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BSBSUS501 Develop A Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability

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BSBSUS501 Develop A Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability

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BSBSUS501 Develop A Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability

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Course Code: BSBSUS501
University: Strathfield College is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

You work as a sustainability manager in ABC, an IT Solutions provider that started in 2012. It has now became a multi-million dollar company. It is currently located in Sydney. According to the forecast, in six months the number of employees will be doubled.
Below are the current issues of the company Issue 1: As a result of growing number of employees:

More new devices and office equipment will have to be purchased
Two new locations will have to be leased
Electricity and water bills will have to be managed

Issue 2: Office.
a. Employees has to submit a hard-copy of their timesheet to their supervisor causing the following issues:

Lost timesheet or failure to submit on time has resulted to employees missing their payment.
The supervisor has to have a look at each timesheet submitted for The following documents may be attached in the timesheet: reimbursement and leave application.

b. Pay slip is still paper-based. Lost of pay slip may compromise the affected employee’s
c. Employee workstations are Note that there is no issue with the server and network connection. Below are the current specification: Operating System: Windows XP
Required employee login? Yes Password Policy: None

There isn’t any password format policy implemented
The password also don’t have an expiration

Issue 3: Employee
a. Work long hours often
– Not all technologies used has a training program
e.g. a programmer employee is being asked to program in Visual Basic, but he has no knowledge on that programming language.
b. Office is getting
-Some employees has to share one desk
c. No security personnel in the building.
Issue 4: Utilities
There are many devices used in the company in regular basis, some of which are printers, scanners, telephone, and projector. These devices use different resources such as electricity, paper, etc. In addition, there are other different resources used in the company such as water, air conditioning, heater, plastic cups, bags, etc. All the staff use these resources on the daily basis.
The issues above has driven the company to assign you to create a sustainability policy. Out of scope:

Server and other networking equipment and software, e.g.

Assessment Instruction
Policy Development Project
Increasingly more businesses and organisations are implementing sustainability policies to encourage sustainability principles and practices within the workplace
You are to develop a sustainability policy for implementation using the scenario above.
The purpose of the sustainability policy is to develop strategies for:

Minimizing resource use
Reducing toxic material and hazardous chemical use
Employing life cycle management approaches
Promoting sustainability principles
Raising awareness among stakeholders
Training staff in sustainability principles and techniques

PartA: Planning Sustainability Policy 
Before you write the sustainability policy, please research over the internet or any resources provided accessing information on sustainability practices and the processes and techniques of writing policy. In addition, whenever required, you may want to discuss possible approaches to policy development and implementation with key stakeholder(s), in this case, your trainer.
1.Gather information from a range of sources to help you plan and develop the policy. Sources may include:

Industry guidelines
Industry best practice
Relevant personnel
Organisational specifications
Legislative requirements

You will need to research different methods and techniques for writing All types of organisations have policies to guide the way work is done in the organisation. Consequently, policy documents can be written and presented in many different ways. Some of the issues you will need to consider are:

How you will structure the document most effectively? What writing style will you use?
Will you include the organisation’s general principles and philosophies? How will you organise general policies and specific procedures?
Who needs to authorise the policy document?

Identify and consult with stakeholders as a key component of the policy development process. Stakeholders may include:

Local community
Technical specialists

You should use a variety of methods to involve stakeholders in the policy development. You should be prepared to effectively manage different points of view and dissenting stakeholders.
You are expected to contribute to the resolution of disputes among stakeholders.

