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B01BAVA320 Business Analysis And Valuation

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B01BAVA320 Business Analysis And Valuation

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B01BAVA320 Business Analysis And Valuation

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Course Code: B01BAVA320
University: Kent Institute Australia is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Students are required to work in a group of 2-3 students in the performance of both the oral presentation and the written business report. Students must register for their group with the lecturer during the first three weeks of the trimester and are not allowed to change group members afterward.
Topic For Both Group Oral Presentation And Group Written Business Report:You are also required to explore and collect more information on the company to complete this assignment. Hence, additional research must be performed.2. Then, answer ALL the following questionsin both of your oral presentation and written report:a) Analyse the competitive forces facing Qantas, using the ‘five forces’ framework. b) Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) evaluation of Qantas’s competitive strategy.c) What has been Qantas’s corporate strategy across its domestic and international divisions since 1992? How has that strategy changed in response to market changes? d) Identify any two (2) accounting policy choices that you think should be closely watched by auditors and analysts for a company in the airline industry. Discuss in details for each of the two accounting policy choices above and explain why you have chosen each of them.e) Evaluate Qantas’s financial performance (Revenues and Expenses) and financial position (Assets, Liabilities, and Owner’s Equities) at the end of 2013 (as specified in the textbook’s case studies).f) Evaluate Qantas’s financial performance (Revenues and Expenses) and financial position (Assets, Liabilities, and Owner’s Equities) at the end of the latest financial year that you can find.g) Analyse the differences and similarities in your findings between part (e) and part (f). Then, make a clear recommendation to potential and existing investors on whether they should hold, buy or sell Qantas shares. Clearly explain your opinion.

Qantas Airlines is one of the most prominent airlines present in Australia. It holds the third position after KLM and Avianca. The company has occupied a very high position in Australia in present situation. The company provides a vast facility for its customers for which most of the people from different parts of the world prefer Qantas. They are maintaining their standards since 1920. In this assignment Qantas has been selected. The researcher of this assignment will going to provide a detail information about the well-known airline industry Qantas. The assignment consist of port five forces which discuss about the five forces which affect the industry. A SWOT analysis is also being done by which the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the company has been discussed. The corporate strategy has also being made in this assignment that includes the type of strategy which the company uses in order to attract customers and hold a high position in market place.

a) Analyze the competitive forces facing Qantas, using the ‘five forces’ framework.

1) Threat of New Entry- In every field of business new entry of transportation helps in developing and also brings better opportunities which helps things to be done right which puts pressure on Qantas Airways by the lesser evaluating technique, lesser the expenses, and  providing wide range of opportunities for the client. Qantas Airways has to fight with these kind of predicament manufacture viable hindrances to protect its focused edge (Bohariea and Fuad, 2017). The new entrants can play various kinds of monopolies and tricks in order to give a tough competition to the existing Qantas airways. The Qantas has to be ready for any challenges in order to survive in a better way in market place. 
2) Bargaining Power of Suppliers- It has been seen that many people belonging from the transport business buy their quality products from different types of suppliers. Suppliers who are in very high position in the market have the power to subdue their products Qantas Airways can gain. Great suppliers in the field of transportation part know how to arrange their product capacity by separating much budget in the association in transportation. The major effect of superior supplier main power is that they can lower the normal products of transportation ((Bohari and Fuad, 2017)).
3) Bargaining Power of Buyers-Buyer sometimes becomes very much demanding. The buyers always want best of things but are not ready to pay high price. It then becomes difficult for the Qantas Airways productivity for a maximum period of time. The demand of the buyers get strong and the more they get opportunities the more they demand for much pleasure. They try to decrease the rate as much as they can. Sometimes it becomes difficult to deal with the customers as they get rigid with their demands. 
4) Threat from Substitute Products-Since Qantas is an airline company it can face substitute threat. For instance it can be said that if there is any similar travel transportation which will provide low cost budget for the customers then Qantas can face many difficulties in the market. If a train transport is being made in the same route or destination then the common people will prefer train journey much than a plane journey. A train journey will be much cheaper than a flight journey. So any kind of substitution can affect the airline organisation. 
5) Industry rivalry- Industry rivalry is one of the most common problem in every kind of business. The increase of airlines industry with price variables becomes tough competitor sometimes. Qantas Airways is the only one which keeps focus in the transportation organisation. This is a good opportunity for the benefits of company in a long process. The rivalry are the competitors in the market of the same profession.

b) Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) evaluation of Qantas’s competitive strategy
a) Strength- In order to hold a constant position in the market Qantas airlines industry has made themselves strong. The industry is known for its super facility that they provide for their passengers. Qantas provide new transformation program whenever they feel that changes should be made for the betterment of the company (Stavropoulou and Leroy, 2018). They also provide budget friendly cost to their customers so that they can get much customers in the market by which they can hold a static place in the market. Another Strength of the company is their pleasant and polite behavior with their customers. Customers can be of many types and sometimes it becomes very difficult to deal with some tough customers but in this case Qantas knows how to deal with these kinds of predicament.
b) Weakness-Since Qantas is making plans for a good and constant hold in the market they are also facing weaknesses with them. Low profits are one of their major weaknesses due to their customer friendly budget. Unionization is also one of the major problems for the industry. The company is not ready compromise with the union for which the other unions are causing a problem for them (Braithwaite, 2017). Though the company is trying to find the solutions but still new challenges come in their everyday life.
c) Opportunities-Qantas provides a wide range of opportunity from customers to employees. The industry provides many luxurious facilities to their customers. With the less amount of ticket fair the inside flight services are also very good. They do not make any kind of partiality or compromise (Wee, 2017). Qantas maintains a good relationship with their customer which is one of the essential factor.
d) Threats- Competition is one of the major threats for the industry as their British Airways; Lufthansa etc. are good market holder. Fluctuation in costs is another threat. The cost of fuel and maintenance to keep a balance sometimes become one of the major threats for the industry.
c) What has been Qantas’s corporate strategy across its domestic and international divisions since 1992 How has that strategy changed in response to market changes

Qantas since the very beginning has tried to bring the best of their business. After the year of 1992 the airline company tried to adapt some new kind of strategies which will attract a wide range of customers towards their company. Qantas was very much confident with their quality of services and they always thought of trying to adapt new policies for their customers. Their main objectives was to increase the customer facility and to achieve this goal they first decrease the cost of their tickets. This was a big turnout for the company as they have taken such a decision regarding their company. Though the company might have faced predicament related to profit but this attracted much customers towards their company.
Another aim of the airline is to hold the maximum market share and to get high profit. Both in domestic and international the organisation hold the maximum amount of customers. Through their corporate strategy the company has become one of the prominent airline industries in the world. After Qantas has merged with Jetstar the company started to gain more profit. Qantas by merging with Jetstar has become one of the most profitable airline industries in Australia. The first corporate strategy of Qantas which they adapted a long time back relating to low cost fare has pushed the company into a new direction. The low cost fare has attracted customers not only from Australia but also from many different parts of the world. The another strategy plan of the company of merging with a brand like Jetstar was another huge success for the company.
Since Qantas has merged with another airline industry like Jetstar the profit of the company has increased. Both the corporate strategy has been adapted by the company in order to gain a proper market share. The decision which the company took has turned into a golden opportunity. Qantas has already decided in the recent year that they will make the low cost budget facility permanently as it has been very lucrative for them. The association will adapt new corporate strategy regarding their expansion of business for both their domestic and international business.

d) Identifying any two (2) accounting policy choices that you think should be closely watched by auditors and analysts for a company in the airline industry Discuss in details for each of the two accounting policy choices above and explain why you have chosen each of them

The two accounting policy that the company’s auditors must look after in an Airline Industry Company are as follows:

