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BSBLDR501 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence Assignment

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BSBLDR501 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence Assignment

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BSBLDR501 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence Assignment

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Course Code: BSBLDR501
University: Vocational Training Institute is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

At the end of the unit you will be able to:1 Identify the impact of own emotions on others in the workplace2 Recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others3 Promote the development of emotional intelligence in others4 Utilise emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes

Scenario 1
Best way to respond to Jack’s behavior
As an effective management people, I would use my emotional intelligence to respond to the behavior of Jack the store head. The individuals like Jack have less emotional intelligence and they are simply stirring up everything and do not know about the requirements of his/her colleagues and subordinates and unconsciously become cruel to them. The best way to deal with this type of person initially agrees with the person (Ananthan et al., 2010). Hence, firstly I will agree with Jack and praise him for his decision, but afterward, I will try to explain to him the harsh consequence of his decisions for the company and him. As a store head, Jack is responsible for the performance of the store and he definitely does not want that the level of performance of the store will be deteriorating. Hence, he positively hears my suggestion when I tell him that some of the high performing employees are planning to leave the organization. Moreover, if they leave, the performance of the store may affect, then Jack’s performance will also be hampered. Hence, I think jack certainly responses according to my advice.
The process by which I can serve as a role model and shows positive leadership
In order to show positive leadership to my team and serve as a role model to the team firstly, I have to analysis my own strengths and weaknesses and SWOT analysis may help in this matter. The self-reflection helps me in setting exact standards for myself.
For serving as a role model to the employees who work under me, I have to set a model behaviour for myself and honesty, trustworthy, integrity, fairness, consistency, dependability, strength, skills, capability,  compassion, pragmatism, positive attitude etc. are the characteristics that help me in becoming the role model for subordinates (Burns, 2012).    
The positive attitude, earning trust, showing integrity, leading and inspiring the employees, knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the employees helps me in becoming a positive leader and supporting and encouraging the employees I can show positive leadership to my colleagues.
The principle of emotional intelligence
The five key principles of emotional intelligence are:
Self-awareness: Self-awareness is the capability of an individual for understanding his/her own emotions at the time of their rising.
Self-control: Once the individual can be able to identify his/her own emotion then the individual must be able to control his/her emotion. The ability to control the emotion and manage to stay calm in a critical situation is a vital aspect of emotional intelligence.
Empathy: Being empathetic indicate the capacity of perceiving others point of views and responding naturally to others feelings. It helps in developing nurturing the relationship with others (Alessandra, 2006).
Conflict management: The Conflicts are common in the world and managing the conflicts is one of the key aspects of emotional intelligence.
In the case of Jack’s position, the process by which I would have acted and communicated
In case I was in the position of Jack, I would analyze the whole situation and discuss with my colleges and subordinates about the situation and try to find a way out. In this matter, I consult with the top performers of the company along with the low performers to understand the issues. I also analyze the strategies of local companies and try to develop more effective strategies that help me in improving the performance of my store.
Possible impacts of Jack’s behavior on staff performance
The behavior of Jack would have significant adverse impacts on the employees and their performance. The employees may dishearten and lose their interest in the company. In addition to, they may plan to change the company and that affect their performance.   The top performer would be demotivated to deliver a high level of performance as after delivering the highest performance they get a rebuke. That impedes their performances (BARRACLOUGH, 2016). 
Examples of Possible Misinterpretation of colleague’s behavior
The possible misinterpretations of colleague’s behavior identified in this case study are provided in the form of following points:-

Rubbing the People in the wrong way
Neither involved in any occasions nor involved normally

The above two examples identified are depicted in the development of the diverse work environment which is identified in this study. It is indicating the inappropriate interpretation of the expressions with the colleagues present in the work environment and also it is found to be leading to the development of the diverse work environment (Bowkett, 2007).
Response to Mike in regards to Cultural Misinterpretation
In response to the Mike, I would like to indicate that the statement provided by the Mike against Ana should not be made in front of the other team members. It will create a negative impression on Ana and also he is found to be negatively influencing the other team members against Ana. This justification provided by me is depicted to be indicating the cultural misinterpretation of the activities (Ananthan et al., 2010).
Cultural Awareness in the Team 
The four ways by which the cultural awareness in the team can be developed are depicted to be identified in the following ways:-

Influencing the cultural perspective of the Team for the purpose of removing the misunderstandings against the team members.
Company Morale must be implemented for the purpose of developing cultural awareness.
Policies related to the cultural awareness must be implemented for the purpose of making growth in the activities (Gaston, 2005).  
Potential legal ramifications are essential for the purpose of removing the formation of the legal issues.

Four Effective Communication Strategies 
The four effective communication strategies for the purpose of avoiding the misunderstandings are depicted to be provided in the following points:-

Keeping an open mind which will enable to remove the communication barriers.
Least knowledge must be gained related to the people’s cultural background.
Practicing the active listening processes and maintaining a personal touch.
Watching the ways of carrying out the non-verbal communication processes (Campling, 2008).