Make recommendations for sustainability policy options to address inefficiencies within the organisation or opportunities for improvements in sustainability practices based on:

Likely effectiveness
Existing organisational policies such as equal employment opportunity, OHS and equity and diversity policies
Principles and practices of sustainability management relevant to the industry
Industry best practice
Available tools and techniques of sustainability management
Continuous improvement in resource efficiency

Part B: Write Sustainability Policy 
Now that you have an understanding of sustainability and the inefficiencies and opportunities for improved sustainable practices in the organisation, you must develop a workplace sustainability policy.
The written workplace sustainability policy that you submit must:
1.Define the scope of the policy. This may include:

Breadth of the policy application – will it be implemented in parts of organisation, the whole organisation or across multiple organisations
Policy approach – will you select an integrated approach which includes environmental, social and economic aspects, or a specific approach that focuses on aspects individually?
Adherence to legislation – will you meet the relevant legislation which supports the compliance of your organisation in environmental performance and sustainability?

2. Develop a workplace sustainability policy that reflects the organisation’s commitment to sustainability as an integral part of business planning, and as a business opportunity which includes benchmark
3. Develop an implementation strategy as part of the policy. This may involve developing:

Relevant systems and procedures to aid in the achievement of workplace sustainability
Quality assurance systems
Relevant protocols
System for continuous improvement in resource efficiency for recording and interpreting data

Part C: Communication Strategy
Having now completed your workplace sustainability policy for your organisation, you are to develop a communications strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to help you communicate the contents of the policy to a wide range of stakeholders.
As part of a communications strategy, you are to develop promotional tools to communicate the workplace sustainability policy. Promotional tools may include:

Flyers for noticeboards/suppliers
Training sessions

When developing the communication strategy for your sustainability policy you must consider:

ndividuals and groups both inside and outside of the organisation who have some direct interest in the organisation
Key personnel within the organisation who may have particular technical expertise to
support the introduction of the policy
The entire sustainability policy
The range of activities to be undertaken
Different promotional tools for different organisational areas and different audiences
Responsibilities for communicating the policy
Desired and expected outcomes of the communication strategy


ABC Company is an IT solutions provider that was started in 2012. ABC is located in Sydney. The company is having a tremendous growth and doubling of the number of employees within a half an year. ABC Company is experiencing some challenges currently that are likely to affect the company negatively. The issues are as a result of the growing number of employees that seem mismanaged, office issues, employee issues and utilities issues.
Issues experienced
Due to the increased number of employees, there is need to add more devices in the company. New locations will be leased and a plan need to be made on how the employees will be distributed. As the number of employees will increase, that will result to increase of the water and electricity bills. The other issue is that employees face loss of timesheet or could fail to submit the timesheets on timesheet. This results to employees missing their payments. This as a result of hardcopy submission of time sheets. The pay slip is done on paper and employees loss their pay slips. Another issue is that the computers used in the office have slow processing capabilities leading to the employees perform their duties slowly. Employees also work for long hours. The utilities in the office have to be used accordingly to be provide effectiveness and efficiency in the office.
Solution has to be laid out in order to solve the issues that are experienced in the company. A sustainability policy need to be developed for ABC Company. The sustainability policy will aim at meeting the important need I the company. It will not compromise the ability of future generations but will enable the future generation attain their requirements. Sustainability Policy helps in solving wasteful activities in a company (Dewan, 2013). 
How to implement the sustainability policy
To develop the sustainability policy, there is need to understand he strengths, gaps and obstacles experienced in ABC Company. Then there is need to identify the desired goal for the company. Then a set off actions to achieve the intended goals in the company. There are advantages and disadvantages that is likely to be face after the implementation of the sustainability policy. The obvious advantage of a sustainability policy is that aims at solving the issues being experienced in the company. The disadvantage is that it may take time for people to get used to the activities required and the implementation will also cost the company. 
The sustainability policy will help in solving most of the issues being experienced in the company. It will enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the company. The sustainability policy will take into consideration the existing organization policies and will aim to achieve the company’s best practice.
The company should implement the sustainability policy to ensure all the stakeholders’ needs are met. The IT solutions provided by ABC Company, will be more efficient and all the employees will perform the task efficiently. The sustainability policy should be communicated to the employees once it is developed.
Sustainability Policy
ABC Company sustainability policy is committed in promoting sustainability among all the stakeholders. There is a major concern for the employees’ comfortability in their work environment (PBX, 2018). ABC Company aims to follow and promote good sustainability practice among all the stakeholders. This will helps improve the working environment for each and every person within and without the company (FAN and ARGHYROU, 2012).
Our sustainability policy is based on the following company’s principles. The objective is:

