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BUS1001 Professional Development And Business Communication

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BUS1001 Professional Development And Business Communication

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BUS1001 Professional Development And Business Communication

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Course Code: BUS1001
University: Asia Pacific International College is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


Write an essay on career selection in business.


In case of successful career outcome, the range of knowledge, skill and learning perspective in the same direction is important. In the globalised approach of learning, versatility in choosing a career is the new pathway that students get their dream job by that process. The process will provide enough advancement in career growth and evaluate different levels of engagement to consider the basic job understanding. The fundamental objective of career selection is the interest and knowledge of the subject. There are different dynamic processes of understanding and that allowing practical learning for career selection.
In this essay, the thesis statement of the essay persist in the career selection in business and consider the opportunity of the career and the future outcome of the process. The essay also analyses the qualities that a person should have for choosing a career. In this essay, chosen career selection is Human Resource Management (Albrecht et al. 2015). The aspect of human resource management in this modern business arena is impactful and most of the multi-national companies use the service of experience and efficient human resource managers. Employees’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and their career advancement is also depending on that process and that encourage better income and respectful organisational position in the company.
Description of Bachelor of Business Skills
Bachelor of Business is comprehensive and innovative degree programme provided by APIC conforming to the Australian Qualification Framework. Bachelor of Business Programme mainly offers courses which are associated with finances and accounting, covering the fundamental of business and it also provides considerable knowledge of leadership and project management. Bachelor of Business course has been designed in a way to lay the foundation for the pupils to make out along with develop skills and competencies of the financial management and project management to manage the human resources and business needs. This particular course provides knowledge regarding the creativity and lateral thinking, project management skills, financial management skills, leadership and ethics and sustainability.
Subjects of Bachelor of Business Courses
Bachelor of Business Course provide the knowledge and courses regarded Management Accounting, Information System Design and Development, Audit and Assurance, Taxation, Account Theory, Advanced Financial Accounting and Corporation Law. The courses are associated with Bachelor of Business are Foundations of Accounting, Economics, Human Resource Management and Finance, Organisational Development and entrepreneurship.
Comparing APIC Courses with University like UTS
University of Sydney (UTS) offers students a background in all the areas of business through all eight common core subjects undertaken in the first year. UTS provides full-time and part time programme for the students in Autumn and Spring commencement. UTS offers courses likes Integrating Business Perspective, Accounting, Economics for Business, Business statistics, Managing People and organisation, Fundamentals of Business finances, Quantitative business analysis and cost management, company law, audit and taxation law.
Therefore, it has been observed that UTS provides emphasis on audit and quantitative business analysis which is not taught in APIC. Planning is the bedrock of Audit and students will get to know about planning and risk based audit through this course. Quantitative analysis will make the students of UTS more skilled in financial analysis technique to understand the complex mathematical and statistical measurement and modelling.
Different skills needed for the formulation of career
Interpersonal skill
Interpersonal skill is associated with the emotional intelligence and the skill motivates employees and ensures the way to achieve the best result. In case of transition in the workplace, the skill is very much important as the level of responsibility can be judged through the process (Mostafa, Gould?Williams and Bottomley 2015). The skill is also important as it involves in the communication process. The collaboration of different people and their skill development is associated with the process. During the job interview, the recruiter must look forward to candidate’s interpersonal skill as the process determines the easy involvement of the candidate in current working condition. There are some effective grades of interpersonal skill and all these things complete the whole process. Self-confidence is the best way to gain recognition and that establishes a positive and effective approach of a person (Bratton and Gold 2017). Work ethics is another option that manages the aspect of professionalism. Respectfulness will come by the maintenance of ethics and exercising practice ensures the best outcome from the employee.
Relationship management is the process to manage employees in case of getting advanced in the position of leader and having mutual trust over them. An open forum will help employees to share their feedback and those feedbacks are important as some innovative change can come up from that forum and as a human resource manager, this section is important. Body language and listening are two major aspects in this section and for being selected in the post of this, body language and non-verbal communication along with good listening approach are important. Showing appreciation for employees is another important work that an HRM manager needs to do. The positive attitude is the last aspect of this process and positive outcome ensure the post of HRM selection.
Oral skill
Oral skill is important to manage the situation and verbal communication in an organisation depends on the process. Engage conversation with employees and applicants and help them to understand the effectiveness and the objectivity of the company is the important aspect for the post of the human resource manager. The process also takes care of syntactic structure and manages eye contact is important for the post of the human resource manager. The instructional speech and maintain that on regular basis along with the process innovation come from that end only (Busse, Aboneh and Tefera 2014). The strategic change and change management implementation for the best situational change is the key process in that case. In case of oral skill, speak when the moment comes, is the right approach and professional development of organisational is the basic management, that consolidated by HRM, and that is considered as the skill development of the oral process.  
Business writing skills
There are few steps in business writing skill and this process is important for the managers as well. The writer needs to think before writing and the approach must be direct in that case. The extra information is not needed in that scenario and pinpoints over the main argument is the most important section in such a situation. Improvement of sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar all these things are necessary in that case. The writing cannot bear any emotion with that as the moment will be presented on the base of the hard-core true platform (Boxman and Flap 2017). The writing may have different dimension but the situational change in the writing will not carry any emotion with it. Whatever the career benefit or improvement has come out through the process, the writing should not be augmented due to that process. The process may conclude in a negative tone but still, the writing pattern or intention cannot be changed. The writing will identify the strength and weakness of the particular person and that information come from the pattern and style of writing. Defining the audience and purpose of the document must be clear, and detailed information can be extracted by that process.  
