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BUS110 : Learning And Expectations

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BUS110 : Learning And Expectations

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BUS110 : Learning And Expectations

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Course Code: BUS110
University: Charles Sturt University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


You are required to prepare a report. A report is a text type that intends to relay information or recount events in a presentable form. A report includes the use of sections, headings and sub headings. Diagrams, tables or appendices may also be included in a report. For the purpose of this assessment, divide your report into three sections by using the following headings:

Section 1: Your potential employer;
Section 2: Skills audit; and
Section 3: Learning styles.


Section 1: Your Potential Employer
 Potential Employer
My aspiration is to be a part of the world’s biggest e-commerce organization Amazon. I am greatly inspired and moved by the journey of the organization starting from an online book seller to at present the e-commerce behemoth(He et. al., 2015). Amazon is the largest internet e-commerce technology company which is changing the landscape of the e-commerce ecosystem worldwide(Chen, Mislove & Wilson, 2016).
I would like to work in the capacity of digital marketing manager at Amazon. The role of digital marketing is one of the contemporary roles in the organization as well the hottest job in the industry. Moreover I am inclined towards the digital marketing hence I can be the right fit for the organization.
The safety, health and welfare act 2005 requires the employers to manage and conduct their work activities in such a manner as to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the employees. This in one way is risk assessment procedure taken by the organization to ensure the welfare of its people(Lemiare, 2018). Also, under the Fair work act of 2009, some of the legal obligations of the employer are:

Paying right wages to the employees.
Providing pay slips
Safe working environment
Ensure to have workers compensation insurance for each employee and many others.

Fair Work Act 2009 protects the rights of the individual working in the business organization. In Australia some of the bodies to be approached in case of any wrong doing are:

Department of industry, innovation and science
Attorney General department
Department of human sciences
Australian taxation office
Australian competition and consumer commission(Power, 2017).

My Role
Being a part of Amazon incorporation, I have plethora of responsibilities towards my employer, some of which goes on as:

Do justice to my job role and fulfil all my duties as the manner prescribed by the employer.
Do no discrimination in the workplace and have a right moral compass at all times.
Keep working towards the goals of the organization.
Justify the remuneration provided by the employer by completing all the duties of the employer.
Legal and moral obligation towards the employer.
Not to disclose confidential information of the employer to any person.
The employees have to act in absolute fidelity during the continuation  of his/her employment and act in the employer’s interest at all the times(Burbano, 2016).

Communication plays an extremely important role in business organization, more so while setting up the clear expectation in the business place. In absence of clear communications the goals are not being communicated to the employees, which leave them clueless about their roles in the organization(Pearson, 2017). Thus while setting up expectation clearly with the supervisor, I will ensure the following things:

All the communication related to the workplace behaviour, policies and procedures to be documented and communicated via email.
The communication with the team to be open and transparent.
Use channels such as email, chat bots, social media, open forums and team meetings to have a clear communication with the team.
The important thing here is to set clear cut communication goals in the entire team and throughout the organization.
The communication has to be encouraged by the supervisor and he should motivate the employees to communicate with openness about any grievances or any concern(Quirke, 2017).

Most of the business organizations suffer with the problem of improper communication or inefficient channels. The bottom-line here is to ensure that all the internal stakeholders of the organization are on the same page and are able to follow the instruction given by the employer or the supervisor. Clear cut communication helps in establishing goals and objectives for the employees which are in sync with the goals of the organization. Thus, communication is extremely pivotal to the growth and sustainability of the organization
Section 2: Skills Audit
Table1: Skill Comparison

Skills I need to perform in my duties in my chosen organisation/occupation

Skills I need to strengthen to perform my duties in my chosen organisation (as indicated in Personal Skills Audit)

· One of the primary skills required to excel in the e-commerce organization is to have a comprehensive understanding of the e-commerce sector and different modules related to digital marketing and advertising. For instance the modules which I will have to brush up in order to enhance my skill set are: Website creation and optimization, SEO and SEM, Social media marketing, influencer marketing, Google ad words, Content creation, meta tags, content optimization and ore so.
· Planning and Organizing
· Learning and development
· Leadership Development

· It is really important to master the communication skill for harmonious and productive work environment. Additionally it will also help in creation of positive synergies at the workplace. These skills have to be ably mapped with the job role which I am aiming for at Amazon. Thus, communication skill will help me in better communicating the goals and objectives to the workforce at the business organization.
· Planning and organizing are the two most important function of the management. Planning will help me do the workforce planning and the task allocation to my team members. Similarly, organizing will ensure that I create the jobs with the right fit for the candidates along with the necessary elements of KPI.
· Learning and development is one skill which also helps in the overall motivation of the employee. More than the skill it is the zeal of the employees and the willingness of the employee to learn develop and grow in the business organization.
· Leadership development is most essential for the overall personality development of an individual. Leadership development program will help me in understanding the leadership theories in detail along with the practical application of leadership in various scenarios. This skill will help me in better conducting my meetings with the team leader, and I will be in a better position to manage them and work with them. Leadership skill will also help to me to understand the importance of employees in decision making and how to overcome their resistance. Thus, the skill of leadership will help me transit smoothly from my amateurish behaviour to professional one.

