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ACC6020 Accounting For Managerial Planning And Control

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ACC6020 Accounting For Managerial Planning And Control

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ACC6020 Accounting For Managerial Planning And Control

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Course Code: ACC6020
University: Edith Cowan University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


What strategy does the company currently have in place to achieve its objectives? Identify if the company is using cost leadership strategy and/or differentiation strategy.
Assess the company’s internal and external weakness, threats, strengths and opportunities using SWOT analysis.
Analyse industries and competitors using Porter’s Five Forces Model.
Identify and recommend any changes to the company’s current objectives and strategy following your position analysis and understanding of the current strategy.
Prepare a balanced scorecard based on mission, objectives and strategy that you propose (diagram is needed). Specify objectives, measures,  targets, and initiatives for each of the four perspectives, i.e., financial, customer, internal business process, and learnings and growth.

– major costs and their trend over the past 3 years if data is available.
– cost management policies and/or practices, e.g., policies guiding cost management, practices or initiatives to manage or reduce cost,effect of cost management

financial performance. e.g., revenue, profit, etc over the past 3 years if data is available
social performance. e.g., donations, employee gender equality initiatives, employee wellbeing, etc
environmental performance. e.g., environmental damages and/or lawsuits, environmental protection activities, environmental investments, compliance with international environmental standards, etc if applicable.


The aim of the paper is to prepare the business report for the in-depth knowledge of the business for planning and control of the company as all these details are required by the CEO of the company. The company on which the report is Amazon, the company is well-known as the largest Internet retailer across the world (Ritala, Golnam & Wegmann, 2014). The report is prepared on behalf of the team works related to the management department of the company as the CEO is looking to find out the facts and further explaining the implications related to the findings. This business report includes the details related to the company with the current strategy with the help of the different theories which include SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces model and the balanced scorecard. Along with this, the performance of the Amazon Company is also evaluated which include the cost management, financial performance, social performance and environmental performance.
Background of company is performing the business as Amazon in an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company. The company was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994 with the headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Amazon is known as the largest internet retailer across the world and this is evident from the revenue and market capitalization. In addition to this, the company sell some of the end products in the market and due to which they have the separate retail websites for US, UK and many other areas across the world (Simon, 2011).
Mission and vision 
Mission: – The mission statement of the company is that the company strive to offer the products to the customers in the lowest possible prices with the best available selection with the utmost convenience. This shows that the company majorly focuses on the variables of price, selection and convenience (Amazon, 2017). This shows the major characteristics of the company corporate mission: – lowest prices, best selection and the effective convenience.
Vision: – The vision of the company is to be earth’s most customer centric company where the customers can easily search for anything that they are looking to buy through online mode (Amazon, 2017).
Ownership structure and organisational structure 
Ownership structure
The ownership structure of the Amazon Company is the public corporation because the organisation offers their shares in the market. This is the fact that the company started as the sole proprietorship but slowly and gradually the company expanded their business operations and then they started working as the public company (Alder & Elmhorst, 2012). The structure of the company includes numerous shareholders that are connected with the company. The four major shareholders of the company include Jeff Bezos (CEO); he is holding approx. 78.88 million shares in the company. Andrew R. Jassy is another shareholder who is holding 90,231 shares within the organisation. According to the analysis, Jeffery Wilke and Jeffrey M. Blackburn are also considered as the major shareholders of the company with the holding of 10,000 shares directly and 56,040 indirectly shares and 42,874 of those shares directly, and 20,000 indirectly respectively (Miller & Bosman, 2011).
Organisational Structure
The organisational structure of the Amazon Company is classified as the hierarchical. The senior management teal consist of the two CEOs, three Senior Vice presidents with one of the worldwide controller who are mainly answerable for the different aspects of business with the direct reporting to the CEO of company that is Jeff Bezos (Bharadwaj, El Sawy, Pavlou & Venkatraman, 2013). The below given image reflects the organisational structure of the company.
The organisational structure of the company remain highly flexible which means they can easily accept the changes that are taking place in the external environment of the market.
Headquarters and Subsidiaries 
The headquarters of the company are located in Seattle, Washington, United States. Presently, the company owns more than 40 subsidiaries which include Zappos, Shopbop, Audible, Goodreads, Teachstreet,, Kiva Systems and many others.
Company products and services 
Amazon Company offers the wide range of products and services in the market. The products that are offered by the company include several media, baby products, apparel, consumer electronics, beauty products, kitchen items, watches and jewellery and many others. In addition to this, the company offer the different types of services in the market to their customers (Kimble & Bourdon, 2013). These services include Amazon prime membership service, web series services, amazon games and many others. The company is offering all these products and services with the online mode as they display all the products on their website from where the customers can easily order or make the purchase of products.
This is found that all the products which are offered by the company are somewhere demanded by the customers in the market. Though, the most profitable category of products that is offered by the company includes electronics, clothes, baby products, books and many others. The reasons behind the rise in the demand of the products as these products are consumed by customers on regular basis (Weill & Woerner, 2013).
Capital investment projects
Amazon Company has invested in numerous projects citing the state of their present and future business. They have acquired more than 128 companies in different parts of the world (Hooker, 2011). They are also making investments in the technology like the artificial intelligence and automation technologies. They have also invested heavily on the data management software and technology. Since data is the future of the online retail industry hence the company aims to grab as much data as they can so as to understand the consumer behaviour and the have the control over the market dynamics.
Current strategy
Amazon being such a large company had to face many kinds of challenges. In order to overcome the challenges they are facing as well as to gain competitive advantage over the rivals, Amazon needs to take use of the effective strategies. It is essential that company have a clear generic strategy along with the need to implement it in a better manner (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). It is seen that the numbers of people that company has to handle is very large hence strategic planning becomes more important. In order to achieve its objectives some of the strategies that company is using are:

Acquisition: In a last decade or so company has invested a lot in the acquisition process. In order to expand in the international markets they have chosen this as their major strategy. This has not helped them in increasing their scope of business but it has also helped them in increasing their market reach (Combe, 2012).
Market development: Following this strategy amazon is expanding its business into many new countries. Recent expansions in the Asian market have proved to be very successful for Amazon. As a part of intensive strategy they have captured almost all the large markets in different parts of the world (Baden-Fuller & Haefliger, 2013). In this process they are establishing new retail websites that is corresponding to new nations.
Market penetration: They are also strengthening their business units so as to penetrate deeper into the markets. In this process they have used aggressive marketing campaign so as to build their image and attract more numbers of people towards the business of the firm. This will help them in increasing their sales (Laudon & Traver, 2013). Pricing is the major tool using which they are planning to penetrate in the market.
Cost leadership: One of the major reasons for the success of the Amazon is attributed to its use of cost leadership strategy. Due to low pricing, company has been able to penetrate deeper in the market. It also gives them advantage over their rivals (Sorescu, Frambach, Singh, Rangaswamy & Bridges, 2011). For example it was the cost leadership strategy that helped the company in gaining the advantage over the rivals in the country like India. It almost killed the Indian online retail giant Flipkart by taking use of this strategy.
Diversification: Along with the cost leadership strategy, they have been using diversification as the major part of the strategy. It is offering a huge variety of products to its customers. This enables them to attract people from different sections and age group of the society. Every product range targets a different set of customers (DaSilva & Trkman, 2014).

Swot analysis
For understanding the internal environment of the company, SWOT analysis can be an effective tool. SWOT analysis of the company is as follows:

It is having a huge brand name in the international market which helps them in achieving their organisational objectives.
Amazon is having a wide product mix and hence they are capable of attracting large numbers of customers towards their business (Mithas, Tafti & Mitchell, 2013).
In the industry, Amazon is having the highest revenue which helps them in their expenditure.


It is having an easily imitable business model that can be copied by any firm with the help of investors.
It is having limited penetration in the markets that developing since it has till now focus on the big markets.
Brick-and-mortar presence is limited for the company. This weakness has limited the company’s ability to attract customers towards certain kind of product that is more sellable in the physical stores than through the online sites (Stone, 2013).


They have a huge opportunity to penetrate deeper into the markets that are developing.
Company need to have some of the brick and mortar stores so as to increase their product range.
It should promote measures that help in increasing the sales of the company especially the products that are not performing well. This can be easily done with the help of product evaluation on the basis of demands of the customers (Chesbrough, 2011).