In case of human resource management, understanding of writing the part and considering an application suitable for the company can be judged by writing, so this is considered one of the important processes for the manager’s own part as well as the significant part of the job role (Liu et al. 2017). The job role of manager determines the process as well and that encourages timely reviewing, and use of correct language. Use of formal text and maintain honesty and clarity is also important for this writing part. Human resource manager checks all these things and concise all possible form of use writing and the answer lies in everywhere.
Team working skills
The team working skill is important to manage a team or to stay at that team and work for its advancement. The process is significant for organisational development and individual enhancement. Consequently, when a person recognizes that it cannot be achieved by the business goals deprived of a good team then it’s valued devoting time, money, and determinations to figure out for the organization. Team building is a process of result-oriented process. Results also designated that the possessions of job and team basic teamwork skills exercise on team presentation were interceded by development and task management and co-operative problem unravelling conduct (Wehrmeyer 2017). The incapability of team members to interrelate and work in an organized way efficiently can merge in the negative effect on both squads and organization efficiency. As a consequence, executives and managers have recognized training as a crucial influence in the accomplishment of work teams. In the case of human resource management, decision making, planning skill and organisation development are the key understanding that encourages the career option.
Team building actions can construct faith among workers in an organization. If there are goals to be attained on a daily basis it is indispensable to ensure team building actions that encourage trust influence (Klingner,Llorens and Nalbandian 2015). Team building can manage the conflict situation as well and the situation can be mitigated by the effective strategies implementation. This is a beneficial process of the process for the HRM and organisation also to maintain the same team for each situation and control work pressure and successful implementation of the work.
Analyse basic research information
The basic research in the case is associated with social science and psychology. The mentality of the human along with the socio-cultural aspect, communication, education, management, economics, anthropology and politics all these information are needed by the researcher for the legitimate formulation of that process. In case of the research process in the particular career option, development of human resource and the importance of the post in the organisation is the most relevant aspect in that case (De Lange et al. 2015). The basic information also provides some additional instrument to uncover the statement and allowing hypothesis top interpret over it. Analysing data and employee recruitment stats and figure, efficient and long-term employees’ engagement, gathering those important data for the formulation of business understanding is important and that makes a product design to determine the process. The career option analyses the difficulties and ensures better basic research information for the advancement of business.  
Resume writing
Resume writing is an important step as this document will help to enter the organisation. There are some important aspects of resume writing and this is the time when relevant skill and accomplishments are moving towards the successful way of implementation. Covering all the basics is the first and foremost thing in the resume. The basic contains relevant educational degrees and certificates, educational background and the work experience (Direnzo, Greenhaus and Weer 2015). The work beginning and the experience over there and roles and responsibilities were there all these are mentioned in this process. Other important things like contact information, full name, belongings, present address, phone number and email address all these information needs to be there and that will explore the resume towards new objectives.
The sense of language and the workplace management is important for human resource manager and as a chosen career, the self-confidence of managing the situation is the most important aspect and through the practical implementation the justification can be adjusted and evaluated (Lyons, Ng and Schweitzer 2014). The resume will also quantify the accomplishments and synchronised the growth opportunities of the person. In the case of the human resource manager, the person makes a link between internal operation with the external environment and that process is directly beneficial for the organisation.
Job interview skills
The job interview is the last round that needs to crack for an interviewee to get the desired job. At first, the interviewee needs to know the background of the company. This is very significant to recognize about the business itself and minute specifics about the post interviewee has applied for.So, for which most of the businesses on on-campus convey a performance which ensures these belongings well in form. The selling point or the USP of the person may be the communication skill, the convenience factor or the critical thinking and analysing the matter or the prompt response in the adverse situation make the person suitable for the job (Cohen 2015). The anticipation of interviewer mind and place the same answer wanted to form the other end will deliver the best possible way to ensure the process. There are some common interview questions and that needs to be answered in a formative way. The interviewee needs to score a good number by delivering quality answers and for that process, practice is needed.
In the case of the human resource manager, an eye of recognising the suitable candidate for the organisation and the evaluation of the person while meeting will be important. The assertive approach is also important for the person and as the readiness of the person in case of delivering in the organisation process evolved through.
Therefore it can be concluded that human resource management is one of the interior sections of business and business administration and advancement is depending on that process. As an interviewee, good communication skill, management understanding, evaluating capability, team performance, decision making, business writing skill, verbal and non-verbal even the interview situation all these processes are formulated in the suitable form. The chosen career is human resource manager and it completely agrees with the terms of the business advancement and helps to achieve the best way to analyse the process. The jobs opportunities are high enough in that case and career advancement processes also get a smooth way of the run. Business understanding is associated with the process and human resource managers control all the in-house process of business.The improve work-related communication helps in managing the situation also deliver the right choice of career option.  
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