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32146 Graph Visualization Design

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32146 Graph Visualization Design

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32146 Graph Visualization Design

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Course Code: 32146
University: University Of Technology Sydney is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


Detailed Specification:

Select a graph visualization metaphor that you believe is most appropriate to be used to represent the flights data. Providing support statement (or arguments) to convince others about your selection. (4%)
Describe the high level model (or framework) of the visualization to be designed. The model will show the main characteristics of the visual data processing.
Briefly describe the cycle of visual data processing with your proposed model. (4%)
Specification of the design of visualization. If using force-directed method, then describe the layout technique to be used for graph drawing. (2%)
Layout design specification, including (but not limited) the following details:
How to deal with the edge-crossing problem (if using a node-link diagram), (2%)
How to deal with the objects node-overlap problem, (2%)

iii. How to enhance the readability of the layout, (2%)

Labelling techniques. (1%)
Graphics design specification, including (but not limited) the following details
Graphic objects design, (1%)
Graphic attributes design (and partitioning), (4%)

iii. How to map domain-specific attributes to graphic attributes (2%),

How to address the data scale problem, particularly in dealing with the computational cost for running a selected layout algorithm (2%)
How to enhance the readability of domain-specific attributes (2%)
Specification of the design of an associated navigation scheme that includes the viewing scheme and interaction scheme. (2%)
View Transformations specification, including (but not limited) the following details:
In-between views design and transformation algorithm, (2%)
Animated viewing algorithm, if it is involved (optional), (2%*)

iii. Human cognition process consideration during view transformations. (3%)

HCI design specification, including (but not limited) the following details:
Evaluate the efficiency of selected navigation mechanism by using Fitts’s law and a usability study. (3%)


The main aim of this project is to develop the Data visualization and the data analysis of the datasets. It is used for design visualization, to satisfy the list of specific user data analysis requirements. The data visualization refers to a technique that is used to communicate the data or information by encoding the visual objects containing the graphical analysis. The main goal of this project is that the user communicates the information clearly and efficiently. It is one of the step we can use it for data analysis and visualization. The visualization lets to have the visual access for a data of large amount, into simple edible visuals. The data visualization design and implementing of the novel of visual interactive execution environments for java are described in this report. The data evaluation process is carried out with the help of analytical reasoning as well as the logical reasoning, for examining every single student’s data requirement from several sources will be collected, followed by a review and analysis for forming the conclusion. Then, the graphical analysis data using the text based data could be uncovered and identified with the data visualization software requirement.
Data visualization
Data visualization can be used to know data’s importance, with the placement of visual context. The data visualization refers to data transformation into an effective information though visual presentation along with analysis. The data analyzed the collected inputs, processes and user requirements’ results outcome. There is no surprise that discriminating the data’s meaning challenges the graphical analysis of the dataset. It will effectively improve the viewers’ capacity of understanding, analyzing and retaining the information, where later the knowledge is used for making the necessary decisions. Data visualization is the quantity of data which tends to present a large amount of data than the info graphics, which usually focuses on few pieces of the dataset.
Data visualization can improve the data used in student:

The user requirement and performance data needs information, to identify the knowledge gaps and customized instruction.
Data exploration and analysis.
Researches scrutinize outcome and the data evaluates the effectiveness of the student requirements.
Display the graphical requirements.

Visualization metaphor
 The structure of the metaphor transforms the symbolic form into geometric, enabling the researches to observe their computations. The metaphor has been used in the theory of human computer interface, then in the design of modern interactive and in the visual environment of the student requirements. The visualization metaphor is always based on the figurative similarities of entities being the representation of the visual objects on the viewpoint development of the visualization systems and interface idea is the basis of visual analysis.
Framework of the visualization model
The framework of the visualization refers to using the workflow of the visualization of the processing analysis and specified user requirements of the dataset.
Cycles of visualization data processing with proposed model
 The proposed model is the visual data which is referred as the data information to process the cycle, where the order of the events process information that contains inputs, storage database, processing and output. Further, the stage of input could be divided into two i.e., acquisition data entry and data validation. Data processing cycle is an acute step taken for separating the necessary information from the raw. Albeit every single step should be carried out altogether, then the outcome and storage stage could prompt repeating the accumulation arrange, which brings about another data processing cycle.
Specification of design visualization
The data visualization is the graphical display of information of two purposes that are used in sense of making and communication of data analysis. For effectively visualizing the data; it is necessary to follow the designs which will be originated from human perception’s understanding (Torre, 2014). Visualization of the graph process analysis represents data graphically as well as it interacts with these descriptions for gaining data insight. Typically, the computer graphics provides strong method to create, manipulate and to interact with this description. Because of student requirement processing information, using graphs for visualizing a huge amount of data that is complicated is easy when compared to poring over the spreadsheets or the reports and identifying the area that needs attention or improvement. The force directed layout algorithms are graph drawing algorithm only based on the information present inside the graph’s structure, rather on the contextual information to generate maximizing the step length of the iterative optimization process.