Task 2 
The ways to control my emotions 
As a responsible operation manager within the organization, I need to be aware of the facts that there are no places for emotions in business and at the same time the emotions play a pivotal role for the team members to achieve their business goals. Hence, my first priority is to control my own emotions through self-awareness and self-regulation that motivates the mind to pursue the best possible ways that do not tend to violate the decency as well as the responsibility as an operational manager (Dr. R. Akila & Dr. N. Thangavel, 2011).  I would rather focus on the skills that Bill inherits to deliver his best outputs for the organization and increase the understanding nature to identify the root of the issue so that it can be mitigated without any damage. Moreover, my intention will be for the team as well as for the company so that my emotions are not drained in unnecessary chaos.  
The ways to identify Bill’s feeling 
To identify what Bill is feeling, I need to communicate with him in such a manner so that he feels me as his friend apart from the work priorities for some time so that he can share his feelings with me. Along with that, I need to observe his behaviors and actions that speak a lot than the words. The observation for his gestures as well as his throw of speech will also be helpful for me to prove his mental status that illustrates his self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills, and empathy that he inherits. However, a healthy communication with Bill is one of the best possible ways to identify his feelings.
Examples of learning styles; personality types; and communication styles 

Learning styles

Visual learning style

Visual learning style is based on the visual capabilities of any person that allows them to learn from what they see and visualize with their own eyes.

Auditory learning style

Auditory learning style is based on the hearing capabilities of any person that allows the person to learn through listening something (Giuliani & Kurson, 2007).

Kinesthetic learning style

Kinaesthetic learning style is based on the touching and doing capabilities that allows the person to feel the things by touching them and learn from the activities done by them.

Reflective style of learning from past experiences   

This style of learning is based on the past experiences that allow the person to look over their previous acts including the activities already done and learn from them.

Personality types


Openness is also considered as “openness to experience”. A high openness allows a person to enjoy adventures, appreciate art and imagining new ideas whereas low openness seems like just to the opposite of high openness.


Conscientiousness is a type of personality that has an organized manner and a strong sensibility of duty. People having such a personality type are disciplined, dependable and achievement focused (Goleman, 2011).


Agreeableness is a kind of personality that shows the person’s kindness and warmth of compassion. Persons having such a personality type are helpful, cooperating, trusting and more compassionate.


Neuroticism is a type of personality that people with high neuroticism are more worried about everything, anxious and obsessed over certain kind of issues. On the contrary, people with low neuroticism are more stable emotionally.

Communication styles


Assertive communication style is the most effective communication style having the confidence to communicate without any sort of games and manipulation. Surprisingly, people use this style less as they do not follow the inherited ethics and principles with an open heart.


The aggressive communication style is all about winning on the expenses of others based on self-needs of the persons which is most important to them. This type of communication inherits the attributes like threatening, frightening and much loud (Goleman, 2010).


The submissive style of communication is all about avoiding conflicts and pleasing others. Persons having such communicating style are apologetic, feel like a victim and make postures as small with their head down.


The manipulative style of communication is all about scheming and calculations and the persons having such styles are more influencing to others for their own advantages. They are more cunning and use artificial tears to manipulate others emotionally.
The best learning style and personality type suitable for Bill 
According to my perspective, the best learning style is the “Reflective style of learning from past experiences” that is suitable for Bill. Along with that, the “Assertive” personality type is best suitable for Bill.
The communication style that I would use to communicate with Bill regarding my response
I would use the “Conscientiousness” type of communication to communicate with Bill regarding my response.
The process to adjust my responses to Bill so that my needs are satisfied
The needs of every person are different from each other whether that is emotional, physical, financial, spiritual or any other sort of needs. However, my focus is on both the emotional need as well as the cohesiveness of the team in such a manner so that both of my focus is satisfied enough along with the solution to the concern with Bills issues avoiding the frustration. The evaluation of the requirements is done through the visions and aspirations that matters the most (Hughes, 2010).
The process to adjust my responses so that Bill’s needs are satisfied
As one of the prior concern of the organization as well as the team, my responses are towards the benefits of both Billy and the organization. My response to Billy is to give him a bit of time to get out the suffocation for what he is not much enthusiasm for the events and communication with other team members. I would throw a compassionate approach to him to share his feelings with me even would give him some more counseling sessions to resolve the issues with his team members.
Scenario 2:
Negative impact on business due to emotionally affected staff
The inappropriate behavior of Jack towards his subordinate leads to a reduction of job satisfaction among the employees and could also lead to employee turnover. This would affect the productivity of the business and hence the profitability of the company would be compromised. The employees face a high level of stress from the unhealthy work environment and thus employee could not concentrate on expanding the sales of the business.
Emotional impact upon a company’s productivity and decision-making ability
The emotional impact of individuals in decision making could direct towards the better performance of business and decision making. Emotional intelligence is considered as the powerful predictor for the successful business. Feeling of fear, irritation or sadness could contribute to high motivation and broaden the selection of alternative means (Matthews et al., 2012).
Steps for making decisions by the impact of emotions 
The steps that should be considered while making decisions :

Need to narrow down the focusas individuals while being emotional often misses vital facts.
Fall in substantiation biasness as individual develop a belief about any situation or task and after that try to seek out knowledge which fulfills their belief.

