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BLDG1012 Construction Project Safety Management

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BLDG1012 Construction Project Safety Management

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BLDG1012 Construction Project Safety Management

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Course Code: BLDG1012
University: Curtin University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


You need to select a safety hazard related to construction workplace. For this report you need to elaborate on it and develop a framework to mitigate/reduce the risk associated with it. A critical analysis of issues and solutions must be included. You need to justify the significance of your selected hazard by implementing the formulas and/or spreadsheets and/or other available monitoring/measurement tools.


First and foremost, hazards are vital ingredients which often have immense potential impacts and causes harms in the long run. In the United States of America,   it is recorded that fall as a hazard has contributed to at least 150-200 fatalities in the construction industry. Furthermore, there have been at least 100,000 which has resulted from the related workers injuries in the field. Notably, fall in the construction industries, has continued to result in various vital and serious injuries as well as deaths and thus, the norm related to its causes and the overall impacts in the field should be underestimated at any point. Construction industry has been faced with numerous instances of not only injuries but also the death related issues.  These issues mostly are caused by the fall related issues and accidents which tend to happen in the various jobsites. Therefore, necessary precautions are not only important in these fields but also imminently important in the long run. subsequently,  it is important for different employers to develop decisive workspace  with the aim of ensuring that their employees often protect as far as the overhead platforms in line with the falling offs are concerned. Furthermore, there are various fall hazards often associated with the elevated working stations as well as the walls and the floor holes. In addition, there are different fall hazards often recorded in the construction site and some of the accidents have impacted heavily on the individual’s lives and as even lead to death. Therefore, it is important to embark on having protective gears as well as designing the working space in a manner that it will help in curbing the anomalies related to the falling hazards.
Concept of Fall Hazards in the Construction Sites
There are different causes of the fall hazards in the construction industry, the causes mainly results from the actions of the either the workers or the overall nature of the work space in which the employees are operating as far as the activities in the jobsites are concerned. According to the, fall hazard mainly defined as the definite or indefinite elements in the workspace which often leads to the intended balance or body support loss and results to immense injuries as well as deaths if to properly handle. Furthermore, the hazards related to the fall impacts are often foreseeable in many instances.  In addition, the fall hazards can be identified by an individual as well as they are eliminable if proper mechanism is employed in due course. In essence, it is a paramount approach and essential in ensuring that the hazard is not only controlled but also eliminated before it impact as well as results to either death or injuries in the long run. Moreover, it is evidential that at least 50% of the overall deaths demarcated in the building and the construction industry mainly occurs from the construction industry. Also, the 15% of the makeable occupational deaths results from the parametric fall and the related hazards in the field.  Furthermore, the all the analysis as well as the in-depth studies indicates that the different fall related hazards in the construction industry have resulted to different related deaths of workers. For instance, the data gathered appraised between the 1992 up to 2010 indicated that there different percentage levels and the makeable fatal effects which they have in the building and construction.  For instance, the data indicated that at one third of all the related deaths comes from the fallings demarcated in the roofing sections of the building.  Additionally, the 18% mainly occurs from the overall staging and the scaffolding.  Finally, there those that are being depicted in line with the structural steels as well as ladders and this mainly recorded at 8% and 16% respectively. Also, 25% of all the related fatal fall hazards essentially results from either the non-moving vehicles or the via the existing floor openings.  Thus, the analogy and the concept analysis by the OSHA often demarcates that working at various designated heights have different risks in the long run. Thus, it is important to take precautionary measures and embark on using the protective gears in line with the overall process.
Causes of Fall Hazards in Construction Industry
There four paramount causes of the overall fall hazards in the construction industry.  Firsts and foremost, the term fall hazards mainly defined using the concept of the OSHA  as the  makeable downward movement recording in the building site and entails all the movement from the top sections of the house to  the parametric floor in the long run.  furthermore, the study indicated that the fall hazards mainly demarcated as all the related risks which can cause most of the workers to loss the overall body balance when they working in the construction site. The four main causes of the fall hazards include unsafe act, communication problems, unsafe working conditions as well as management commitment. Most of the workers often exposed to the parametric fall hazards as well as the related norms mainly believed to have been caused by either improper health protection as well as the safety attitude.  In essence, the tendency can also results from the utilization of the improper communication channel between the team leaders and the employees working in the construction site. Therefore,  it is not only important but also paramount to ensure that one reduces all the risks and the hazards related to the overall falls in the building construction sine they will impact in fall fatalities.