The biggest threat is of data privacy. Since the number of cybercrime activities have increased in the past few years hence the company needs a strategy to limit the threat of data privacy.
Imitation is another bigger problem for Amazon as any company with huge amount of capital could imitate their business.
There are many companies that are coming into the online market. Especially the retail companies that were following the brick and mortar form of business have also started to come into the online retail business (Iyer & Henderson, 2012).

Porter’s five forces
In order to understand the industry condition, the use of Porter’s five forces can be very effective:

Bargaining power of customers: The bargaining power of the customers is on the higher side. This is the reason why the company also has to adopt customer centric approach. Since the customers have become highly informed and hence increases their power (Adler & Elmhorst, 2012). On the other hand they have low switching cost and high number of substitute options which increases their bargaining power.
Competitive rivalry: The numbers of companies have also increased in the market. There are highly aggressive firms that are taking use of various types of strategies to capture the larger part of market (Kimble & Bourdon, 2013). Since with the help of supply chain there are many companies which are reducing the cost of the company hence it is dangerous for the company.
Bargaining power of suppliers: This force is on the lower side as the numbers of suppliers are too large in the industry. In some of the products the suppliers are less hence they enjoy a greater bargaining power (Chen, Chiang & Storey, 2012). There is moderate forward integration as well as the sizes of the suppliers are also moderate.
Threat of substitute: Due to low switching cost and high availability of the substitute products, this threat is on the higher side (Sorescu, Frambach, Singh, Rangaswamy & Bridges, 2011). Apart from this the cost of substitute is low which gives other companies to take the market from the other retailers.
Threat of new entrants: Since the cost of investment in the online market is less hence many new companies could emerge in the market. But at the same time the brand development need huge amount of cost to be involved hence it is not easier for the firm to do successful business in the industry. On the other hand high economies of scale also restrict the easy entry of any new online retailers (Sorescu, Frambach, Singh, Rangaswamy & Bridges, 2011).

Changes in the company current objectives and strategy
On evaluation of the position and strategy it can be said that company needs to make changes in the strategy as well as the objective. Currently the company’s focus is towards the cost leadership but they must also focus towards the new market development (Bharadwaj, El Sawy, Pavlou & Venkatraman, 2013). It is recommended that company should look towards the developing markets. Apart from this, the company is also focused towards the long term acquisition but they also need to acquire some of the company that works in the form of Brick and mortar. This is necessary for dealing with the competitors like Walmart which has recently came into the industry.
Balanced scorecard






Financial perspective

· To increase the revenues by offering products on minimum lowest prices.
· To enhance number of customers
· To decline the operational costs and utilization of resources.

· Return on Assets
· Value of shareholders
· Number of visitors on website of

· Return on Equity
· Increase in profits
· Return on assets
· Sales of products

· Cost leadership strategy
· Improvement in its online operations.
· Availability of products on lowest possible prices.

Customer Perspective

· Fully Customer satisfaction
· Development of customer loyalty
· Improvement in service offering

· Number of visits on Amazon’s website.
· Customer base
· Customer feedback and reviews

· Satisfaction among customers
· Market coverage/share

· Customer centric strategies
· Offer a wide range of products
· Shopping convenience
·  Business expansion in developing nations.

Internal Process

· To enhance internal management
· To retain skilled staff
· To enhance online operations
· Management of inventory and warehouses

· % of retained staff
· Inventory levels
· Quality of entire process.

· Employee turnover rate
· Satisfaction among customers
· Availability of needed stock  

· Just-in-time inventory
· Benefits to the employees
· Acquisition strategy

Learning and Growth

· Innovation and continuous improvement
· Development of human resources

· Efficiency of operations
· Service delivery standards
· Information flow  

· Participation level of employees
· Employee satisfaction level
· Customer ratings and loyalty

· Implementation of new training programs
· Innovative processes
· Quality measures

The primary source of the revenue of Amazon Inc. is the sale of its broad range of goods and services across the world. Over the last three financial years i.e. from 2015 to 2017, the sales had grown continuously and this has in turn led to increase in the net profits of the company. Also due to increase in the operations, the operating cost of the business has also increased over the last 3 years. The overall operating cost of the business included the cost of sales as well as the other operating expenses.  Although there was rise in the total operating cost and individual cost of sales of business from 2015 to 2017 but the proportion of cost of sales in relation to the overall sales has declined which was the major contributing factor towards the rise in the overall profitability of the business of Amazon Inc. (Amazon, 2017).











