative research methods: A guidebook and resource. John Wiley & Sons. (2018), Discover restaurants that serve near you, Availabl at: [Accessed on 11th August 2018]

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