Edge cross problem explores visualization’s the effectiveness which is the directed graph formed with the replacement of individual edges with its edges connected with the modules/ node groups like the new edges indicates aggregate connectively (Okoe, Alam and Jianu, 2014).
The object node overload problem is a techniques used to draw the graph which has been proven successful in producing the nodes, where the overlapping nodes’ issue is labeled and results in dynamic graph visualization. In our algorithm, we use this method which usually enables for achieving the compact accustomed layout within a realistic time.

The enhanced the readability of layout that refers that, it is an easy code for following the visualization analysis process logically. It follows the indentation and formatting standard, to make clearly visibility of code as well as its structure.

Labeling techniques which are utilized for visualization analysis of filling the plan defines the names and number of datasets that are incomplete and which leads to interactive data visualization, as a graph. It enhances the similarities between the document as well as the labeling quality (Siddik and Elbasi, 2015).

Graphics design specification
It refers to how the data is shown, can be encouraged or occupied from learning and comprehension. The compelling investigation of visualization would support to pass on the importance and clarify the ideas or the design plans. The visualizations of complex client prerequisite details can conceivably lessen the intellectual burden with the act of featuring the pertinent collaborations and conduct of the predetermined framework. Based on various studies related to visualization, its larger part includes the data visualization, which is normally the logical information and on process visualization.
The graphic design objective is that it is used with the category of visualization objects. The attribute models are described with defining the appearance of visualization objects used in the student requirements of dataset analysis process (Naparin and Binti Saad, 2017).
Transformation algorithm which is used to replicate the document storage of the user requirement specification is developed by the dataset on the graph representation model processing.
The animated viewing algorithm is portrayed where two of them pass on the data related to programs and the algorithms by using the animated texts and pictures which supports the students to develop the mental models for functioning of the programs and the algorithms. The program animations comprises of direct portrayals of programming structures, technique outlines, whose qualities or positions transform as time passes.  The algorithm animation manages the program portrayals at a more unique level. The algorithms use advanced datasets.
Human cognition process Transformation
The transformation of human cognition process takes place due to the mind boggling nature related with the documented ideas. The students, particularly the entrant students, frequently report about the misinterpretations and difficulties of learning related to different ideas particularly about user requirement dataset’s necessity determination process assessment. The cognitive processes amid learning for science and author of general education contends that the hypothetical visualization procedure comprises of 3 phases to be specific such as, Visual Models for Internalization, Visual Models for Conceptualization and Visual Models for Externalization. The utilization of this hypothetical cognitive visualization procedure and visualization phases in science education are talked about in this report (Carter et al., 2012). The cognitive processes which the author’s trusts are essential to initially exhibit the sensible hypothetical base where the experimental investigations could be rooted. In this report, a couple of basic viewpoints are talked about in particular with the development of information utilizing visual models and in addition the hypothetical cognitive visualization process. They utilizing three kinds of model like, Visual Model for Internalization, Visual Models for Conceptualization and Visual Models for Externalization.
The capacity of making altered, audience-specific data visualizations could turn out to be basic, furthermore it is a great part of a more extensive association with respect to correspondence and analytical strategy. The data visualization concentrates to exhibit the data in a way that isn’t just precise and properly exhaustive, but on the other hand it is justifiable and noteworthy for every one of the desired prerequisites of the user. While they are connected adequately, the successful data visualization methodologies can be enhanced, where the watcher’s capacity comprehending, analyzing and holding the data consequently utilize the decision making knowledge. The visual analytics is an outgrowth of the fields of data visualization and scientific visualization which concentrates on the analytical reasoning that is provided by the visual interfaces which are interactive. The visual analysis information experts can analyze large amount of data and produce reports that provide meaningful value. Interactive visualization could become the remedy for generating actionable information from mountainous data sources. Generally, visualizing denotes our capacity of creating pictures in our mind depending on the text that is read or the words that is heard. It is a skill which makes it possible to read. Thus, it is method which has ideal strategy for teaching to the young students who face problems to read. The majority of respondents suggest that the visual requirement analysis phase is a good idea for future research. As the recommendation can increase the quantity of dataset requirement specification, in order to get a variety of response. The feedback from respondents is useful to be used in designing and developing the visualization.
Carter, E., Williams, D., Mahler, M. and Hodgins, J. (2012). Animated character appearance affects viewing patterns and subjective ratings of personality characteristics. Journal of Vision, 12(9), pp.403-403.
Koch releases animated MegaPure promo film for viewing on YouTube site. (2014). Filtration + Separation, 51(1), p.13.
Naparin, H. and Binti Saad, A. (2017). Info graphics in Education : Review on Infographics Design. The International journal of Multimedia & Its Applications, 9(4/5/6), pp.15-24.
Okoe, M., Alam, S. and Jianu, R. (2014). A Gaze-enabled Graph Visualization to Improve Graph Reading Tasks. Computer Graphics Forum, 33(3), pp.251-260.
Siddik, O. and Elbasi, E. (2015). Information Hiding: A New Multi Watermark Algorithm Using Radon Transformation. International Journal of Information and Electronics Engineering, 5(6), pp.460-463.
Torre, D. (2014). Cognitive Animation Theory: A Process-Based Reading of Animation and Human Cognition. Animation, 9(1), pp.47-64.

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