Increase in Revenue










Operating Profit





Increase in  operating profit










Net Profit





Increase in Net Profit










Cost of Sales





Operating Expenses





Total cost of business





Though the overall profitability of the business of Amazon has increased but the international segment of the company has reported an operating loss with an increasing trend in the last three years under consideration and hence the operating profitability of all the segments of Amazon has declined in 2017 as compared to 2016.
Amazon Inc. has incurred various types of costs during the course of its business. The basic business costs of the company are classified variable costs and fixed costs. The variable costs of Amazon Inc. includes content cost, payment processing cost, picking and packaging costs, shipment and transportation cost, customer service cost and other marketing costs. The fixed cost of Amazon Inc. included the costs which were necessary to build infrastructure and to enhance its websites features, web services, to build the fulfilment centres as well as physical stores and in relation to its other digital offerings (Amazon, 2017).
Amazon Inc. had sought to enhance its direct sourcing, increasing supplier discounts and reducing the product defects over the last three financial years so as to reduce its variable cost and to reduce the fixed costs of the business it has sought to improve its efficiencies and maintenance of lean culture. Also the company has incurred significant costs in relation to the technological development by adding more technical devices, software, designers, engineers and employees to its processes.
In the areas of environmental performance, Amazon Inc. has performed effectively and efficiently during the last three reported financial years. In 2016, it was recognised as the leading corporate acquirer of renewable energy across the United States. The company has also set a goal of powering up its global infrastructure with the 100% utilisation of its renewable energy resources (Moore, 2018). Amazon is has also implemented its wage scale and incentives plans based on the sustainability practices. Also, it has adopted diversified energy portfolio to reduce its overall costs and to transfer the energy savings among its customers. Moreover, in 2017, the company had implemented its largest wind project in Texas till date with the aim of generation of huge energy to serve the domestic and commercial units of US. However, the environmental efforts of Amazon are being made on the international platform. It has also set up a new building in Seattle is using an innovative approach to recycle energy for the sustainable development of the country. Further, Amazon has also signed the Sustainable Fuel Buyers’ Principles to accelerate the transition to the transportation that involves low carbon emission. In 2016, Amazon has joined hands with various MNCs like Apple, Google and Microsoft to support U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). Apart from these initiatives, Amazon has also undertaken various other incentives to protect the environment (Triple Pundit, 2017).
A magazine review has revealed that Amazon has significantly progressed in the areas of packaging improvements as well as its commitments towards the renewable energy. The packing material used by the company is 100% recyclable. However, recently the Monterey District Attorney had announced a fees $1.5 million for the settlement of the case which is raised against Amazon for its scam of selling and advertising of plastic products which are misleading the users because of the fact that they are labelled as ‘biodegradable'(Californian Against Waste, 2018).
Amazon’s corporate social responsibility programmes are formulated in such a way that they are addressed to customers, employees as well as its communities. It has always given the priority to its customers for servicing them in the best way. Also, it had made various donations to promote the social cause of the country.  In 2016, it had launched its national initiative with Feeding America in the US fulfilment centres for the donation of excess food. Till date it has donated more than 1600 volunteer hours and $ 65000 in provision of goods to non-profit organisation (Dudovkisy, 2018).
From the above based report it can be concluded that Amazon is one of the biggest online retailer’s in the world. It aims to satisfy the needs of its large numbers of customers. There are large numbers of stakeholders attached with the firm. Organisational structure of Amazon is highly flexible. It offers huge amount of products as well as online services like the TV series, games etc. It is using strategy such as cost leadership, market penetration, acquisition, market development and diversification. Being such a big brand name they have large amount of opportunity in the developing markets. Its weakness is that it does not have brick and mortar form of business. Bargaining power of customers is on the higher side, threat of new entrants is low, competitive rivalry is high; threat of substitute is on the higher side. It is recommended that company follows brick and mortar form of retail business.
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