According to the Occupational Safety and Health (2014) typical measures are essential to be employed in handling the various norms and the overall fall hazards as well as related issues. Some of the issues to be considered in the process include training, enforcements of the building laws, fall protections as well as the creation of the overall safety hazards and awareness campaigns.  Furthermore, the government as well as the construction stakeholders should embark on ensuring that there is proper channel and criteria for handling the effective safety management as well as encourages the adoption of the workplace inspection as the decisive mechanism fore handling the hazards in the long run.
Analysis of Fall Hazards
There are various mechanisms and methodologies often applied in designing as well as in designing the overall influence and impacts of the related fall effects in the construction sites.  The equation below mainly applied in developing the norms and the overall evaluation approach which one can apply in the process. This equation is of imminent advantages when handling the correlations which exists between the working spacing and the risks associated with the falls or the movements from the denoted as well as the designated heights in the due cause. Moreover, it is important to note that the equation mainly grounded on the data gathered in line with the statistical context in the meantime.
Using the equation above in line with the data gathered from the primary sources as well as the literature reviews, then one can develop and come up with the overall conclusions as well as the correlations often associated with the fall hazards in the building industries. This analysis is not only important in the due course but also essential since it helps in curbing all the fatalities which one is likely to encounter in line with the movements from heights in the construction site or in the workspace.
Identification of the Fall Hazards in the Construction Sites
 Overly, the identifications for the various risks in line with the overall process in the construction sites as far as the past studies are concerned can be depicted and evaluated based on the scale of the performance index.  This is illustrated as indicated in the table below
Figure showing the scale index used in appraising the fall hazards in the construction sites. Furthermore, the statistical data mainly used in depicting and appraising the concept in line with the overall process essentially illustrated as indicated below.  The statistical analysis and the overall data on the examination mainly grounded in line with the fall hazard types in due course.
Control Measures and Recommendations
There are various control measures that employees as well as the works should embark on in line with the overall hazards as well as the concepts in line with the construction management. The embankment of the control measure helps in curbing the sophistications regarding the overall fall hazards in the construction sites.  The adoption of the measures helps in ensuring that all the effects as well as the preventative actions mainly employed and this will ensure that there are no fatalities recorded in the process. Furthermore, the adoption of the various policies aims at improving the overall construction works efficiencies while at the same time improving and hasting the employees’ morale in the long run. The norm is important in ensuring that high quality work output mainly delivered within the time frame in due course. Some of the control measures mainly discussed in this paper illustrated as indicated in the three tables below  
Workspace Recommendations
The recommendation on the overall workspace mainly illustrated and summarized as indicated in the analysis in the table below
Figure Showing the Recommendations for the Workspace
Control Measures for Policies Acts
Often the acts forms the fundamental grounds for the hazards since the establishment of the laws governing the operations in line with the movement from heights not only helps in ensuring that the proper channel and criteria is adopted in line with the overall process but also aims at ensuring that workers safety and health mainly considered at all the times. There various acts both locally and internationally which governs the overall process and these laws primarily summarized as indicated in the table below
Policies and Acts In Line With the Fall Risks in the Construction Sites
Accident Meeting Points and Reporting
This illustrates on the various approach and the overall mechanism for responding to the emergencies regarding the fall hazards.
Illustration on the Accident Meeting Points and Reporting 
In summary, it is evidential that most of the demarcated fall risks recorded in the construction site mainly results from the scaffolding and the roof falls. Furthermore, communication barriers also contribute significantly to the risks and impacts immensely on the overall process. Subsequently, worker’s negligence, high elevations, opening equipment, failure to adapt to the set procedures, poor site management as well as the workers attitudes often demarcated as the essential contributes to the risks recorded in the process. Moreover, improper application of the information, writing as well as reading alongside language barrier also contributes significantly to the fall hazards denoted and depicted in the jobsites. Grounding on the data gathered and the decisive appraisal,  it is established that the imminent and in-depth approach, workplace inspect mainly established as the best approach to curb the movements risks in  line with the construction in the process. The workplace inspection if properly conducted on the weekly basis helps in not controlling but also in curbing the overall fall risks in the long run. Some of the issues which the workplace inspection checklist incorporates include workers, materials, site management   as well as environmental issues.  
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