Company’s revenue policy: The Company’s revenue policy must be properly investigated by the auditor specially for a company in the Airlines industry. It can be said that as Qantas operate in both Domestic and international circuit it is important that they main effective revenue books for both international and domestic revenue. It is important that the revenue recordation policy with in the firm is efficient in order properly disclose the amount of revenue earned by the company thoughts its operation in different international and domestic regions. It is more important that revenue earned in Foreign currency is properly recorded and are used are fare rate to ensure that there is no misleading within the accounts of the firm.
 Taxation policy: It is important that auditor looks into the taxation process and policy that is opted by the firm in operation in various countries as this very important in an Airline company. It is important that the auditors looks that very operational tax which the company has pay is properly paid and there is no materiality risk involved in the taxation process of the company (Zhang et al.2016).
e) Evaluate Qantas financial performance (Revenues and Expenses) and financial position (Assets, Liabilities, and Owner’s Equities) at the end of 2013 (as specified in the textbook’s case studies)

According to the annual report of Qantas for the year 2013 the revenue that was incurred by the firm is $ 15,902, the operating expenses in the firm where 13,684 and Net profit for the year amounted to $ 192.  It can be said that the all the figures are in Million.  The company revenue has increased from the previous which is a positive sign for the company and shows that the financial size of the company has increased in the recent years. It can be said that expenditure has decreased which shows the company has increased its operational efficiency. The Asset liabilities and owner’s equity in the firm are 20,200 , 14,246 and 5954 respectively (Bamber, 2018).

f) Evaluate Qantas’s financial performance (Revenues and Expenses) and financial position (Assets, Liabilities, and Owner’s Equities) at the end of the latest financial year that you can find

In the annual report of 2017, it can be seen that Qantas has incurred a Revenue of 16,057. It can be said that revenue of the company decreased in the recent year as in FY 2016 the revenue amounted to 16,200. The operating expense of the company in the current year is 14,687 the profit amounted to 1370. It can be said that the  profit of the firm decreased in from recent years which shows that there is a fall in the company’s profitability. The asset, liabilities and owner’s equity is 17,221, 13,681and 3540 respectively (Francis et al. 2017).  

g) Analyzing the differences and similarities in your findings between part (e) and part (f). Recommendation to investor on whether they sell, buy or hold the company’s share.

From the above analysis of the annual report, it can be said that the financial size and stability of Qantas has decreased in the recent years. The profitability of the firm has increased which is positive point in the company financial growth but the amount of asset , liabilities and equity has decreased which shows that the company’s financial size has decreased in the recent years. It can be said that after looking at the profitability of the firm it can be stated that the shareholder must stay with the shares of the company as the company is incurring a good profit than previous years which is a positive sign for the shareholders they will receive good amount of dividend every    year (Levinthal, 2014).
In the above a detailed study and researched has been made regarding the Qantas Airline of Australia. In this assignment the researcher has done a complete research. By doing the Porter Five analysis it has been concluded that The Qantas might face difficulties in the market if they does not change their strategy. From the Swot Analysis of the company’s competitive strategy the strength, weakness, threats and weakness has been identified. This assignment has covered the detail information of the company and its external and internal structures.
Bamber, G.J., 2018. Low-cost airlines’ product and labor market strategic choices: Australian perspectives. Members-only Library.
Bohari, A.M., Hin, C.W. and Fuad, N., 2017. The competitiveness of halal food industry in Malaysia: A SWOT-ICT analysis. Geografia-Malaysian Journal of Society and Space, 9(1).
Braithwaite, G.R., 2017. Attitude or latitude?: Australian aviation safety. Routledge.
Francis, G., Humphreys, I. and Aicken, M., 2017. Where next for low cost airlines? A spatial and temporal comparative study. In Low Cost Carriers (pp. 113-124). Routledge.
Levinthal, D., 2014. Cycle accounting analysis on Intel Core 2 processors. assets. devx. com/goparallel/18027. Pdf.
Stavropoulou, D.A., De Vuyst, L. and Leroy, F., 2018. Non?conventional starter cultures of coagulase?negative staphylococci to produce animal?derived fermented foods, a SWOT analysis. Journal of applied microbiology.
Wee, C.H., 2017. Think tank—beyond the five forces model and blue ocean strategy: an integrative perspective from Sun Zi Bingfa. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 36(2), pp.34-45.
Zhang, Y., Sampaio, B. and Fu, X., 2016. Duopoly competition between airline groups with dual-brand services: the case of the Australian domestic market.

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