Section 3: Learning Styles

Gardner theory of multiple intelligence suggests that people have different kind of intelligences. Gardner stressed and emphasized that in order to absorb he full range of abilities and talents which people possess, he stated that people have to leverage on various kinds of intelligence such as the musical, interpersonal, spatial, visual and linguistic intelligence(Gardner, 2018).
The theory is of much help in analysing the own strength of an individual akin to the Gardner model.
Visual Spatial Intelligence
The strength here lies in the visual and spatial intelligence.
The people who have this intelligence are extremely good at visualizing things. These kinds of people are good with directions, maps, videos and pictures.  The people having this strength are characterized by good reading and writing habits, solving puzzles, recognizing patterns and more so. These kinds of people have inclination towards the career of Architect, engineer and an artist(Martin, 2018).
I personally have good visualizing and spatial intelligence, and one of the fact which demonstrates the same is related to my memory, I don’t forgot the place I have visited once.
Linguistic Verbal Intelligence
The strength here lies related to reading, writing and speaking abilities.
These kinds of people have the capacity to read and write well and thus are able to communicate effectively with people. This skill is much required in business organization in order to effectively communicate with the stakeholders. These type of people make their career in the field of journalism, lawyer & teaching(Ang & Dyne, 2015).
I personally have linguistic verbal intelligence; this makes me a strong candidate to justify my job role.
Logical Mathematic Intelligence
The strength with this intelligence lies in analysing the problems and solving mathematical operations(Caruso et. al., 2015).
These types of people are really good with numbers and follow a systematic way of analysing things. I have a good interest towards maths and I solve the problems based on the mathematical logic.
Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence
This intelligence has the strength related to motor control and physical movement(Sternberg, 2015).
These types of people have excellent hand eye coordination and physical control. I do have this intelligence; however I am not so confident to use this strength in my job skill.
Musical Intelligence
These people have the strength of music and rhythm in their personality(Petrides, 2016).
These people have great imaginative power and they have the ability to flow along with the rhythm of the music.
Interpersonal Intelligence
The intelligence here gives the strength of creating a better understanding with the people and also to relate with other people.
These type of individuals or I would say me, have the ability to understand the people in their natural self, their emotions, motivation, desires and the intentions to be around such people.
I have this intelligence and that is what makes me a desirable candidate for the job role at Amazon.
Intrapersonal Intelligence
This type of intelligence has the strength of self -reflection, personal assessment & introspection.
These people have the ability to understand their own motives, emotions, motivation factors in order to understand what is required for the development of a person.
I have this intelligence and I use this in my learning abilities as it gives me a reflection of the lacunae in my personal and professional skills to excel at my career.
Naturalistic Intelligence 
This type of intelligence is characterized with building relationship with people and finding patterns in the situation(Petrides, 2016).
These types of individuals are more concerned towards nature, and this is the most recent addition to Gardner intelligence. I am equally inclined towards the well -being of the environment and wish to contribute towards the sustainability of the environment.
Thus Gardner model of learning and development has been very helpful in determining my strength.
Thus my learning is mostly based on Interpersonal skill, which makes me a people person and provides me with the ability of managing and handling people by creating a bond of trust and long lasting relationship with them.
My Preferred learning style is based on Gardner intelligence as it gives an empirical evidence of the strength of an individual in accordance to the eight learning and intelligence cycle. My current skill set is that I am working towards brushing my people skills and trying to go beyond the normal societal bonds with people, and establish a relationship which goes beyond all the boundaries and does not have any kind of limitations.
Some of the strategies which I need to deploy are:

Strength in relationship with the internal and external stakeholders with the aim of building trust and a bond of enhanced relationship.
I have to be a people’s person by not being judgement and understanding the rationale of their thoughts about the given instruction.
To have and develop a better understanding of culture to understand the cultural differences between people and also to ensure that I do no discrimination to people on the basis of their cultural differences.
Another strategy which I will have to use is to improve my communication abilities. This would help me in setting up the right communication channels with my peers which would eventually lead to better transfer of information.

Keep your references here using the APA format 
You can find more information about referencing from the link below. You may need to cut and paste the link 
To sort your reference list alphabetically

Select the list of references.
In the HOMEtab, click the A-Z button.
In the Sort Text box, select Sort by Paragraphs, Type: Text > Ascending.


List on a new page
Title is ‘References’
Each entry has a hanging indent
Journal publication title should be italicised and in ”title’ case.
Article title should be in ‘sentence’ case.
List should be alphabetically ordered.
Include DOI for higher grades.
Ensure the article meets the C.R.A.P. test. You can use 10 years as a guide for currency

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