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B991 Health And Wellbeing In Society

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B991 Health And Wellbeing In Society

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B991 Health And Wellbeing In Society

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Course Code: B991
University: De Montfort University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom

A suggested structure for this paper (which is a report based on your review of the literature, not an essay):Introduction that outlines the feature of development you are focusing on and gives your general approach or argument in a nutshell (a couple of good paragraphs);Summary of traditional research in this areaCritical reflection (should be your longest section)Ending discussion or conclusion that draws your paper together (a few good paragraphs).You may use first person writing (e.g., “I thought this was…”), but back up your opinions with reference to material covered in the course lectures, discussions and/or readings and literature. Reflection refers to an elaboration on ideas about a topic from your own point of view, which will be informed by your experiences and your reading — it is not just unsupported personal opinion. One purpose of this exercise is to get you used to writing in the course. References must follow APA standard, which is required in HDCO papers and generally in the Faculty of Education. The class Moodle site has a link to library information about this referencing system.Marking criteria:Coverage of traditional literature on development regarding your topicDepth of reflection, and critical evaluation, in relation to the area of development chosenUse of literature as evidence to support argumentsClarity of written expression, quality of presentation, and accuracy of APA referencing.

Personal development is a process that is believed to last for the entire part of the life of an individual. Researchers have opined that the moral, social, physical as well as the professional life is always in the development and is seen to undergo changes in one way or the other. The domain of individual development is such that it is meant to head off these inevitable forces of change and thereby focus on the improvement of the skills, setting of life goals and thereby maximizing the potential of an individual (Kinniburgh et al., 20170. Researchers are of the opinion that although there are lot of ways by which individual development might take place but it is often undertaken as a part of the job or as due to certain personal reasons. There are lots of different types of theories as well as practices that include not only modern models but also hypothesis put forward in the previous decades that talk about individual development. However all of them are seen to share the basis idea that although early life development like that of family as well as home life and schooling shape every individuals as adults but personal development does not stop here (Flook et al., 2015). There is always more to learn and it is important for every individual to find out different ways by which one should try to grow and develop in his life. Researchers in the field have stated that personal development should not stop just because the person has entered adulthood. Once the body is full grown, it does not necessarily mean that there is no scope of development of well being. A Person should always try to achieve the best traits that help them to not only achieve success but also perform the duties and responsibilities as human being to the nation and for humankind (Vohs et al., 2018). This assignment would thereby be reflective in nature by which I want to develop myself as a human being with high amount of emotional intelligence so that I am easily approachable, handle different critical situation successfully and provide the best service to making without affecting personal space and dignity of others.
Self-regulation is the ability of monitoring and controlling the behaviors, thoughts as well as emotions and altering them in accordance with the demands of the situation (Diaz & Berk, 2014). It includes the different abilities for inhibiting the first responses and thereby it helps to resist interference from the irrelevant stimulations. This attribute also helps in persisting on relevant tasks even when individuals do not enjoy them. From the very early age, I face large amount of issues in controlling my emotions in different situations. Often in emotional situation, I am seen to break down easily and even have started crying in many cases. Later, I have felt embarrassed about the situation and have faced difficulty meeting the involved persons again. In many other cases, i have failed in controlling my anger and I had shouted on the involved members in the conflicts, which had further worsened the situations. Moreover, I also cannot negotiate efficiently not only in minute issues like sharing resources with siblings but also during my school times and even in university lives. Either I have become too angry to handle the situation efficiently or that I have become too emotional in situations. In many cases, I have faced losses by being too emotional in many trivial matters that had failed me in achieving the success. As I do not have any proper self-regulation skills, I have become much disappointed and left the work midway instead of sticking to it and trying out ways to find solutions rather than losing my temper and patience. Lack of such attribute makes others perceive me as a vulnerable person for which they consider me unapproachable. Therefore, it becomes important for me modify such attribute so that i can develop myself in ways by which I can handle situations effectively without blowing away in emotions and can thereby prevent occurrence of stress and tensions within myself.
Researchers are of the opinion that self-regulation is important as it helps in allowing individuals for acting in accordance with deeply held values as well as social conscience and thereby help in expressing oneself in appropriate ways (Pellas, 2014). If individuals are seen to value academic achievements, it will help such individuals to study instead of slacking off before the tests. It might also help me to help another co-worker on a project even if I am on a strict deadline without being highly stressed. There are certain important aspects that are extremely important for me to be developed so that I can achieve the skill successfully. One of the most important competencies to develop self-regulation is emotional self-control where I need to control my emotions. I also need to develop trustworthiness. This skill helps individuals to be honest and thereby they take actions remains in lines with their values. I also help in development of flexibility by which I would be able to adapt to different stressful situations and so that I can work with different people in different situation. Moreover, I would also require developing optimism by which I would be able to see opportunities in different situations and thereby try to see the good in other people. Moreover, I would also try to develop achievement initiatives by which I would be able to develop my performance so that I can meet my own standards of excellence (McCleland et al., 2015).