Getting trapped in emotion for short duration as individuals get very much connected to the decisions they make and put efforts for getting detached.

Guilty for being overconfidence as individuals generally jump on the conclusions without attaining the required information which is crucial for making decisions.

Required policies and legislation for the given situation
The various policies and legislation in the given case study were as following:

Equal opportunities: it is the right which is to take care of without discriminating between the workers. Equal opportunities must be provided to all the employees so it does not give rise to any grievances.
Anti-discrimination: discrimination among the individuals based upon the gender, disability, mental illness, race, age, and religion is prohibited under this policy. The manager is not allowed to discriminate or bias with their subordinates.

Privacy law: within this law, the management handles the personal information of the individuals. The personal information of the individual ought to be handled with care and should be kept confidentially where the people who do not have the right could not access the information.

Ethical principles: This is concerned with the appropriate behavioral aspect towards the workers of the organization. Ethical behavior is being put the main emphasis on the right conduct of the manager with its workers.
WHS legislation: This law looks after the well being and safety of the individual in the business. Worker’s safety and health is the foremost task of this policy where any effect on the mental health would lead to consequences which have to be faced by the employer (Wilding, 2017).
Protection from harassment policy: It is specifically concerned with the harassment which is not to be tolerated during work.

WHS as a crucial legislation
WHS legislation is considered as the most significant one in this case study as the manager namely Jack has an inappropriate behavior with their subordinate due to a high degree of pressure for increasing the revenue of the organization. Thus this leads to unsatisfactory behavior of the employees which is affecting their productivity and causing mental health issues like, stress. This act is crucial as the work environment in VTI Electronics is not satisfactory as well as unhealthy. The inappropriate working environment of the organization leads to employee’s turnover, absenteeism, early retirement, presenteeism and workers’ compensation that are the chief factors which obstructing the productivity of the company. 
Describing the personal situation, performances, and obstacles to the performance of Mark
Mark is facing the problem that has led to the decrease in the overall team performance. The team has stopped depending on his expertise when it comes to helping to serve the customers. The situation has led to the development of negative work culture. The new employees are feeling disrespected and disliked. They feel that the organization does not possess the values of teamwork. The newer employees are feeling hesitant on depending on skilled staff, seniors and doubt even their own capabilities. The situation has imposed a significant impact on the sales performance of the team and other metrics. Mark is facing problem due to the lack of self-awareness (Burns, 2012). Mark does not know his own strengths and weaknesses. He is not able to manage the situation with the application of his knowledge and skills. Mark is not performing well because he is not using its strengths and managing its weaknesses. Mark is not able to achieve the target of revenue generating from the efforts of others and peer evaluation. The employees are also not provided with adequate training and other social sessions, personal and professional development and evaluation of the overall performance. The results depict that Mark is not effectively managing the processes appropriately.    
The feeling of Mark related to job satisfaction, job security and cohesiveness feelings
Mark is not able to manage the employees in an appropriate manner. The team members are not able to establish a social relationship and they are also not satisfied with their job. The new employees are happy and they do not get value while working in a team. The team members are not feeling secure about their jobs. Mark feels that he is not effective in managing the team which leads to dissatisfaction among them.  
Model emotional intelligence
The leaders should have the empathy which is considered to be significant in managing a team successfully. The leader with empathy possesses the capability to put themselves in the situation of someone else.  The leaders assist to develop a team, provide feedback, listen to others and challenges people who unfairly act. The leaders with empathy take into account the feelings of others while making a decision.
Learning can assist in the development of knowledge and skills. The training and development programme can be helpful in learning new things. The cognitive learning can enable to understand and provide assistance to other people. It also enables to develop relationships and connections. The emotional learning consists of the ways of acting and thinking that are more central to the identity of an individual. The learning can assist in the development of effective knowledge and skills (Arslan & Iseri, 2018).    
Strength and weaknesses of Mark 
The strengths of Mark are as follows:

Mark has the ability to generate sales revenues.
Mark has the ability to manage the needs of the customers.
Mark has the ability to enhance his leadership knowledge and skills.

The weaknesses of Mark are as follows:

Mark is failing in managing the employees. It can be improved by getting training which will help to direct him to manage the employees.
Mark is not aware of his abilities which also can be achieved with appropriate guidance and training.  

Goals and performance gaps of Mark
FUEL model
Frame the situation: The situation depicts Mark is facing problem in managing the employees. The lack of skills is being depicted in the following case.
Understand the current state: Mark is not aware of his skills and knowledge which is a major barrier for him. Mark is effectively using its leadership skills which lead to inappropriate management of the employees.
Explore opportunities: Mark can enhance his knowledge and skills with the help of appropriate guidance. Mark can manage the situation and employees in future (Cartwright, 2017).
Layout success plan: The plan considers the self-awareness and training programme. It will assist Mark to overcome his weaknesses 
Future options and strategies    
Mark need appropriate guidance and training in order to manage the situation. It will assist to achieve the goals in the future. The management of all the processes and capabilities will lead to success in the future. 
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