To comply with the legislation and regulation.
Minimizing the resource use.
To integrate the sustainability consideration in all the business process
To ensure that the employees are aware of the sustainability policy and there adhere to the policy.
To ensure that resource in the office are used efficiently and effectively by all the people in the office.
To ensure all employees and the stakeholders are following the practices on the sustainability policy and aim in improving the sustainability performance.

ABC Company faces a number of challenges and opportunities. The challenges have had a direct impact to the stakeholders and as a result there is need for the issues to be addressed. The issues arise with increase of employees, the office management practices and the utility management. 
Practical steps
In order to put the principles into practice, all are require to adopt to the following practices (Zwick, 2015):
The management

Reduce the energy consumption of the office by purchasing energy saving equipment.
Buy more devices for the new employees. The machines purchased should have fast processes and should be convenient for the employees to use to perform their duties effectively.
The new location to be leased should be convenient for the employees and communication among all employees should be efficient despite being in different locations.
More work stations should be created to ensure the employees don’t share a desk.
The management should provide an efficient way of providing the pay slips. Soft copy pay slips are more convenient as the employees’ privacy is enhanced.

IT department

The IT administrator should ensure that all the computers have an efficient operating system. Computer bought should have appropriate processing speed. This will ensure the workstation are not slow to work with.
The IT personnel should enhance the use of strong password in the system used. This will enhance security in the systems.
Provide a software that will improve the submission of timesheets by the employees.

The employees

The employees should not share there passwords with others to avoid fraud in the system and enhance privacy to their information.
All the people in the office should switch of light if not necessary and use the water sparingly without wastage. This will reduce the electricity and water bills.
All the activities should be performed as planned to avoid working for long hours against the planned time.


The employees use the software provided by the IT department to submit their timesheets in softcopy.
The timesheets should be submitted in time.
The supervisors should ensure that they look at the timesheet sin respective department before submitted for approval.

Communication Strategy.
Communication Objectives
The goals is to ensure that all the stakeholders involved in the company are aware of the sustainability policy developed in the company. The practices required have to take place immediately and effectively once the sustainability policy is confirmed by the management (, 2018). The awareness of the sustainability policy to all people in the company will lead to realization of the issues affecting the company and all the people will make the required steps to solve the issues.
Key Audiences
The audience involved include the stakeholders, the employees and the IT personnel involved in ABC Company (Maulidiyanti, 2018).
Ranked audience $ Preferred channel of communication

Target audience

Appropriate channels of communication


Training Sessions for two hours per day.

 IT personnel

Training sessions, presentation and videos.


Notice board notifications, newsletters and training sessions


Notice board notification and use of the company website.

Working Project Plan




Training Session


2 weeks

Notice Board notification


2 Months

News letters


1 week



2 weeks

Dewan, H. (2013). A Set of Sustainability Indicators Related to High-priority Policy Issues. The International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practice, 8(1), pp.145-156.
FAN, J. and ARGHYROU, M. (2012). UK FISCAL POLICY SUSTAINABILITY, 1955-2006*. The Manchester School, (2018). Developing a communications strategy — Knowhow Nonprofit. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Oct. 2018].
Maulidiyanti, M. (2018). Communication Strategy for New Public Transport System (Case Study: PT Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta Communication Strategy). KnE Social Sciences, 3(11), p.531.
PBX, H. (2018). What is a Sustainability Policy and Why Your Company Needs One. [online] Press8 Telecom. Available at: [Accessed 18 Oct. 2018].
Zwick, Y. (2015). The Sustainability Code – A New Approach Linking Economy and Society towards Sustainability. Global Policy, 6(4), pp.481-482.

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