An important theory called the self-regulation theory helps by simply outlining the procedures as well as the components that remain involved when an individual decides what he should think, feel, say and even do. In simple words, this theory describes the situation when an individual tries to make a good choice even when they have the strong desire to do the exact opposite (Fonagy, 2018). One of the modern experts working in the fields of the self-regulation theory states that there are four important components involved. The first one is the standards of desirable behavior with the second one being the motivation of meeting standards. The third one is effective monitoring of the different situations and thoughts that helps in preceding the different breaking standards and the fourth one is the willpower of the different internal strength for controlling urges. The theory is of the opinion that these four components should be interacting with each other for determining the different self-regulatory activities at a particular given moment (Hardcastle et al., 2015). According to the theory, the behavior of the individuals is determined by the personal standards of the good behaviors, their motivation for meeting the standards. The behaviors of individuals are also influenced by the degree to which the individuals are consciously aware of the circumstances as well as their actions. It also depends on the extent of the willpower of the individuals for resisting the different temptations and choosing the correct path (Bandura, 2015).
For effective development as an individual, it is very important for me to develop such skill. I have gone through autobiographies and biographies of many people who had the capability of maintaining control over their emotions and have the ability for sustaining safe as well as fair environments. Therefore, workers, colleagues, friends as well as acquaintances of such people had always wanted to be in association with such human beings and theses had helped the individuals to emerge out victorious in their goals (Razza et al., 2015). Many researchers are also of the opinion that self-regulation has a ripple effect. They have found that when positive attitudes are exhibited but the top authorities of the organization, it produces a rippling effect throughout the organization where the employees are also seen to practice such positive attitudes throughout organization (Tang et al 2014). Therefore, if I want to develop myself as a successful leader, I have to practice idealized influence where I need to portray myself as the role that I want my employees to be like. Therefore, if I fail to self regulate my emotions and get engaged in unethical behaviors and attitudes, I cannot expect the best behavior, output and dedication by the members of the team. Therefore, every leaders need to practice self regulation so that all the employees can work without pressure knowing that they have the scope to express their suggestions and concerns and that the feedbacks would be welcomed. Moreover, many of the researchers have conducted studies where they have seen that individuals with better self-regulation have a competitive advantage than others, as employees tend to be more dedicated in working under their leaderships than those without the traits are. I have also found that Self-regulation also helps in enhancing integrity (Baumeister et al., 2018). This is not only an individual virtue but is also considered to be an incredible asset for every organizations. Not only in professional lives but also in personal lives, disasters are seen to occur mainly of different impulsive behaviors. This might lead to losing of deals, incurring loss, ineffective negotiation, and development of negative feelings, loss of trust and respect against each other and many others (Diabeneditto, 2018). Therefore, I need to avoid all such situations so that I cannot maintain harmony in every kind of relationships and achieve success by overcoming all the barriers.
I would  need to incorporate a number of strategies  so that I would be able to develop self-regulation skills successfully. There had been studies that have focused on mindfulness as an important strategy for developing self-regulation skills. This procedure mainly comprises of effective cultivation of the moment to moment awareness with the help of effective exercises like the deep breathing. This procedure mainly helps with self-regulation by the allowing the individuals in delaying gratification and thereby develop and manage different emotions (Moilanen et al., 2015). It has been found in different studies that mindfulness had helped individuals over the years by having positive effect on attention. This in turn is seen to help individuals by regulating different negative feelings and thereby execute different functioning like higher order thinking (Diamond, 2016).
Another important arena that also helps in developing self-regulation in individuals are cognitive appraisal. This strategy helps in improving the though patterns. Cognitive reappraisal is a way where individuals should develop the ability to think in an adaptive ways rather than the ways that increases negative emotions. Many researchers are also of the opinion of using other ways for self-regulation that includes acceptance and problem solving (Montroy et al., 2014). In contrast, I should never adopt unhelpful strategies such as avoidance, suppression, worrying as well as distraction.
From the entire discussion, I have realized one aspect of development that when achieved successfully would help me in developing my well-being and help me live harmoniously with the society. Often different aspects of the society staring from personal lives stop professional lives, starting from friends to strangers, starting from my comfort zone of people and surrounding to different newly ventured areas, there remains high chance of meeting people of different nature and getting involved in different critical situations. In all such arenas, self-regulation skills would help me to overcome different challenges and lead successful lives. I would be able to see the good in others and view the challenges as newer opportunities. It would also help in the maintenance of open communication and would help me to be clear about different intentions. I would be able to act according to values and thereby put forth my best efforts in every situation. It will also help me in keeping going through the difficult times and helps in remaining flexible and adapting to the situations. It would also help in taking control of the situations when necessary and thereby can calm myself when I am upset and cheer myself when feeling down. Two of the main therapies that I would be mainly adopting are the mindfulness therapy and the cognitive reappraisal therapy. This will ensure me in developing self-regulation skills and will help me to develop better quality life professionally, personally as well as socially.
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