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Blood Functions Assignment Case Study

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Blood Functions Assignment Case Study
All about blood functions: 1. Which vessels carry oxygen rich blood?
2. Which vessels carry oxygen poor blood? Blood Functions Assignment Case Study
3. Are there exceptions to 1 and 2?
4. Use this diagram to trace a drop of blood through the heart and lungs:

5. What happens between cells and capillary beds?
6. What is the difference between systolic and diastolic readings in blood pressure checks? Blood Functions Assignment Case Study
7. Use this graphic to help you describe the cellular components of blood:

8. Describe plasma. The liquid matrix of blood in which the blood cells are suspended
9. What is the role of hemoglobin in carrying oxygen in the blood?Hemoglobin is an iron containing protein that transports oxygen. Blood Functions Assignment Case Study As red blood cells pass through the capillary bed of your lungs, oxygen diffuses into the red blood cells and binds to the hemoglobin.
10. How is the healing of a wound an example of homeostasis?
11. Describe the following conditions:
a. Anemia – An abnormally low amount of hemoglobin or a low number of red blood cells
b. Atherosclerosis – Cholesterol and other substances accumulate buildups called plaque that forms in the walls of arteries, narrowing the passages through which blood can flow. Blood Functions Assignment Case Study
c. Leukemia –Cancer of the white blood cells. Since cancer cells grow uncontrollably a person with leukemia has an unusually high number of white blood cells most of which are defective. The overabundance of these cells crowds out the bone marrow cells that produce red blood cells and platelets, causing severe anemia and impairs clotting.
12. What are alveoli?Where the bronchioles dead end. They are grapelike cluster of air sacs and our lungs contain millions of these sacs. They are lined with a layer of epithelial cells that forms the respiratory surface where gases are actually exchanged. Blood Functions Assignment Case Study


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13. How does gas exchange work in the lungs?
14. Why does your breathing rate increase during exercise?
15. How does smoking affect the lungs? Every breath you take exposes your respiratory tissue to damaging chemicals. Tobacco smoke irritates the cell lining that lines the bronchi and trachea, inhibiting their ability to remove foreign substances from the airway. This interference with the normal cleansing mechanism of the respiratory system allows more toxin laden smoke particles to reach and damage the lungs delicate alveoli. Blood Functions Assignment Case Study Frequent coughing which is common in smokers is the respiratory systems way of attempting to compensate and clean itself.
16. What are the three lines of defense against pathogens?
17. What are pathogens? Disease causing organism
18. What is the difference between the antibody-mediated immune response and the cell-mediated immune response? Blood Functions Assignment Case Study
19. What is immunological memory?The bodys ability to recall or remember an antigen so that it can respond faster and stronger. This is after the initial exposure
20. What is the histamine response?
21. How does immunization work? What is the difference between active immunization and passive immunization? When the antigens enter the body naturally or artificially the resulting immunity is ACTIVE. When you receive antibodies premade or from the mothers bloodstream, that is PASSIVE
22. What is an autoimmune response?
23. What is anaphylactic shock?Dangerous allergic reaction
Blood Functions Assignment Case Study

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